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Street Doc {Swag}
(When your life is on the line...)
Contact Owner [1]
Connection 4
Public Contact Yes
Archetype Street Doc
Location Renton, Seattle
Metatype Ork
Sex Female
Age 28
Preferred Payment Method (Favours)
Hobbies/Vice Family Obligations
Personal Life Single
Faction DocWagon


Rose Tanaka (AKA Splint) is a Japanese ork who always wanted to achieve something greater than her lot in life. Her parents were refugees from Japan who worked their hoops off to get their daughter through medical school.

Rose passed with flying colours and even managed to get a job at DocWagon. They put her onto the WagonWheel outreach program as a support medic. She met many people, down on their luck, yet also managed to meet some interested in buying what she was selling.

She made deals with local gangs and shadow community members, patching them up for cheap and offering them a selection of narcotics for a price.

Eventually, she managed to progress her way up to a clinic in Renton. No longer Heals on Wheels, she managed to set up shop and start working on augmentations.

Her old life followed her, with gang members, street samurai and the poor sods who got caught in the middle of them coming to her door to get patched up. She keeps everything mostly on the level, but for a fee, she can find some exceptionally useful items in her extraterritorial office.

She will only be able to be taken as a contact by characters with a Doc Wagon Contract.

Key Dice Pools

First Aid: 21 [14]

Medicine: 21 [14]

Negotiation (Bargaining): 11(13) [7]

Perception: 8 (11 Smell) [8]

DocWagon: 11

Biowaste Disposal: 10

Rumours (Street Samurai): 9(11)

Street Docs: 9

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
5 3 2 4 4 7 5 5 6 4 None
Condition Monitor 11 (Physical) 10 (Stun)
Limits Physical 5, Mental 8, Social 7
Initiative 7 +1d6
Skills Biotech Group 8, Negotiation (Bargaining) 6, Perception (3)
Knowledge Skills DocWagon 4, Drugs 4, Biowase Disposal 3, Pharmaceutical Companies 4, Rumours (Street Samurai) 9(11), Street Docs 4
Gear Medical Facility, Medkit (6), Overdrive, Trauma Patch
Weapons Definace EX Shocker [Taser, 4, 9S(e), AP -5, SS, 4c
Vehicles Ford Americar


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Ronin Even
Paz Even

NPC who know this contact

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DocWagon +
Female +
Renton, Seattle +
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