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Player /u/ryncewynde88
Metatype Female Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Comments on Shadowgrid Profile None yet
D.O.B. July 12th 2059
Folder [1]
Priority Metatype (Human) - E
Attributes - B
Magic - A
Skills - C
Resources - D

Character Information

RETIRED AND DEAD. Died burning all her edge to incinerate a fire spirit that swallowed her shapechanged form, along with the car they were sitting on full of opfor.


Witch with a cottage in the woods, demolitions and shapeshifting, with a side of assassination.


Doing Stuff


Firebug was born into a lower-class family with wageslaves for parents. She was raised to work hard at dull and meaningless jobs, but her parents made sure to get out of town for at least a weekend every year, staying at a small hunting lodge in the woods. Firebug liked those weekends.

Firebug grew up to be a bit more than a normal, everyday wageslave, working in demolitions with a Saeder-Krupp subsidiary. One day, an inspector from Corporate came buy to evaluate her work. In her nervousness, she Awakened and accidentally dropped an elemental grenade at his feet. She fled, having hospitalized her boss.

Once away from the job site, Firebug dropped her SIN and moved into the woods, where her family used to camp when she was little. She turned to shadowrunning when she realised she had no idea how to survive, and needed cash to buy food.

On Guy Fawke's Night in 2078, Firebug perched on a fence to watch the fireworks. This being in the UCAS, there weren't a lot of places launching them, mostly just small fields on the outskirts of town. The mana lines had been chaotic lately, and while sitting on her perch, Firebug felt a burst of wild magic moments before it washed over the field. Some primal instinct told Firebug something bad was going to happen, and for some unknown reason her instincts made her soar towards the source of her unease, in an attempt to mitigate the casualties. Unfortunately for most involved, the danger manifested as a spark in the pile of fireworks, triggering a massive fiery explosion just as Firebug dropped her Shapechange and threw herself over a small child while casting a pair of armour spells on 2 more. However, as the flames washed over her and the bystanders, something odd happened; the mana swirled back around and into the only Awakened present; while the mundanes screamed in terror and pain, the flames washed harmlessly over and through Firebug, and she felt them pass through her being along with a secondary blast wave. When the explosions stopped, she stood calm and focused, moreso than usual, and began weaving spells she didn't know she knew, pulling the smoke from the air and allowing the bystanders to breathe while she pulled some more from the burning wreckage of camping chairs. By the time the smoke started to clear on its own, Firebug had turned back into a bird and flown away again, with a distinct orange tint to her mentor's glow.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Social Stress (Talking to shopkeepers, waiters, etc)

Tradition: Wicca (Gardnerian)

Mentor: ~~Moon~~ Firebringer - Changed in first initiation.

Extra Secure home is due to wild animals staying in the 'barn' she's got.

Dead: Is Crater.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Strategic war games don't call 'em human beingsDrBurst25 April 2079
Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny Is Dead!AdventureMoose15 March 2079
Wilt Thou Lift Up OlympusAdventureMoose6 March 2079
Speed's The GameAdventureMoose29 December 2078
Yule Be SorrySCKoNi13 December 2078
Midtown - Give It UpDrBurst11 October 2078
I've Come Here From Nowheretekomandor26 August 2078

Stuff she's actively doing

  • Smoldering



  • Juniper Jones - Wiccan Talismonger
  • Jerry - The driver of a VW Bus from the 60s on an eternal road trip who offers transcontinental transport (and possibly some drugs).


  • None



  • Nullnode Decker, Double Birds
  • Nullnode Street Sam, Owl

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table

Mothers of Metahumanity 2
Red Hot Nukes 2
Streets of Tacoma 1
Vory 3
Ares 2
KE 2
Streets of Tacoma 1
SK -1
Null Node -10

SC: 8


  • Katarina Delaney - Rating 4 Fake SIN (UCAS) Mage.


Meat Space

Large Crater In Puyallup


Cinders and Ashes

Tastes and Style

Music: Old rock, from the late 20th and early 21st century.

Food: Whatever's cheap and not too unhealthy.

Media Mentions

ShadowGrid Profile Comments


Drug Addiction Rating Addiction Threshold Addiction Type Date Last Taken Number Taken
Psyche 6 2 Psychological 2017-12-04 1