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Gifted in Seattle
Metatype Human Psionic Esper
Street Cred 9
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 8/8/2053
Folder GoogleDrive
B - Attributes
B - Skills
A - Magic/Resonance
E - Metatype
E - Resources

Character Information


Maddox is a psionic esper new to Seattle.


Maddox goal is to become a shadowrunner.


Griffin Garcia was born in 2053, to a middle-class family in Sacramento, Cal Free State. At a very young age, Griffin was plagued with nightmares. Of course, his parents would tell him to go back to bed if it wasn’t that damn snake watching him it would be that frightening animatronic robot. With no one to turn for help, Griffin had to gather up the courage and killed the nightmare spirit that had tormented him. In 2066, at the age of 13 awakened. Griffin's parents were visibly upset and sent him away to the Psionics Studies Institute in New Jersey. It was here that Griffin would learn to control psionic abilities, travel the astral realm, and be educated in magical traditions. Eventually, after graduating 6 years later and with no prospects decided to move to Boston with other graduating students. From 2072 until 2076 this band of young psionics committed small crimes to make ends meet. It was on the mean streets of Boston that Griffin learned about magical security, awakened gangs, how to spot awakened hangouts, spot magical traps, and hang out with SURGE'd folk.In 2076 Boston was locked down, due to the CFD outbreak. All of Griffin's friends died trying to escape the city. Griffin escapes and survives in the wildlands with the help of Vidma Oxika the Snake spirit. Of course, Griffin doesn’t believe in mentor spirits and considers the snake to be an unconscious part of his psyche that came forward to help him survive. In 2078 Griffin lands in Seattle and into the hand of Djinn, owner of a SURGE'd strip bar and fixer. Djinn offered Griffin a step up from failed small-time criminal to a shadowrunner. With nothing to lose Griffin plans to make as much money as he can and live long enough to spend it and retire, maybe move back to California if he can ever forgive his parents.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Positive Qualities

  • Psionic Magician
    • Maddox studied at the Psionics Studies Institute in New Jersey. There he learned to control, harness, and grow his abilities.
  • Astral Chameleon
    • Maddox's astral signature blends into the background of astral space and is difficult to detect. All signatures left by Maddox last only half as long as other astral signatures. Any individuals assensing astral signatures left behind by Maddox receive a –2 dice pool modifier for the Assensing Test.
  • Mentor Spirit: Snake
    • How long has Vidma Oxika been with Maddox? Maddox remembers seeing a snake in his dreams when he was younger. Vidma helped him escaped the troubles of Boston to a new life in Seattle's shadow world.
  • Witness my Hate
    • All of Maddox’s single-target Direct Damage spells are resolved at +2 DV. However, such reckless channeling of destructive forces wreaks havoc on Maddox’s Brain. The Drain code for any affected Direct Damage spells is increased by +2
  • Common Sense
    • Please help me stay alive long enough to learn how to play this game.

Negative Qualities

  • Day Job 20hrs
    • Griffin Garcia, Maddox's real name, works at the Crystal Ball Clinic, as a cleansing agent. His main mission is to cleanse the space of any negative feelings/energies/entities, cleanse the space, and then seal the space.
  • Spirit Bane: Nightmare Spirits
    • Maddox was plagued with nightmares as a small child. He stood up to his nightmares and ever since Nightmare Spirits can't stand him.
  • SINner California Free State
    • Maddox real name is Griffin Garcia. He was born to a normal SINner family in the California Free State. His parents sent him to Psionics Studies Institute in New Jersey when his abilities started manifesting.
  • Pursuing Secrets [3]
    • Roll Charisma + Willpower to resist pursuing knowledge or secrets.

Run History

  1. Polling Places
  2. Dude where's my corpse? E2
  3. The Hunter and the Hunted
  4. Philosophy of Ceremonies
  5. Deck the Halls
  6. Merrow Christmas

--Resubmit on 2018/1/8--

  1. Fashion Faux Pas
  2. Quarantine
  3. Lend me a hand
  4. Two in the brainpan
  5. Mayday
  6. Strategic war games don't call'em human beings
  7. Break them down



  • Djinn - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - Fixer
  • Clyde - Connection 2, Loyalty 3 - Cabbie
  • Kyle Bradmine - Connection 7, Loyalty 2 - Man in the Know


Ares +2
Laesa -2
Tattered Black Flags +3
Horizon +6
Enduring Resistance -4



In Character Information


R4 Jack Coleman (UCAS)



Maddox likes to keep things business casual with a grey dress shirt, red necktie, black leather belt, black chinos, and a pair of black leather ankle boots.

Spirit Index

The following actions increase a character’s Wild Index by the listed amount. A character may not increase their Wild Index with the same action within a single twenty-four hour period.

Spirit Index
Disrupting a toxic spirit Destroying disrupted toxic spirit in its native metaplane Cleansing disrupted toxic spirit Destroying a toxic power site Cleansing a toxic power site Releasing a spirit with services remaining Banishing a spirit controlled by a mage Temporarily awakening a slumbering wild spirit Permanently awakening a slumbering wild spirit Creating an ally spirit Willingly setting an ally spirit free Successfully calling a wild spirit Accepting a spirit marker Breaking a spirit marker Binding a spirit of any kind Bringing toxicity to a natural area Bringing toxicity to a power site Turning a spirit toxic Destroying a power site Turning a power site toxic
That spirits’ Force That spirit’s Force x 2 That spirit’s Force x 3 That power site’s Rating x 5 That power site’s Rating x 10 1 per service lost 2 per service lost 1 That spirit’s Force That spirit’s Force That spirit’s Force x 3 1 (Spirit marker’s Rating) Subtract twice what was gained Subtract that spirit’s Force –1 Subtract that power site’s Rating Subtract that spirit’s Force x 2 Subtract that power site’s Rating x 5 Subtract that power site’s Rating x 10


Hi, I have a twitch channel and would love to stream your shadowrun!

  1. Polling Places
  2. Quarantine

History of Psionics

Psionics is a weird tradition for a mage. You are a 'mage' but don't believe in magic that is absurd! It might interest you to know that originally, Psionics was going to be their own thing within the Shadowrun universe. In this section, I will attempt to piece together the aborted history, and offer some help to those that would like to play a Psionic mage. This section should also be helpful for any GM's that have me on their run, and maybe even Catalyst Game Labs!


This LINK, has access to all of the pdf's I could find across the internet that speak about Psionics. Additionally, this WEBSITE, also sheds light onto Psionics.

Psionics History

In 1994 Ken Dye asked members of the ShadowRN mailing list if they were familiar with the GURPS and Cyberpunk rules for psionics and how they felt about adding them in Shadowrun 2. This set off a storm of activity on the mailing list on how best to implement mental powers into Shadowrun. After four days the topic was moved to NERPS, (Net Enhancement for Role-Playing Shadowrun) mailing list, and over the next two weeks psionic material produced. (NERPS: Lost and Found)

What is Shadowrun Psionics? Unfortunately, we’ll never know truly how Psionics were meant impact the game. What we do know is that they are very similar to how mages work. They had their own magic pool, call Psionics Pool. Psionics had two new skills Psionic Manipulation which allows the character to control and manipulate psionic energy, and Psionic Theory. Psionic Theory provides the character with an understanding of how psionics works and is vital to gaining new abilities. In essence, Psionic Manipulation is the stand in for Spellcasting, and Psionic Theory is Arcana. We know that instead of Spells there were disciplines and within each discipline were abilities.

Psionic Disciplines vs Spell Categories
???? Combat
Clairvoyance Detection
Psychometabolics Health
Telepathy Illusion
Telekinesis Manipulation
Divination ??????
Cyberpsionics ???Technomancy???

The NERPS team did not get far in making abilities for Telepathy, Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, Psychometabolics, or Divination, but they did make some abilities in Cyberpsionics.


by Robert A. Hayden

This ability allows the user to attempt to read the headware storage of the target decker. The target number is equal to the target’s willpower plus deck hardening. If successful, the GREPper can copy that memory into his own for study at his leisure.


by Robert A. Hayden and J.D. Falk

The ability allows the user to seize control of the target decker’s mind. The target number of the attack is equal to the target’s willpower plus any deck hardening. If successful, the target will be unable to refocus their attention on the real world (to jack out, for example) and will be unable to make any actions in the matrix. This is a sustained ability. The target can attempt to break out each turn using dice equal to his willpower, with a target number equal to the casters suppress rating. It is worth noting that the recipient of the SUPRESS effect does not know that it is another decker using mental powers on them, or even that there is another decker there (unless an analyze or visual contact has already show the Cyberpsionicist’s presence); all the target decker knows is that they cannot think clearly enough to do anything. Of course, another Cyberpsionicist will be able to recognize the effect.

Psionics also had access to ‘Hacking’. No, it’s not what you think it means. Basically, Psionic mages could have access to abilities he did know personally know himself. Let’s say you want to put up a physical barrier but didn’t have that specific ability on your sheet you could Allocate dice from your Psionic Hacking Pool. Each dice allocated represents one for level of force. Maximum force of power to be hacked cannot exceed ½ the discipline rating. Any sustained hacked power gives a (Force)+1 penalty to additional power uses (instead of the standard +2). Drain resistance for hacked powers can only be augmented by dice in your Psionic hacking pool, not by dice in your standard Psionic Pool.

We can see the beginnings of a truly awesome mage variant who can affect the matrix. The psionic would be the natural predator to the technomancer with the SUPPRESS ability and disciplined in cyberpsionics. It is a shame that NERPS did not finish Shadows of the Mind. I can imagine the cries of ‘mind magic bullshit’ and ‘psionics too OP’.

So where do we go from here? In succeeding books psionics were hobbled without having any perks to counterbalance the negatives. In Magic in the Shadows, Psionics would have to design their own spells, could not use any foci, could not banish spirits, but could create thought forms. In Shadow Spells, Psionic mages could not have mentor spirits, and they erased the Hermetic tradition’s role in birthing Psionics.

Since Psionics have no discernable advantages over any other mage it would make sense then that Psionic have access to the same advantages and costs as other mages. The problem of the Psionic mage becomes one of terminology.

Rosetta Stone

Since Psionics are just another traditions mages can choose from, the problem of the psionic mage is merely terminology.

Mage Psionic Technomancer
Astral Astral xxxxx
Spells Abilities Complex Forms
Spirits Constructs Sprites
Mentor Spirits Spirit Guide xxxxx
Reagents Reagents xxxxx
Foci Foci xxxxx
Spellcasting Psionic Manipulation Software
Magic Psionic Resonance
Arcana Psionic Theory xxxxx
Initiate Mastery Submersion
Drain Drain Fade
Spell Categories Psionic Disciplines Resonance Library
Mage Esper Technomancer


The spirits available to Psionics are
Combat Fire Pyrokinetic Construct Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Exotic Ranged Weapon, Flight, Perception, Unarmed Combat Powers: Accident, Astral Form, Confusion, Elemental Attack, Energy Aura, Engulf, Materialization, Sapience Optional Powers: Fear, Guard, Noxious Breath, Search Weaknesses: Allergy (Water, Severe)
Detection Air Aerokinetic Construct Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Exotic Ranged Weapon, Perception, Running, Unarmed Combat Powers: Accident, Astral Form, Concealment, Confusion, Engulf, Materialization, Movement, Sapience, Search Optional Powers: Elemental Attack, Energy Aura, Fear, Guard, Noxious Breath, Psychokinesis
Health Man Vitakinetic Construct Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Perception, Spellcasting, Unarmed Combat Powers: Accident, Astral Form, Concealment, Confusion, Enhanced Senses (Low-Light, Thermographic Vision), Guard, Influence, Materialization, Sapience, Search Optional Powers: Fear, Innate Spell (any one spell known by the summoner; Force is limited to spirit’s Magic), Movement, Psychokinesis
Illusion Guidance Hallucikinesis Construct Skills: Arcana, Assensing, Astral Combat, Counterspelling, Perception, Unarmed Combat Powers: Astral Form, Confusion, Divining, Guard, Magical Guard, Materialization, Sapience, Search, Shadow Cloak Optional Powers: Engulf, Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Low-Light Vision, Thermographic Vision, or Smell), Fear, Influence
Manipulation Task Telekinetic Construct Skills: Artisan, Assensing, Astral Combat, Perception, Unarmed Combat Powers: Accident, Astral Form, Binding, Materialization, Movement, Sapience, Search Optional Powers: Concealment, Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Low-Light Vision, Thermographic Vision, or Smell), Influence, Psychokinesis, Skill (choose any Technical or Physical skill)


In order to help me provide backstory to my Psionic characters I created a timeline of macro events to help ground them in the Shadowrun universe.

  • 2011 Magic returns to the world.
  • 2034 Cross Applied Technology Founded.
  • 2050: Psionics is discovered at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy by Hermetic mages and thermaturgical scientists.
  • 2060 Cross Applied Tech granded AAA status and court seat.
  • 2064 Matrix crash 2.0
  • 2065 Cross Applied Tech downgraded to A status and loses court seat.
  • 2065 Pierre DuBois flees Quebec after the fall of Cross Technologies to Paris. Pierre DuBois is the mentor for the Psionic tradition.
  • 2076 CFD outbreak in Boston.
  • 2078 Current in game year.

Art Citation

JCartist. “Fuel.” Fuel by JCartist on DeviantArt, DeviantArt, 29 Apr. 2009,