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Whenever a GM runs. run within a metaplot, they may claim 1 additional GMP Reward for the run. In order to claim this GMP, the metaplot must have a metaplot page and the new run must have a completed AAR on the wiki.

The metaplot may be a CGL based metaplot, completely homebrew, or anything in between.

Creating a metaplot page will confer at least 2 GMP, but a thematics member may award more for pages that had more work done on them and that create a more accessible metaplot. The goal of these metaplot pages is to allow a new GM to quickly skim your page and be able to write a run within the metaplot.

The metaplots and most recent metaplot runs are linked below.

See Template:Metaplot for the page format template for creating a new metaplot page. However, note that this is only a suggested guide for the format. It it does not fit with the metaplot, it may be altered as necessary.

NameDateMetaplot(s) Run is Part ofGM
High Tide Rising20 April 2082Two Steps AheadSarcarian
Look how they massacred my boy!17 April 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
Face Your Fears15 April 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
Aching & Festering11 April 2082Festering InfestationAsmodeus
Me And The Bad Boys10 April 2082Hail to the PumpkingBloodLibrarian
Burn Through The Ditches2 April 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
The Proposal1 April 2082Cross Flight Love FightOrionsRequiem
What Happened To Mary Jane?29 March 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
Live and Let Die29 March 2082The Crow of SeattleSarcarian
The Incredible Behemoth Volume 126 March 2082Shadow HeroesAurora
The Bell Tolls26 March 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
Bread And Cheese22 March 2082Baker WarsAurora
Fortunate History14 March 2082Dragon of a ProblemOrionsRequiem
The Vantablack13 March 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
Data Jacking13 March 2082Two Steps AheadSarcarian
Trick or Truce8 March 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
SpinGlobal: Under the Horizon4 March 2082Runners Gone WildSarcarian
Evergreen Kingdom2 March 2082Cross Flight Love FightOrionsRequiem
Helping Hands, Salivating Glands1 March 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
Route 66: Sabotaging The Competition1 March 2082Like mad max but more gunsAurora
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