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X-Card and Roleplay Safety Systems

The X-Card and similar roleplay safety systems shall be honored when used and treated with respect and dignity. See The X-Card: A Guide for ShadowHaven GMs and Roleplay Safety Systems for more information.

Character Creation

Approved Books

We don’t use anything that is German Exclusive Content. We also do not use the 2050 books. For specific instructions on setting up Chummer, see Chummer Setup.

  • Assassin’s Primer
  • Aetherology
  • Battle of Manhattan
  • Better Than Bad
  • Bloody Business
  • Book of the Lost
  • Bullets and Bandages†
  • Chrome Flesh
  • Cutting Aces
  • Data Trails
  • Dark Terrors
  • Forbidden Arcana
  • Gun Heaven 3
  • Hard Targets
  • Howling Shadows
  • Kill Code
  • Krime Catalogue
  • Lockdown
  • No Future
  • Rigger 5.0
  • Run and Gun
  • Run Faster
  • Sail Away, Sweet Sister
  • Shadow Spells
  • Shadowrun 5th edition
  • Shadows in Focus: Butte
  • Shadows in Focus: Metrópole
  • Shadows in Focus: San Francisco
  • Shadows In Focus: Sioux Nation: Counting Coup
  • Splintered State
  • Stolen Souls
  • Street Grimoire
  • Street Lethal
  • The Complete Trog
  • The Seattle Gambit
  • The Vladivostok Gauntlet

† Only sections titled "New Qualities" on page 11-12, "New Drugs, Toxins, and Pathogens" on pages 19-21, "New Spells and Powers" on page 21-22, and "New Gear" on pages 22-23.


  • Priority and Sum-To-Ten are the permitted character generation types. Karma Generation is not allowed. Most characters will be built using Standard rules (As opposed to Prime Runner/Street Level). However, it is possible to create characters using the Prime Runner rules (see below).

Character Slots

  • Players are allotted 3 character slots. They may buy additional slots for 10 GMP each. When doing this, post a comment to your r/Shadowhavenchargen thread with how much GMP you spent.
  • Extralife prime slots are exempt from this limit.

Unretiring Characters

  • Players may unretire a character so long as they haven't filled that slot yet. It isn't required, but it would be more fun if you included a short statement about how the character got dragged back into the shadows after escaping. For some examples:
    • you have 3 standard slots with 2 characters. You retire character #2 and have a 3rd character approved. As long as you don’t have a 4th character approved before unretiring character #2 you may unretire them.
    • You have 3 slots filled with 3 characters. You retire 1 character and submit a new character. Eventually you retire another character or gain a new slot. You cannot unretire the first character retired.
    • You have 3 character slots and 1 prime slot. You have 2 standard PC’s and 1 prime PC. You retire the prime PC and submit a new prime PC. Even though you have kept a slot open the entire time you may not ever unretire the first prime character, since the slot it was occupying has been filled.
  • Essentially, this is intended as a safeguard against people retiring their characters and regretting it, not as a way to allow people to play more characters than would normally be permitted.

Creating Prime Runners

  • Players may purchase prime gen character slots at the cost of 100 GMP for their first purchase. Any additional slots cost an additional 100 GMP which is cumulative. (ex.)
    • 1st PG Character Slot - 100 GMP
    • 2nd PG Character Slot - 200 GMP
    • 3rd PG Character Slot - 300 GMP, etc...
  • Prime Generation slots purchased through our charity events are exempt from this cumulative price. You must always mark on your characters wiki page the source of the prime gen whether that is something like our extra life events or if it was purchased.

Attributes at Character Generation

  • Physical and Mental Attributes with an unaugmented value of 1 represent severe handicaps. Often, these lead to poor gameplay, overly narrow characters, and/or a quick demise. As such, characters are limited to a single unaugmented attribute of 1, calculated using the full-body average for any cyberlimbs. Only permanent attribute augmentations count. Additionally, players will be expected to provide at least some in-game justification at chargen for such a handicap (e.g., paraplegic, metagenic defect, etc.)—these are not just numbers on a sheet. Logic is the exception to this rule. A player character may never start with an unaugmented logic attribute of 1. This is due to the implication of an inability to consent to running as a result of the above rules.

Full Body Average

  • For the purposes of determining "full body average" for Agility and Strength when cyberlimbs are involved, the average is determined using each limb and your torso (natural attribute). Cyberskulls should be disabled when setting up chummer.


  • AI are not permitted for PC use.
  • The optional rules for playable Free Insect Spirits (Dark Terrors page 32) will not be used. At all.


  • We allow Ghouls, Vampires (Including the Sukuyan variant in Hard Targets), Gnawers and Banshees on ShadowHaven. PCs are not sterile, so your teammates may be extra cautious around you.
  • Optional Infected Powers may not be bought at chargen. You may buy your first optional power immediately following your first run.


  • Pixies are not permitted for player use.

SURGED, Shifters and Extreme Body-Modders

  • We acknowledge that SURGED/Shifters/Extremely Body-Mod characters run up against other internet subcultures, but this community is not a place to explore such things. You should have an understanding of the lore, ramifications, and limitations of each type of character. Please contact Shadowhaven Chargen for resources regarding the nuanced lore of the SURGED, Shifters and Extreme Body-Modders. We would like your help in having these types of PCs represented in a way that enriches the Shadowhaven living campaign.
  • The Shadowhaven bans player characters intended to look like bug spirits, either through SURGE or body modding. To be clear, bug-themed PCs are fine. Extreme body modders with a bug theme are fine. Obvious cyberware designed to look like a bug is fine. But it must be apparent that you are not a bug spirit, otherwise mundane entities in the world would be compelled to fire upon you.

Skill Specializations

  • You may purchase a specialization with skill points even if the rank (or ranks) in the skill were purchased with karma.


  • Initiations are not permitted at chargen.

Paradigm Shift

  • Paradigm Shift shall, rather than being a metamagic, be performed by paying the same amount of karma one would ordinarily have to pay to initiate. Thus, an uninitiated mage must pay 13 karma, while a IG 5 mage must pay 28. This does not increase initiate grade or the cost of future initiations. As part of this process, the mage will lose any current traditionalist benefits, if appropriate, and gain any new ones they qualify for based on IG and tradition, as appropriate. They will no longer benefit from their current lodge, and their reagents will be out-of-tradition and thus count for only half, barring special circumstances. Fetishes, spells, foci, and bound spirits (including Ally spirits) will remain. If there are any inconsistencies or questions about the process, contact a member of the council with your concerns.
  • Note that this process does not require formal approval, though it should still be noted on your wiki page. This can only be performed during downtime, or with explicit GM approval.

Required Contacts

Minimum Age of PCs

  • ShadowHaven has minimum ages for PCs. With the exception of shifters, ShadowHaven PCs will have a minimum age of 18.

Submission Cool Down

  • To prevent the chargen team from being overwhelmed, there is a 1 week waiting period between approvals of a player character. Once your character has been approved, we ask that you wait 1 week before submitting another character for review.

Sexual Themes

  • We as a living community and leadership recognize that Shadowrun as a game and setting explores dark/mature themes. The ultimate bounds of what is acceptable will always be subjective based upon group and GM. In the case of our community, we strive for a standard that takes the setting material seriously and allows for the exploration of grittier themes while considering the comfort of the maximum amount of people.
  • To this end, submitted characters may not solely be vehicles for the exploration of sexual themes. This includes character art. Of note, cropped versions of hardcore or softcore pornography remain unacceptable after cropping due to their "bedroom eyes" quality. Discretion lies with Chargen staff.
  • Shifters by dint of what they are, will not be permitted either in backstory or play to explore/RP an intimate relationship with a metahuman. Cursory mention/RP of familial bonds/relationships with their own species is acceptable but should never be sexualized in any manner. As always, discretion lies with Chargen staff. Note that this rule explicitly covers Nagas, Centaurs, and Sasquatchs as well.

Banned Organisations for PCs

  • Player characters may not belong to any organisation that seeks the mass-killing or genocide of any metatype, nationality, religion, the awakened, or the emerged.


Lifestyle Location Advisement

  • If your character's primary lifestyle is located outside of the city the mission takes place in and you lack a rail pass that is connected to the mission city, you will likely incur transportation fees and fatigue before runs, at GM discretion. The cost of a plane ticket between two cities is half the distance between the two cities in kilometers plus 100 nuyen.
    • Seattle is connected, via rail, to San Fransisco.

Social Skills Advisement

The council has ruled to officially recommend, but not require, at least 4 etiquette dice. Having low dice pools in etiquette can lead to difficulties on runs. The council will be unsympathetic if negative events happen in a run due to a low etiquette dice pool.

Maintaining a Character

Burning Edge

  • On the ShadowHaven, characters shall remain playable after burning edge on most runs. This does not mean there is no hardship in a near-death experience, but players should be able to run with their character again with scars from their experience that are not overwhelming should they choose to continue to run.

You can find information here on how burning edge works on ShadowHaven.

Gaining Positive Qualities and Buying off Negative Qualities

  • Players are allowed to purchase positive qualities and buy off negative qualities, outside of character generation. However, you must post in the quality purchasing thread.
  • Most qualities do not need approval, you simply need to post that you bought it in the thread and a justification for why you bought it, but some do.
    • Qualities that require approval are approved by members of the Thematics Team. They also have veto power over all quality purchases. Below are qualities that must be approved by members of the thematics team, which is subject to expansion, or by a GM after a run:
      • Made Man (Page 148, Run Faster)
      • Chosen Follower
      • Any Infected Quality (Page 136-141, Run Faster)
      • SURGE III (Page 101, 103, 109, 111-123, Run Faster)
      • Solid/Legendary Rep (Page 149, Run Faster)

Training Time

  • Training time for attributes, skills, martial arts and specializations will be removed.
  • Due to removing training time, several qualities must change. See Altered Qualities below.

Delivery Time

  • Delivery time while in-play on a table remains unchanged. GMs are free to and encouraged to allow immediate or near-immediate purchases of items at or below 12 availability, including illegal items, assuming the PCs are not under undue time pressure. GMs are free to truncate any other delivery time on their table as they deem fit.
  • Delivery time while not in-play on a table is immediate. A successful or tied availability test indicates that the player may add the item to their character’s sheet immediately for the appropriate cost. In the event that a character fails a test, they must wait twice the normal delivery time for that item before they may try again to acquire that item through the same vector. In this case, a vector is a particular PC rolling negotiation against availability to acquire an item (Note, one can not roll negotiation to get gear for another PC outside of a run), or an NPC rolling their appropriate Gear Acquisition roll as outlined in our Contact Rules. For example, a character who wishes to acquire an item with a RAW delivery time of 2 days may roll their negotiation themselves to acquire an item. If they fail, they may not attempt to roll for that item themselves again for 4 days. They may, however, still have an appropriate contact attempt to acquire it before that time.For these purposes, time is tracked in real time.
RAW Delivery Times
Gear Cost Cool down
Up to 100 nuyen 6 hours
101 nuyen to 1000 nuyen 24 hours
1001 nuyen to 10000 nuyen 2 days
10001 nuyen to 100000 nuyen 1 week
More than 100000 nuyen 1 month

Initiations and Submersions

  • Initiations remain linked to real-life passage of time, however, the timeframes shall differ from RAW. An Awakened character may initiate for the first time immediately after the completion first run, but not prior.
  • This does not require a roll, and does not take any time, but costs the normal amount of karma.
  • The second initiation for a full Magician or Mystic Adept may not be undertaken until 6 real-life weeks have passed from the first initiation, requires no time or roll, and costs the usual amount of karma.
    • Each additional initiation adds an additional 2 weeks to this timer. There is no upper cap on how long one must wait before initiating again. Other types of Awakened must wait half as long as Magicians and Mystic Adepts, but must still pay the normal karma cost.
    • This means the formula for how long after your previous initiation you must wait in order to initiate again for Mystic Adepts and Magicians is (4+2*(Current Initiate Grade)) weeks.
    • For all other forms of Awakened, the formula is (2+1*(Current Initiate Grade)) weeks.
  • Submersions, as per RAW, have no roll required, no time, and no cooldown.


  • Characters who undertake a qualifying run for an Ordeal within 1 week before or after an Initiation or Submersion may refund 10% of the cost (rounded down) of a single Initiation or Submersion. No other discounts on the karma cost Initiations or Submersions, regardless of source, are valid, and this discount may not be stacked multiple times.
  • Karma discounts for ordeal runs (initiation/submersion) do not count against RVP. The discount is more than made up by the danger inherent in a solo run.

  • Nine Paths of Enlightenment (Page 140, SG) , Asceticism (Page 141, SG), Familiar (Page 142, SG), Hermit (Page 142, SG), Sacrifice (Page 142, SG), and Thesis/Masterpiece (Page 142, SG) initiatory ordeals are banned.
  • Metaplanar Quest (Page 140, SG) and Deed (Page 141, SG) require a run focused around them.
  • Geas (Page 142, SG) requires explicit Thematics approval from the Thematics Head or one duly deputized by the current Thematics Head.
    • Geas must also be noted on the PC's wiki page in a separate section so GMs can easily interact with them.

Medical Needs and Downtime

  • All health is restored at the end of a run, unless the GM tells you the run occurs in the same pocket universe as the previous run.
  • Cyberware, bioware, geneware, and other augmentations requiring surgery or vat time are installed instantly, without the need for healing.

Downtime Edge

  • If edge is used during downtime, it can be regained after the start of the next run. (That is, you start with the lost edge but start regaining it with normal rest in play.) At the end of a run, all edge is regained.

Character Development Points

  • Contacts can be purchased and upgraded via CDP, a new system that encourages story driven character growth outside of core competencies. CDP (Character Development Points) are a new run reward separate from RVP. It can be used to upgrade knowledge skills and buy or upgrade contacts. It may not be used for any other purpose. GMs should feel free to suggest CDP expenditures to reflect lessons learned and contacts made during a run. Players can work together and contribute CDP to a public contact to globally boost that contact’s Connection Rating. For the purposes of awarding contacts on a run at GM discretion, the GM may convert RVP from the run rewards into CDP at an exchange rate of 1 RVP = 2 CDP. This may be used for Buying Contacts or Upgrading Contacts in accordance with the contact rules.
  • Players will receive 2 CDP per run, this can be increased with thematics approval for low payout (for example hooding) or failed runs.
  • CDP can alternatively be spent on knowledge skills, at a rate equivalent to karma. While not required, it is considered tradition to spend some CDP on knowledge skills which reflect the runs your character has been on, showing things learned over their career.

Resubmit Rules

Voluntary Resubmit Rules

  • At any given time, a player may choose to resubmit an approved character for a respec or full rebuild. The resubmitted character must go through the approval process again. The character can keep run rewards from one previous run it was on, before the resubmit. It loses all other run rewards, initiations, metamagics, post-gen gear, etc. GMP invested into the character is not refunded. A character may be resubmitted as a prime-gen character should the player have an open prime slot.

Triggered Resubmit Rules

  • Occasionally, the rules on ShadowHaven may change. This could be due to the release of a new book, recognition that a mechanic is problematic, or introduction of new house rules or a new ruling. When this happens, council may allow full or partial resubmits for some or all characters. A player may (or---occasionally---must) elect to resubmit a character. The resubmitted character must go through the approval process again. The character may keep *all* prior run rewards (whether they are karma, nuyen, constrained purchases of gear, contacts, etc.). All GMP invested into the character may be freely reassigned to the same character. GMP does not need to be spent at the time of the resubmit, but it may not be transferred to another character, player, or spent on non-character purchases (such as an additional or prime-gen character slot). A character may not be resubmitted using a different character generation scheme (normal or prime-gen).
  • Any event which allows for Triggered Resubmits will be called out explicitly in the post. It will specify which characters are allowed or mandated to do so and any other constraints attached to the process.

Permitted Minor Changes

  • Sometimes, purchases are made due to a misunderstanding of the mechanics behind it. Minor changes, such as requesting to change a Specialization out, or swap out a spell for a different spell, may be permitted. These are handled on a case by case basis. Please submit your request to the Topics for Discussion Thread for the council to consider.

Houserules and Custom Mechanics

Banned Content

Banned Qualities

The following qualities are not permitted for characters to have:

Positive Qualities

  • Apt Pupil (Forbidden Arcana, Page 32)
  • Archivist (Forbidden Arcana, Page 32)
  • Better to be Feared than Loved (Chrome Flesh, Page 54)
  • Blood Crystal qualities (Forbidden Arcana, Page 132) are restricted to NPCs only
  • Dracoform (Any) (Howling Shadows, 163-164)
  • Elemental Focus (Hard Targets, Page 191)
  • Friends in High Places (Run Faster, Page 147)
  • Groveler (Kill Code, Page 96) shall not be permitted for use on the ShadowHaven in any capacity, in any universe, ever.
  • Human Lifespan (The Complete Trog, Page 188): Having a human lifespan can be done for free as a fluff decision.
  • Illusionist (Forbidden Arcana, Page 37)
  • Latent Dracomorphosis (Howling Shadows, Page 164)
  • Massive Network (No Future, Page 177)
  • Networker (No Future, Page 177)
  • Observant (Street Lethal, Page 127): Is assumed to be automatically possessed by all characters. See Below.
  • Puppet Master (Forbidden Arcana, Page 39)
  • Revels in Murder (Chrome Flesh, Page 56)
  • Stalwart Ally (Forbidden Arcana, Page 42)
  • SURGE I and SURGE II (Run Faster, Page 103) ShadowHaven allows player characters to thematically be class 1, 2, or 3 surgelings. However, this is done through the exclusive use of the SURGE 3 quality and mechanics.
  • Team Player (Kill Code, Page 97)

Negative Qualities

  • Amnesia: Neural Deletion & Surface Loss (Run Faster, Page 152)
  • Borrowed Time (Run Faster, Page 153)
  • Code of Honor: Black Hat (Kill Code, Page 99)
  • Consummate Professional (Assassin's Primer, Page 17)
  • Dead Emotion (Chrome Flesh, Page 57)
  • Dead SIN (Better Than Bad, Page 162)
  • Earther (Run & Gun, Page 169)
  • Echo Chamber (Kill Code, Page 78)
  • Every Man For Himself (Street Lethal, Page 181)
  • Escaped Custody (Kill Code, Page 99)
  • Hung Out to Dry (Run Faster, Page 155)
  • In Debt (Run Faster, Page 156)
  • Information Auctioneer (Kill Code, Page 78)
  • Lazy Fingers (Kill Code, Page 79)
  • Neoteny (Run Faster, 121) - The negative metagenic quality Neoteny (RF, 121) has been banned for play on the Haven unless the character is a Gnome. Any characters that have the Neoteny quality that are not gnomes and have been approved prior to October 16th, 2020 are grandfathered in and may keep the quality. As a note, Gnome neoteny does not make the gnome appear childlike.
  • One of Them (Chrome Flesh, Page 58)
  • Pregnant (Bullets & Bandages, Page 12)
  • Resonant Burnout (Kill Code, Page 99)
  • So Jacked Up (Chrome Flesh, Page 59)
  • Stay Out Of My Way (Street Lethal, Page 129)
  • Stolen Gear (No Future, Page 177)
  • This Is Your Last Chance (Street Lethal, Page 129)
  • Tough and Targeted (Chrome Flesh, Page 59)
  • Well, Actually... (Kill Code, Page 79)
  • 'Ware Intolerance (Kill Code, Page 100)
  • Wildcard Chimera (Dark Terrors, Page 163-164)

Dedicated Qualities and Mysads

  • Mysads must not give up spellcasting to take dedicated conjurer.
  • Mysads must not give up conjuring to take dedicated spellslinger.

Banned Awakened Content

Banned Spells

Everything involving Blood, Bug, and Toxic Magic is restricted to NPCs.

The following spells are banned.

  • Convert Blood to Ichor
  • Convince (Page 189, Stolen Souls)
  • Growth (Page 49, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Inflict Disease
  • Multiply Food (Page 50, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Rot
  • Pollution and Radiation spell, adept powers, etc.
  • Shape [Material] (Page 118, Street Grimoire)
  • Turn to Goo
  • Petrify
  • False Impression
  • Manascape

Banned Alchemical Preps

  • Lightning Blade (Page 199, Forbidden Arcana)

Banned Adept Powers for player characters

  • Plague Cloud
  • Pollution and Radiation spell, adept powers, etc.

Banned Mentor Spirits for player characters

  • Planar Entity
  • Doom
  • Pollution
  • Disease
  • Mutation

Banned Traditions

  • Necro Magic (Page 82, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Draconic Tradition (Page 76, Forbidden Arcana) - Draconic Tradition is only permitted for the use by Drakes, which makes it de facto banned on the ShadowHaven.
  • Tarot (Page 91, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Hybrid Traditions (Page 101, Forbidden Arcana)
  • All Custom Traditions

Banned Metamagics

  • Paradigm Shift: Insect Shaman (Page 43, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Paradigm Shift: Toxic (Page 44, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Spirit Expansion: Shedim (Page 44, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Predator Feast (Page 131, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Soul Tether (Page 131, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Spiritual Sacrifice (Page 131, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Tarot Summoning (Page 45, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Quickening (Page 326, Core Rulebook)
  • Sacrifice (Page 90, Street Grimoire)

Banned Arts

  • Geomancy (Page 143, Street Grimoire)

Banned Mechanics

  • Fettering (Page 192, Street Grimoire)

Banned Emerged Content

Banned Complex Forms

  • The Host Emulator Complex Form (KC 94) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • The Pinch Complex Form (KC 95) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • The Resonance Cache Complex Form (KC 95) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • The Search History Complex Form (KC 95) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.

Dissonant Ban

  • Dissonant streams, powers, echos, forms, and etc. shall be NPC only, including those from page 132 through 134 of Kill Code

Banned Echos

  • The Draining Spike echo (KC 101) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.

Banned Mechanics

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Grade (Page 190, Chrome Flesh)
  • Customizing Drugs (pgs. 190-192 Chrome Flesh)
  • Updated Raw Reagents (pg. 188, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Refined Reagents Uses (pg. 188, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Street Grimoire uses still allowed
  • Radical Reagent Uses (pg. 188, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Street Grimoire uses still allowed
  • Spirit Leashing (Page 182, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Group Resources (Page 43, Data Trails)
  • Wild Spirits (Page 177, Forbidden Arcana)
  • All content relating to Submersion Groups, Tribes, and Flash Tribes from pages 106 through 117 of Kill Code.
  • Forcing another character to take chemicals with no penetration or power during combat is not allowed on the Haven (including by GMs).

Banned Matrix Actions

  • Haywire (KC 38) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven.
  • Intervene (KC 39) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven.
  • Masquerade (KC 39) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven.

Banned Items

The following items are not permitted for use:

  • The Ares Firewatch "Bug Stomper" Custom Armor (Page 130, Street Lethal) shall be banned from all use, including by GMs.
  • Crucible (Page 193, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Drain Away (Page 195, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Laminate (Page 196, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Pheromone Detection (Page 144, Cutting Aces)
  • Renfield (Page 128, Hard Targets)
  • The MOS (KC 58) shall not be permitted until it is evaluated in light of our custom deck rules.
  • Fuchi Cyber-N Series (KC 60) is banned.
  • Fuchi Cyber-EX Series (KC 60) is banned.
  • The Co-Pilot line of programs (KC 71) shall not be permitted for use on the ShadowHaven in any capacity due to a critical inability to understand what they were trying to do.
  • Surplus and Refurbished PI-Tacs (KC 73) are not permitted for use on the ShadowHaven by PCs.
  • The "Mercury-Alpha" Battlefield Signal booster (KC 74) shall not be permitted for use on ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • The Micro-Dish Transmitter (KC 74) shall not be permitted for use on ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • Hardened Mil-Spec Armor of any kind (R&G 66) shall not permitted for use on the ShadowHaven by PCs.
  • The Krime Calliope (KK, 19) is banned on ShadowHaven.
  • The Krime Ripper (KK, 20) is banned on ShadowHaven.
  • The Krime Carpet (KK, 21) is banned on ShadowHaven.

Banned Ammo & Grenades

  • Zapper Rounds (KC 48) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • Fuzzy rounds (KC 50) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • E0-E0 rounds (KC 51) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • COS Grenades (KC 54) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • Douser grenades (KC 55) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • DumDum grenades (KC 56) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • MCT/Winchester-Howe Hornet Direct-Fire Mini-Grenades (SL 132) shall not be permitted on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • Painade (Page 135, Cutting Aces)
  • The Krime Crackle Fin-Stabilized HEAT Slugs (KK, 25) are banned on ShadowHaven.
  • The Krime Splash Self-Defense Ammunition (KK, 26) is banned on ShadowHaven.
  • The Krime Party (KK, 27) is banned on ShadowHaven.

Banned Drones

  • Horizon Little Buddy (Page 146, Rigger 5.0)
  • Medusa Extensions (Page 147, Cutting Aces)
  • Noizquito (Page 128, Rigger 5.0)

Banned Vehicles & Vehicle Mods

  • Chameleon Coating (Page 184,194 Stolen Souls) (We only use the Rigger 5 Chameleon Coating on ShadowHaven)
  • Official Emergency Vehicle attribute modifier (Page 187,197 Stolen Souls)
  • Smuggling Compartment (Dwarf, Human, Elf, or Ork) (Page 186, Stolen Souls) (We only use the Rigger 5 smuggling compartments on ShadowHaven)
  • Smuggling Compartment (Troll) (Page 186, Stolen Souls) (We only use the Rigger 5 smuggling compartments on ShadowHaven)
  • The Stoner-Ares M-22A1 Vehicle Mounted Heavy Machine Gun (Page 130, Street Lethal) shall be banned from all use, including by GMs.
  • Weapon Mounts (Page 461, Core) (We only use the Rigger 5 weapon mount rules on ShadowHaven)
  • Yerz Kit (Page 187, The Complete Trog) (Use ‘Yerzed Out’ from Page 171, Rigger 5.0)

Banned Cyberware/Bioware

  • Immunization (Chrome Flesh 164)
  • All Gammaware grades
  • All Omegaware grades
  • One Shot Dart Gun (Page 91, Chrome Flesh)

Banned Lifestyle Options

Hotel California (Page 226, Run Faster)

Altered Content

Altered Qualities

  • Adept Healer (Page 31, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Adept Healer does not function on drain damage.
    • Damage transferred by this ability will count as drain, and as such, cannot be transferred by further instances of this power, or healed by anything other than rest.
  • Animal Familiar (Page 31, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Animal Familiar requires you to purchase the animal as normal, then perform the Animal Handling + Charisma [Social] (12, 1 week) test as outlined in attune animal, to function. If purchased at chargen it is assumed you already succeeded this test.
    • A Familiar must be a mundane critter.
  • Alchemical Bombmaker (Page 31, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Alchemical Bombmaker is limited to a number of increases in drain equal to your alchemy skill rating divided by 4, rounded down: Once at rating 4, twice at rating 8, three times at rating 12.)
    • Can only be used with combat spell preparations.
  • Alchemical Armorer (Page 31, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Alchemical Armorer is required to learn the Alter Ballistics (p51) preparation. You learn the Alter Ballistics preparation automatically for no additional karma upon learning the quality per RAW. It has no other effect other than providing you with the knowledge of how to make the preparation.
  • Arcane Bodyguard (Page 32, Forbidden Arcana)
    • As per page 48 of the Core Rules, "A Note on Rounding", round the dice you can use on yourself up
  • Arcane Improviser (Page 32, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Requires 4 spells (not preps) from each category, excluding rituals.
    • Does not allow you to perform rituals you don't know, nor does it allow you to make preparations that you do not know, or fulfill requirements related to knowing spells.
    • The 1/week limitation will be altered to 1/run for ease/simplicity of bookkeeping
    • You must meet all the prerequisites to cast the spell, or otherwise be able to learn the spell (meaning no banned spells, and no spells that you wouldn't be able to take otherwise.)
  • Astral Bouncer (Page 32, Forbidden Arcana)
    • This will only identity the following positive qualities: Home Ground (Astral Acclimation), Spirit Champion, Spirit Whisperer, Spirit Affinity, Mentor Spirit, Witness My Hate, Astral Chameleon, Elemental Focus, Focused Concentration, All Adept Ways, Magic Resistance, Arcane Arrester, Astral Hazing and all Mastery Qualities.
    • This will only identity the following negative qualities: Astral beacon, Code of Honor: Harmony with Nature: The Shaman’s Code, Spirit Bane, Spirit Pariah, Reduced (Astral Sight)
    • In addition to an Initiate Grade and Adept Powers, Astral Bouncer determines a certain Metamagic from an Initiate Grade, not an Initiate Power.
    • Edge can not be determined.
    • Physical and mental attributes can not be determined.
    • It is up to GM Discretion which aspects get revealed.
  • AVRSE (KC 76) shall apply a -4 penalty to all actions taken while in VR, regardless of location. VR is how you get your brain fried, chummer.
  • Barehanded Adept (Page 33, Forbidden Arcana)
    • This will not work with a spell learned with adept spell
    • These spells will not work on yourself. Further, the target must be attacked.
    • This will only work with touch combat spells and touch health spells tagged "Negative"
  • Better on the Net (KC 96) shall only be permitted for Technomancers, and shall only affect their Living Persona.
  • Big Baby (KC 77) shall function as written, except that the penalty is -1 to all actions, and will always fade when you next would regain edge.
  • Black Forest Native (Page 188, The Complete Trog)
    • You do not require this quality to be from The Black Forest
  • Brittle [Attribute] negative quality (KC 99) shall only be permitted for Technomancers, and shall only affect their Living Persona.
  • Chain Breaker (Page 33, Forbidden Arcana)
    • New spirit types are restricted to UMT spirits (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Man, Beast, Guardian, Task, Plant, Guidance)
  • Chosen Follower (Page 35, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The following options are removed from the list of benefits: ‘Learn two spells or rituals.’ & ‘Improve a magical active skill from rank 1 to rank 3.'
  • College Education (Page 145, Run Faster)
    • This quality is incompatible with the Uneducated (Page 87, Core) Quality
  • Corporate Loyalist (Page 128, Street Lethal) shall be permitted only with a genuine Corporate Limited or Full SIN. On loss of the SIN, you lose the quality.
  • Corporate Pariah (Page 129, Street Lethal) shall be permitted, but only with a current (7 karma version) or past (10 karma version) corp SIN from an AAA corporation. Records on File is required for the 10 point version. It is not actually required for your character to have had the Corporate SINner negative quality, merely that they have had it in their fluff at some point in the past.
  • Community Connection (Page 188, The Complete Trog)
    • Can only be taken by orks/trolls and metavariants of those
  • Cyber-Snob (CF 57) shall be altered to allow Alphaware as the minimum grade so that it may be taken at chargen.
  • Dark Ally (Page 35, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Only spirits that are not toxic or blood related which PCs normally have access to can be chosen.
  • The Data Hog negative quality (KC 99) shall only be permitted for Technomancers. Deckers are encouraged to examine “Wanted By GOD” instead, from Data Trails.
  • Death Dealer (Page 35, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Note that the maximum bonus from this quality to melee damage is +1, regardless of the rating of the quality, as per RAW.
  • Dedicated Conjurer (Page 33, Forbidden Arcana)
    • New spirit types are restricted to UMT spirits (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Man, Beast, Guardian, Task, Plant, Guidance)
  • Dependent
    • Some addictions are better suited with the Dependent quality, and thus we recommend its use instead for alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, video games etc. Speak to your Chargen Minion to see if the Dependents or Addiction quality applies.
  • Discombobulated (KC 77) shall instead apply a -2 penalty to all actions when acting outside of VR.
  • Durable Preparations (Page 36, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Durable Preparations stacks with Practiced Alchemist (p39, FA), effectively changing the duration before a prep begins to degrade to (Potency x 6) hours.
  • Elemental Master (Page 36, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Elemental Master will only work with the natural elements; Air, Earth, Fire, or Water. Electricity is not a valid choice.
    • Elemental Master does not apply to damage received from drain.
  • Dual-Natured Defender (Page 36, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Dual-Natured Defender is a free action to activate, and free action to deactivate.
    • Dual-Natured Defender only functions on your innate dual natured quality, such as that from being infected. Any other sources of Dual Natured, such as Channeling a Spirit, or being in an Astral Rift, are unaffected, and do not qualify you for the quality.
    • The duration of having this quality active rounds up to the next minute for purposes of determining how long it can be used for before losing magic, essentially making it so that it is always used in one-minute chunks.
    • Rather than simply cease Astral Perception, Dual-Natured Defender will temporarily cause you to not count as a Dual Natured being while active.
  • Frostbite (KC 78) shall only be permitted in abilities for which the character has at least 4 ranks. It also may not be applied to any skill in the Tasking group.
  • Location Attunement (Page 128, Street Lethal) shall be permitted. After a month, the quality's benefits are lost, not quality itself, negating the need to repurchase it.
  • Hi-Rez (Page 160, Better Than Bad)
    • Does not permit a character possessing the quality to make a Matrix Perception test to detect hidden icons as a free action.
  • Hold the Door (KC 96) shall be permitted for use. It provides a stacking, cumulative +2 bonus to the Data Spike action when targeting Persona or IC. The bonus is gained upon filling a persona or IC's matrix condition with a Data Spike or Brute Force. This bonus is retained until the character takes a Simple or Complex Action other than Data Spike, or until a Data Spike action is taken that does not fill the condition monitor of a Persona or IC.
  • Instinctive Hack (BTB 160) shall be permitted for use on the ShadowHaven, however, the user may not gain any benefits from teamwork from either sprites or agents for this action. The user also does not get any free actions to shift deck attributes or swap programs before this action. It is made as a sudden reflexive action.
  • Know Your Limit (KC 99) shall only be permitted for Technomancers.
  • Missile Deflector (Page 38, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Missile Deflector requires a successful Missile Parry (p310. CRB) interrupt, followed by the Counterstrike Adept Power (p170, SG) interrupt, for a total of -10 initiative to use. Rather than the normal effects of the Counterstrike Adept Power, when this ability is used, it will allow you to make a normal simple action thrown weapon attack against any valid target, with all appropriate modifiers, using the object you have caught.
  • Nasty Trog (Page 188, The Complete Trog)
    • Can only be taken by orks/trolls and metavariants of those
  • Natural Hacker (KC 97) shall only be permitted for technomancer characters.
  • One With The Matrix (KC 97) shall only exist at the 8 karma level. The 2 and 10 karma versions are not permitted for use on the ShadowHaven in any capacity.
  • Pacifist Adept (Page 39, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The Notoriety restriction on Pacifist Adept is removed, due to the possibility of gaining Notoriety via peaceful means such as refusing to do a job when you realize it involves murder, or similar. Limits cannot be reduced below 1.
  • Prototype Materials (Page 160, Better Than Bad)
    • This quality can only be taken once, and does not require a run reward. It cannot be taken at character generation.
  • Prototype Transhuman (Page 54, Chrome Flesh)
    • This quality may allow you to take Used bioware to represent an inefficient prototype.
    • Geneware may NOT be placed inside of the free essence point.
  • Resonant Discordance (Page 161, Better Than Bad)
    • Despite being a Mastery Quality, this does not require a Magic score. It may be taken by any Technomancer who has submerged at least once, by paying the appropriate karma cost.
  • Restricted Gear
    • May not be used to get Deltaware or Milspec armor.
  • Revenant Adept (Page 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • If used, note the date used on your character's wiki page along with a link to the run where it was used on.
    • Revenant Adept works until it's cleared all the damage that Regeneration can clear, you've died, or the run ends. This means that having one box of drain does not allow you to have Regeneration indefinitely.
    • Revenant Adept does not take an action, even a reaction, to trigger. It can be used while unconscious or in physical overflow. This can be done in reaction to an attack, and the user does not need to be aware, in character, to do this.
  • Special Modifications (Page 161, Better Than Bad) shall be permitted. It shall remain mundane only - only characters without a Magic or Resonance score may take the quality.
    • This quality functions as written except with the following caveats: A character may shift the benefits of Special Modifications to a new weapon at the end of any given run, regardless of if the weapon was lost or destroyed. When doing so, one may change the benefits granted by the quality freely, even without changing the weapon they are applied to. It does not require any payment of lifestyle or similar. If a character has any ranks, they may change the fluff of the weapon within relatively close reason without expending a "slot", but this cannot alter the concealability, apparent legality, or other mechanical attributes of the weapon. If a weapon does not deal elemental damage natively, it cannot be altered to deal elemental damage, however, if it does natively deal elemental damage of one type, one may spend one "slot" to change that type permanently to another type from the following list: electricity, acid, fire, water, cold. For spec mods specify that acid damage does not persist, applying damage and elemental effects for one round only. For simplicity, this does not alter the ammunition requirements. Hang a lampshade on it, if necessary. Disregard the entire last paragraph of the quality.
    • This quality may be used to augment cyberweapons.
    • When used to increase the AP of a weapon, Special Modifications does not count as base AP for purposes of the Bull's Eye Burst called shot.
  • Silence is Golden (KC 77) functionally provides 2 noise reduction to all devices and personas within a 10 meter radius of the character with the quality.
  • SINner (Page 84, Core)
    • Instead of a tax on NuYen earned, the SINner quality shall act as an increase to lifestyle costs, similar to Dependent (Page 80, Core).
  • Spell Jammer (Page 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Spell Jammer is not affected by Mana Barriers, but is affected by background counts.
  • Spirit Hunter (Page. 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Spirit Hunter will cancel any sustained powers, and prevents the use of any active powers, with the exception of Materialization.
  • Skinwalker (Page 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The pelt for a mundane creature will cost 50% of the price of purchasing the critter itself, and has an availability equal to that of the critter. Prices and availabilities can be found at Animal Availability.
  • Sloppy Code (KC 79) applies to tests to defend against Matrix Perception when running silent, not to Stealth tests.
  • Spectral Warden (Page 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Binding replaces summoning for the initial summoning tests made by a Spectral Warden, but they must bind the spirit immediately after summoning, the spirit cannot be used for any other purposes before they are bound.
  • Sprawl Tamer (Page 41, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Sprawl Tamer interacts additively with our existing house rules (Effectively adds another +1 modifier to the number of tricks a critter can learn.)
    • Sprawl Tamer may be taken by those without a MAG score.
  • Sprite Combustion (KC 99) shall only be permitted for Technomancers with at least 6 combined ranks in Compiling and Registering.
  • SURGE III (Page 103, Run Faster) ShadowHaven allows player characters to thematically be class 1, 2, or 3 surgelings (Run Faster, Page 101). However, this is done through the exlcusive use of the SURGE 3 quality and mechanics.
  • Taint of Dissonance (KC 100) shall only be permitted for Technomancers with at least 6 combined ranks in Compiling and Registering.
  • Technical School Education (Page 150, Run Faster)
    • Incompatible with the Uneducated (Page 87, Core) quality.
  • Trog Traitor (Page 189, The Complete Trog)
    • Can only be taken by orks/trolls and metavariants of those
  • Trust Fund (Page 151, Run Faster) may be taken with a Corporate Limited SIN (Page 84, Core). Hard Luck and Trust Fund are incompatible.
  • Uneducated (Page 87, Core)
    • This quality is incompatible with the College Education (Page 145, Run Faster) or the Technical School Education (Page 150, Run Faster) qualities.
  • Vexcraft (Page 42, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Suppress focus is a simple action, and can be used from either the astral or physical, if you have line of sight on an active focus.
    • Grounding focus is a complex action, and can be used from either the astral or physical, but requires both the focus to be eligible to target, and the owner to be eligible to target. This means you can only use this ability to damage a dual natured, or purely astral target, if you yourself are astral, for example.
    • Counterspelling does not apply to the defense test, but power foci do, as does the force of any mana-barriers between the caster and the defender.
  • Worship Leader (Page 42, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The GM has final say on if enough people can be gathered. Regarding group contacts, organized crime groups and gangs tend not to worship. One must have the Rank quality in any religious order.

Samurai Way Qualities

  • Bodyguard (Page 10, The Way Of The Samurai)
    • Remove the reference to Krav Maga.
  • Merc (Page 10, The Way Of The Samurai)
    • The requirement shall read: "At least 4 ranks among the following skill groups: (Athletics, Close Combat, Firearms, Outdoors) OR 14 total ranks among any skills from the following skill groups and skills: (Athletics, Close Combat, Firearms, Outdoors, Pilot Groundcraft, Pilot Aircraft, Pilot Aerospace, Pilot Walker)."
  • Panzer (Page 10, The Way Of The Samurai)
    • Remove the reference to Dermal Sheathing. Additionally, if selected for BOD to Intimidation, use Augmented BOD.
  • Razorboy (Page 11, The Way Of The Samuai)
    • Add Infrasonic Generator to the list of ‘ware that qualifies. Change Implanted Blades to Implanted Cyber Weapons, and add Bio-weapons. The cap to 6 on the Street Knowledge skills is removed.
  • Ronin (Page 11, The Way Of The Samurai)
    • The second line of the benefit shall read: “In addition, they may choose one of the following: +1 DV to Blades, Clubs, Unarmed* and Exotic Melee Weapons OR when they have a Blade, Club, Unarmed or Exotic Melee weapon equipped and are not surprised, +2 to Reaction tests to defend themselves from combat, Indirect Spells, and so forth”. Remove the last line in its entirety. Instead, a Ronin must burn Street Cred to reduce Notoriety should the character's Notoriety ever become higher than 1. This quality is incompatible with Bad Rep. The rest of the quality is unchanged.
  • Sharpshooter (Page 11, The Way Of The Samurai)
    • Add Tremor Reducer and Reflex Recorder (any ranged weapon skill) to the list of 'ware that meets the requirement. Replace the text of the quality with the following: "Characters with this Quality are not required to half their Willpower when calculating how many Take Aim actions they may perform with a ranged weapon. This will most likely be commonly applied to Longarms, but it is applicable to any ranged weapon. Alternatively the character can take a -2 reduction to all range category penalties. This Quality also grants either a +1 bonus to the Sneaking skill or a +1 bonus to a single ranged weapon skill of the player's choice. Additionally, for each Take Aim action you make, gain a stacking -1AP modifier on your next applicable attack against that target."
  • Street Ninja (Page 11, The Way Of The Samurai)
    • Add Reflex Recorder (Sneaking) to the list of 'ware that meets the requirement. Replace the reference to Infiltration with Sneaking, Cyber Optics with Cybereyes Basic System, and Cyber Melee Weapon with Cyber Implant Weapon in the requirement. Replace the text of the quality with the following: "In the first pass of any combat where you force your opponents to roll surprise tests, reduce the called shot penalty of any called shot to -4. Alternatively, you can take +3 dice to surprise tests. Further, they gain either +1 dice to Sneaking tests or +1 dice to throwing weapons or a melee skill of the player's choice. Additionally, you may take a -2/4/6 die pool penalty on your Surprise test to give all enemies a -1/2/3 die pool penalty. Multiple Street Ninjas may combine this penalty, but the penalty may never exceed -3.”

Qualities affecting Training

  • Dependents will remove all references to training time. All other impacts are in effect.
  • The Sensei quality will have the following changes.
    • If the Sensei is a skill sensei, the karma cost for increases in the selected skill will be reduced by 3.
    • If the Sensei is a skill group sensei, the karma cost for increases individual skills in the group in the selected skill group will be reduced by 1.The whole group can be improved at a cost reduction of 3.
    • If this reduced the cost for a new rank to zero, you may increase the skill to the rank instantly, for free. This applies even in cases where other qualities interact with this house rule.
    • Sensei does not require a contact. The “Sensei” NPC may be a contact already on your sheet, but may also be a described but non-contact NPC. The quality does *not* grant a free contact.
  • Day Job will follow the table below, increasing the karma cost for attributes, skills, martial arts and specializations.
Day Job Karma Cost modifier
Fame: None/Local National/Megacorp Global
Day Job 1 1 1.5 (Every odd numbered increase is +2 instead of +1) 2
Day Job 2 2 2.5 (Every odd numbered increase is +3 instead of +2) 3
Day Job 3 3 3.5 (Every odd numbered increase is +4 instead of +3) 4

Note on Kill Code Qualities

Except where noted, all Qualities listed from Page 96 to 100 of Kill Code shall be permitted for any matrix PC, not just technomancers. This also applies to the positive and negative qualities on Page 76 to 79 of Kill Code

Altered Awakened Content

Altered Spells

  • Comet (Page 50, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Comet does not ignore armour specific elemental resistances (Specifically, fire resistance.)
  • Altered Ballistics (Page 51, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Alter Ballistics can also be used on arrows & bolts, as well as bullets, but not area of effect explosives such as rockets or grenades, or other “ballistic” weapons such as darts, thrown weapons, or tasers.
    • Alter Ballistics requires Alchemical Armorer to learn, and can only be made into a preparation, not cast as a spell.
  • Detox (Page 288, Core Rule Book)
    • Detox may be used on drug crashes. In such cases the minimum force is equal to the addiction rating.
Touch Spells and Punching
  • Until Defiance Manifest is released, one may only cast touch spells as a touch-only melee attack. Once Defiance Manifest comes out, this ruling will be reevaluated with new information. All magicians and mystic adepts currently using a combination of Touch spells and Unarmed attacks are offered a Triggered Resubmit.
  • To determine dicepools for multi-casting, take the dice pool and divide pool for a given spell by the number of times splitting, round up. Thus, if you cast 3 spells, each with a pool of 18 normally, you'd get 6 dice each. If you cast 2 spells and one had a pool of 20, and the other a pool of 14, the first would cast with 10 dice and the second with 7.

Altered Adept Powers

  • Activating an Adept power creates an astral signature equal to 4 times the total power point cost of the power.
  • Mystic Aptitude (BTB 159) shall be permitted on ShadowHaven. When used, it replaces, rather than augments, the attribute it affects. This means that it is not subject to augmented maximum, however, the final attribute score while this power is in use is not affected by any other augmentation or effect that would affect that attribute.
  • Rapid Draw (SG 173) does not permit a free action attack. Instead, it allows you to ready one weapon per pass without expending an action.
  • Adept Spell (HT 190) may be taken on a Qi Focus. Once selected, the spell it grants access to may only be changed with the destruction of the focus by an NPC or with Thematics approval and the lose of the focus.
  • State of Purity (BTB 160) shall be permitted for use on ShadowHaven. Change all references to 'Combat Rounds' to 'Combat Turns'.
  • Nerve Strike (SG 173), when used with a weapon, considers the reach of the weapon itself to be 0. Remember that reach from yourself (Troll, Elongated Limbs, etc.) still applies.

Altered Mentor Spirits

  • The Guanyin mentor spirit (BTB 139) shall be permitted for use on the ShadowHaven, but it must be included as a listed quality on your wiki, and the wiki page must be appropriately tagged with Template:Guanyin Caution at the top of the page. This quality's downside will impact your ability to participate in runs.
  • Regarding Oracle (SG 200) - Adepts, Magicians, Aspected Magicians, and Mysads following Oracle both may and must take the Divination art (SG 147) and the Augury and Sortilege ritual (SG 124) for the next initiation if they do not already possess it. Adepts and Mystic Adepts without the Magician's Way, as well as any Aspected Conjurers or Aspected Enchanters may still use the Augury and Sortilege ritual, completing the ritual with a straight Magic check (rolling their Magic attribute only in d6) instead of Ritual Spellcasting + Magic, and interpreting the answer to the Question with an Arcana + Logic check. Mystic Adepts who are not locked out of Sorcery and who are following the Magician's Way, and any Magician or Aspected Sorcerer, will use Ritual Spellcasting to complete the ritual as per the usual rules. As usual, the Augury and Sortilege ritual is highly dependent on factors that are not actually within the GM's control, and I encourage you to be cautious even in the face of a seemingly definitive answer. The future is, after all, very tricky. If a character who does not have Ritual Spellcasting is no longer following Oracle, they may not make use of these rules in order to utilize Augury and Sortilege. They are only available to those who stick with Oracle's Gifts.

Altered Traditions

  • Ancestor Shamans (Page 74, Forbidden Arcana)
    • You receive the Channeling Metamagic at Initiate Grade 5 instead of 2.
  • Traditional Black Mage (Page 60, Forbidden Arcana)
    • You do not receive Animal Familiar for free.
    • You do not receive Dark Ally for free.
    • "Personal Demons" spirts summoned do not automatically gain the Fear and the Natural Weaponry power. They still gain the Flight skill, and may still select Fear as an optional power if it is an available optional power for the spirit type.
  • Traditionalist Traditions (Pages 60-91, Forbidden Arcana)
    • If you take a Traditionalist or other special path, it is a Paradigm Shift to leave said path. Your Initiation count cannot 'restart'. If you missed the Initiation for the level 1 gain, it is missed.
  • Norse (Page 68, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Godi/Runemaster: Durable Preparations means that the time until Potency starts fading is changed to Potency x3 hours rather than the standard x2 and then an additional doubling. This does not stack with the Durable Preparations quality.
    • Cunning Woman: Can only be taken by a Magician, Mystic Adept, or Aspected Spellcaster.
    • The Berserker Temper power gained by traditionalist version of the Norse tradition is not in effect on Shadowhaven.
  • Islamic Alchemist (Page 70, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The requirement to take Fixation as the first metamagic choice and Advanced Alchemy as the third metamagic choice shall remain unchanged. However, the second and fourth metamagic choices are no longer locked, and may be used to select anything else that is appropriate (with the caveat that the second metamagic cannot be used to select Advanced Alchemy).
  • Path Of Pariah (Page 85, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Pariahs are allowed to pick a drain stat out of charisma, intuition, or logic. For their second initiation, disregard the requirement to take the opposition metamagic.
  • Elder God Magic (Page 78, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Traditionalist is NPC-only.
  • Planar Magic (Page 87, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Traditionalist is NPC-only.
  • Romani (Page 90, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Only traditionalists are allowed on ShadowHaven.

Altered Metamagics

  • Harmonious Defense (Page 46, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Harmonious Defense does require the user to Astrally Perceive to be used. If you do not have an innate way to perceive astrally, you must take the astral perception adept power.
  • Harmonious Reflection (Page 46, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Harmonious Reflection requires the user to be Astrally Perceiving, similar to the Reflect Spell.
  • Noble Sacrifice (Page 56, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Must have line of sight to allies to work.
    • For the purpose of Regeneration and other forms of magical healing, Noble Sacrifice counts as magical damage.

Altered Mage Archetypes

  • The Elementalist (Page 43, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Aspected magicians, Full Magicians, and Mystic Adepts may be Elementalists. You must choose to be an Elementalist at character generation.
  • The Hedge Witch/Wizard (Page 43, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Aspected magicians, Full Magicians, and Mystic Adepts may become Hedge Witches/Wizards. You must choose to be a Hedge Witch/Wizard at character generation.
  • The Null Wizard (Page 43, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Aspected Magicians, Full Magicians, and Mystic Adepts may be Null Wizards. You must choose to be a Null Wizard at character generation.
    • The ‘summoning’ skill will be added to the list of skills they cannot take.
    • A Null Wizard receives the ‘Spell Resistance’ adept power, at a rating equal to initiate grade.
  • The Seer (Page 43, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Aspected magicians, Full Magicians, Physical Adepts (with Astral Perception), and Mystic Adepts may be Seers. You must chose to be a Seer at character generation.
  • The Apprentice (Page 47, Forbidden Arcana)
    • An Apprentice can only select UMT spirits (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Man, Beast, Guardian, Task, Plant, Guidance)
    • An Apprentice has access to Summoning, Binding, Disenchanting, Spellcasting, Ritual Spellcasting, and Counterspelling. However, Summoning, Binding, Spellcasting, and Ritual Spellcasting shall be restricted to their one spirit type and one spell type (unless the Apprentice in question takes Chain Breaker, which works at normal).
    • Apprentices have access to Assensing and Astral Combat.
  • Mystic Adept Alterations (Page 47, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Mystic Adepts must choose one of the three magical groups (Enchanting, Sorcery, Conjuring) which they will lose access too.
    • Per Core page 69, Mystic Adepts do not gain the ability to Astrally Perceive without purchasing the Adept Power to do so. The table in Forbidden Arcana does not superseded this.
  • The Explorer (Page 47, Forbidden Arcana)
    • An Explorer can take Metamagics/Enhancements/Focused awakened as an Aspected magician.
  • The Aware (Page 49, Forbidden Arcana)
    • An Aware can take Metamagics/Enhancements/Focused awakened as an Aspected magician.
  • Aspected Free Spells
    • Aspected Magicians shall be granted free spells, based on their priority selection.
Priority Aspected Sorcerers and Aspected Enchanters Enchanters Apprentices
B 8 NA 4
C 6 8 3
D 4 NA 2

Mystic Adepts and Ways

  • Mystic Adepts will be held to the RAW restrictions on their metamagics. This means that they can, by default, only take metamagics from the Undecided Way.
    • In order to take metamagics outside of this, they must take another Way.
  • In order to access metamagics such as Channelling or Centering, or any other "magician" metamagic, they will have to follow The Magician's Way, which permits them to take any non-adept metamagic they qualify for.
  • This precludes them from accessing any other way and has a barrier to entry (in the form of the cost of joining the Way.)

Mentor's Mask

  • Mentor's Mask (Page 182, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The Mentor's Mask will be visible while casting a spell, using an active adept power, or any other active use of magic. It will not be visible for having passive adept powers or for sustaining spells.
    • Mystic Adepts, if they take a Mentor’s Mask, get the type of Mask bonus dependent on the bonus they receive from their Mentor Spirit (IE: If they took the Adept bonus from their Mentor Spirit, they get the Adept Mask, and if they took the Magician bonus from their Mentor Spirit, they get the Magician Mask.) The negative effect of a mentor’s mask applies to all aspects of their magic usage (Both their adept powers, and magician abilities.)
    • The choice to have a Mentor’s Mask is made when a character acquires a Mentor Spirit. If they later switch Mentor Spirits, they get to make the choice again. If, for any reason, they lose their Mentor Spirit, they no longer have the advantage, or disadvantage, of a Mentor’s Mask.
    • You may obtain or remove your Mentor’s Mask by paying 20 karma without ‘losing’ your Mentor. (Effectively buying off the Mentor, then buying it again.)
    • There is no way to hide a Mentor’s Mask, there is no way to hide it.


  • Unwilling sapient living targets may not be possessed unless they are prepared vessels.

Spells Sustained By Spirits

  • In order to pass off a spell to a spirit to be sustained, the spirit must be within line of sight and within Remote Service range. In order to continue sustaining a spell of any variety on their summoner or any other target, they must remain within remote service range of that target, however, line of sight is not an ongoing requirement.
Example: Awful Weight, a mage, just received a serious wound and retreats behind a brick building while his earth spirit and a street sam on his team engage an Ares Company man. He could keep fighting, but the Increase Reflexes spell he is sustaining is taking its toll. In order to pass it off to his spirit, he orders it to disengage and move to behind the brick building. After the transaction is complete, he orders it to hide in a building a few blocks away.

Magical Lodge Background Count

  • Mage Lodges shall have no background count.

Clarification on Astral Signatures

  • The following actions leave your astral signature behind:
    • Casting a spell.
    • Activating an alchemical preparation.
    • Activating a focus.
    • Using an adept or critter power.
    • Summoning a spirit.
  • The following actions explicitly do not leave your astral signature behind:
    • Carrying a sustained spell away from where it was cast.
    • Carrying a sustained effect from an alchemical preparation away from where it was activated.
    • Using an active focus.
    • Sustaining a critter power and moving away from where it was activated.
    • Having an active adept power.
    • The act of Astral projection itself, as distinct from any powers that grant the ability to do so.
    • The act of Astral perception itself, as distinct from any powers that grant the ability to do so.

Rules On Summoning Above One's Magic

    • When summoning above your magic, after resisting drain as normal take unresisted drain equal to (Force of Spirit - Your Magic) x 1.5.
    • This counts as drain damage for all purposes, including for healing and recovery.
    • Remember that only one Edge may be spent per action, so you may either edge the summoning OR the drain resist (but not both).

Altered Emerged Content

Known Complex Forms

  • Technomancers at character creation shall have a limit of 2x RES known Complex Forms.
  • Technomancers after character creation shall have no limit on number of known Complex Forms.

Altered Complex Forms

  • The Bootleg Program Complex Form (KC 94) shall be permitted for use on the ShadowHaven. The defending party may elect to not roll their defense, making the test unopposed.
  • The Mirrored Persona Complex Form (KC 95) shall be permitted on the ShadowHaven, but rather than the written text, it shall have Target: Self, Duration: Sustained, Fade Value: Level -2, and shall automatically negate the next failed defense test against a matrix action other than Matrix Perception targeting the sustaining technomancer.

Altered Sprite Powers

  • The Bodyguard Sprite Power (KC 100) shall be permitted, but requires the sprite using it to be actively on the matrix in the same "location" as you - the same grid or host. When used, it will stop a single Attack action targetting the compiling technomancer's persona. The sprite must have 10 initiative on the clock, must have at least 1 task left, and is irreparably destroyed with no chance of resistance. Activating this is not an action on the part of the technomancer, and does not require awareness of the incoming attack IC.
  • The Shield Sprite Power (KC 100) shall be permitted, but the redirected damage is unresisted, and cannot be healed by any means. Additionally, the sprite must be of at least the same level as the effect causing the fading, if relevant.
  • The Enhance optional sprite power (KC 101) may be taken and used by any sprite who qualifies, not just companion sprites. It still uses tasks.

Altered Paragons

  • The Archivist (KC 103) paragon's advantage shall give a +1 dice pool bonus and +1 limit bonus on Matrix Search actions, rather than the listed bonuses.
  • The Daedalus (KC 103) paragon's advantage shall give +1 die on Hardware tests, and +1 limit to Pilot [x-craft] skill tests - specifically, tests which roll an attribute and a Pilot skill together. It does not increase the limit for purposes other than the number of hits one can keep on these tests.
  • The advantage granted by the IC paragon (KC 104) shall not apply in any fashion against or in relation to IC.
Note on Paragons

A Paragon's favor may be lost in the course of a run. Typically this shall be due to the written cause in each Paragon, though a GM has discretion for other, related things to cause a loss of favor. If this occurs, it is lost until the end of the run, unless the GM wishes to offer and opportunity to regain it at their sole discretion. Favor is automatically regained at the start of the next run. While favor is lost, the technomancer loses the Advantages offered by their paragon, but still suffers the disadvantages.

A technomancer may choose and change paragons freely during downtime, including "no paragon", but may not change them during a run. The sole exception is that if they follow no Paragon, and have not for the entire run, they may gain one mid-run given 5 minutes alone in VR.

Altered Streams

  • Complex Form: Overdrive (KC 90) shall be permitted, however, the final rating of any piece of cyberware shall be limited at one rating above the maximum normal, naturally installable rating, or at twice the current rating, whichever is lower. Thus, a set of Rating 2 or Rating 3 Wired Reflexes would be capped at Rating 4, while a set of Rating 1 Wired Reflexes would be capped at Rating 2.
  • Complex Form LOTO (KC 90) shall be permitted with the following modifications: LOTO can only target wireless on devices.
  • Complex Form: Hyperthreading (KC 91) shall be permitted, however, one can not thread the same complex form multiple times in the same hyperthread. All tests shall be resolved using the pre-hyper thread statistics. (Most notably, this means that Diffusion of Matrix Attribute in a Hyperthread does not impact defenses against any Complex Form in that same Hyperthread).
  • The RAW Technoshaman Daemon (KC 91) shall not be permitted.

Altered Echos

  • The Aegis echo (KC 101) shall be permitted. The boxes are healed 24 hours after the most recent "Aegis" box was filled, and may not be healed by any other means.
  • The Neural Synergy echo (KC 101) shall be permitted on the ShadowHaven as-is, except that it shall be subject to the augmented maximum rules.
  • The Predictive Analytics echo (KC 101) shall be permitted on the ShadowHaven. It shall not stack with any other source of initiative dice.
  • The Van Der Waals Effect echo (KC 102) shall be permitted. Rather than as written, treat it as a Magnetic System (CF 84) implanted separately in each of the character's limbs, as well as both front and back of their torso. The Mechanics Team would also like to remind people at this time that this is not what the Van Der Waals effect is, does, or resembles.
  • The Will of the Resonance echo (KC 102) shall be permitted on the ShadowHaven as-is, except that it shall additionally be subject to the augmented maximum rules.

Techno Errata

The Fading for Complex Forms is -3 from the values printed in the Core Rulebook and in Data Trails. Thus, as examples, the correct Fading for Puppeteer is L+1 and the correct Fading for Derezz is L-1. Both Chummer and Herolab have incorporated this errata. Fading values in any other book (e.g., Kill Code) are unchanged. Remember that, per RAW, Fading can never be lower than 2.

There is also a priority table change (P. 65, core. - Priority Table) for Technomancers, change the number of Complex Forms in each row as follows:

  • Priority A: Increase from 5 Complex Forms to 7 Complex Forms.
  • Priority B: Increase from 2 Complex Forms to 4 Complex Forms.
  • Priority C: Increase from 1 Complex Forms to 3 Complex Forms.

In the Magic or Resonance column in the priority table (P. 65, core. - Priority Table) for Technomancers, change the number and type of skills in each row as follows:

  • Priority A: Change from 'two Rating 5 Resonance skills' to 'three Rating 5 skills from Resonance, Electronics, or Cracking skill groups'.
  • Priority B: Change from 'two Rating 4 Resonance skills' to 'three Rating 4 skills from Resonance, Electronics, or Cracking skill groups'.
  • Priority C: Change from none to 'three Rating 2 skills from Resonance, Electronics, or Cracking skill groups'.

The Cost for Submersions are 10+(grade x 3) Karma.

Altered Critter Powers

  • Paralyzing Howl (Page 399, Core Rulebook) shall have its text replaced with the following:
    • Type: M
    • Action: Complex
    • Range: Special
    • Duration: Special
    • The critter makes a loud, magic-imbued howl or scream that can paralyze foes. It makes a Magic + Charisma test opposed by the Intuition + Willpower of anyone who can hear, reducing its number of hits by 1 for every (Magic) meters it is away from a victim. Each net hit imposes a -1 dice pool penalty to all actions for (Magic) minutes, paralyzing victims for the duration if this penalty exceeds their Willpower. This effect does not stack but replaces the effect of a previous attempt if more net hits are scored. Targets accumulate +2 dice to resist for every subsequent time they are exposed to this power within 24 hours. Sound-dampening effects add to the resist pool, including the rating of cyberware/equipment or hits scored on a sound-dampening spell. The scream is about as obvious as unsuppressed gunfire and can be picked up by audio or ultrasound sensors, though its effects do not propagate through electronic mediums.
  • Essence Drain (Page 396-397 Core Rulebook) Shall have the following line adjusted
    • "A critter that drains Essence can pump their stolen life force into other attributes, including Magic, with a Simple Action. Every point of Essence spent may temporarily boost one Physical or Mental attribute, or Magic, by +1." is now "A critter that drains Essence can pump their stolen life force into other attributes, not including Magic or Edge, with a Simple Action. Every point of Essence spent may temporarily boost one Physical or Mental attribute by +1."

Altered and Clarified Cyberware and Bioware

  • The Bioware Tail (CF 115) shall follow the same mechanics as the cyberware (CF 82) tail.
  • Striking Calluses (CF 121) will give their benefit to Natural Weaponry with a base Reach of at least 0. (For example, Trolls get +1 Reach but if a Troll had a bite attack, normally Reach -1, this would not benefit that).
  • Skilljacks - Essence becomes 0.1 regardless of rating. Currently it is 0.1 essence times rating. Cost goes to 1000 nuyen times rating. Currently it is 10x that amount.
  • Skillwires - Essence becomes 0.1 times rating. Current it is 0.2 essence times rating.

Altered and Clarified Items

These items function differently or have added clarification than what is stated Rules As Written.

  • Gas Mask shall count as a Respirator at Rating 6 when active for purposes of resisting toxins, in addition to providing immunity to inhalation vector toxins while it still has air. Note that when resisting a toxin with multiple vectors, all applicable resistances apply.
  • Ace of Diamonds gives a Concealability of -2, instead of the listed +2.
  • Adapsin (Page 160, Chrome Flesh) For simplicity's sake, Adapsin will provide immediate essence reduction of already implanted 'ware. This will leave an essence hole, without true essence recovery. This is solely to save the step of "Yo, street doc, rip out all my 'ware and put it back in."
  • Atomizer (Page 193, Forbidden Arcana)
    • An Atomizer has an Accuracy of 3, and Concealability of +0, uses the skill Exotic Weapon (Atomizer) with a range array of 0.1/0.25/0.5/1 meters. The Atomizer takes a Complex Action to reload, and requires a Simple Action to fire.
    • The preparation used with an Atomizer will trigger on a valid target after firing (i.e., a living aura, similar to a contact prep).
    • The Atomizer itself will function as the lynchpin for breaking sustained spells (i.e., if the Atomizer is broken, the spell will drop.)
    • An Atomizer cannot take accessories or modifications.
  • Antenna Grill (Page 184, The Complete Trog)
    • Requires implanted cyberdeck/commlink or a living persona.
    • Can only be taken by characters with tusks (Orks, Trolls, people with implanted tusks, etc.)
  • AR Enhanced (Page 138, Cutting Aces)
    • Creation of your own is permitted only on-table at GM discretion and shall not be carried off the table on which they were created. AR Fashion can be assumed to be part of your lifestyle at the following levels, or may be paid for seperately at the listed prices. Casual is included in Low Lifestyle, Business in Medium Lifestyle, Formal in High Lifestyle, and Designer in Luxury Lifestyle.
  • The Ares Armatus (Page 184, Hard Targets) uses the Exotic Ranged Weapon (Lasers) skill.
  • The Aztechnology Blood Drinker Combat Axe (Page 130, Street Lethal) shall be permitted as-is. It shall have a reach score of 0.
  • The Barrens Special (Page 29, Street Lethal)
    • The Barrens Special shall be permitted, but will not have any alterations from the listed statblock. All uses of it should conform to the printed statblock.
  • Blight (page 157 and 158, Better than Bad)
    • Vector: Contact, Injection, Speed: Special, Penetration: 0, Power: 12, Effect: A spirit hit exposed to this toxin must immediately make the toxin resistance test. If it fails, it immediately loses its Immunity to Normal Weapons for (12 - Spirit’s Force, min 1 hour).
  • Chemical Glands (Page 112, Chrome Flesh)
    • Gradual Release has been banned
      • Permitted drugs for use in Chemical Glands are:
        • All drugs in the Core Rulebook are permitted. BTLs, as noted below, are excepted.
        • All drugs in Chrome Flesh, with the following exceptions, are permitted: Cereprax, Hurlg, K-10, Nightwatch, NoPaint, Sober Time, and Soothsayer.
        • No magical compounds, awakened drugs, or BTLs.
        • No contact vector only drugs.
        • All drugs in Boston Lockdown are permitted, with the following exception: Numb.
  • The Collapsible Scythe (Page 183, Hard Targets) uses the Blades skill and falls under the "Polearms" specialization.
  • Deepweed (Page 411, Core Rulebook) shall have an addiction rating of 4 and an addiction threshold of 2.
  • The Door Gunner tac-app (KC 71) shall be permitted for use. The mounted weapon must have a Smartgun System (not a smartlink), be wireless on, and be a valid target for remote control. Since it can only be used for mounted weapons, the "necessary skill" is always Gunnery.
  • The EVO/Yamatetsu Naval Technologies Rampart Portable Ballistic Emplacement (Street Lethal, Page 130) shall be permitted with the following changes.
    • Remove the "hardened" tag. This means when it is used as a ballistic shield, it applies +10 regular armor as an armor accessory, with no effects from Hardened Armor. The EVO/Yamatetsu Naval Technologies Rampart Portable Ballistic Emplacement shall not expand with sufficient force to harm anyone. While expanded, it has Structure 10, Armor 10, and is treated as being 10cm for the purposes of barrier rules. While deployed, this barrier can be used as good cover. If damaged enough to penetrate while deployed, it becomes useless while collapsed, and may not re-extend. While useless, it provides no armor bonus, but still uses the original armor value for the purpose of calculating encumbrance. It may be repaired with an Armorer + Logic [Mental] (12, 30 minutes) extended test, or by a contact with the same.
  • Flamethrowers
    • Flamethrowers can take internal smart guns and advanced safety systems.
  • Fluid Motion Mace (Page 21, Street Lethal)
    • The Fluid Motion Mace shall disregard the penalties listed outside their statblock, for simplicity's sake. This means that it has no minimum strength requirement to avoid penalties.
  • Ghost Box (Page 141, Cutting Aces)
    • This does not function like the spell Trid Phantasm, it gives merely a sense of unease and a floater like affect in the eye. The most using this device will give is social modifiers.
  • The GMC Armadillo comes with a single "pod" of your choice. Purchasing a new "pod" has no availability and costs 6k nuyen. Removing a pod takes a single complex action, and causes it to slide gently off the back. Attaching a new "pod" takes approximately 1 hour if untrained, or 15 minutes with ranks in automotive mechanic. It is largely assisted and requires only normal exertion.
  • The Grey Mana Integration armor modification (BTB 156) shall be permitted on the Shadowhaven with the following changes:
    • Rather than requiring a Chemical Seal for ratings 4 to 6, Ratings 4 to 6 may only be installed on armor that can take a chemical seal, and provide their benefits only when a theoretical equipped seal could be activated - that is to say, while wearing the entire suit of armor, including helmet. If not wearing the helmet, they provide the benefits of a Rating 3 system.
    • When targeted by a beneficial or other targeted magical effect (including AoE), Grey Mana Integration opposes the spellcasting roll with it's rating in dice, reducing the hits on the test as appropriate.
    • Grey Mana does not penalize passive uses of magic (such as Improved Ability Negotiation) if the target is wearing it. Active uses of magic, such as Enthralling Performance, are still penalized.
    • The penalties for Awakened wearing Grey Mana Integration and Grey Mana Tattoos apply any time a background count would penalize them - treat it as a localized, stacking, inacclimacable background count.
    • While Grey Mana Integration is obvious, they are not definitively identifiable without labwork. While a police or security officer who notices them may be suspicious, an astral perception is insufficient to arrest, only question.
  • Grey Mana Tattoos (BTB 156) are permitted for use on ShadowHaven and follow the rules listed above. While Grey Mana Tattoos are obvious on the astral, they are not definitively identifiable without labwork. While a police or security officer who notices them may be suspicious, an astral perception is insufficient to arrest, only question.
  • GreyWare (BTB 159) shall be permitted on the ShadowHaven. It shall be permitted for any cyberware, however, any cyberware that would not ordinarily be obvious becomes obvious (skin protrusions, vents, whatever you wish to fluff it as within reason), and no cyberware may have any wireless functionality to speak of. For example, a GreyWare smartlink can still provide a bonus to accuracy if you plug into your gun, however, it can never provide bonus dice. Any wireless bonuses are similarly denied, and a GreyWare implanted commlink is not going to be able to make commcalls... you be the judge of how useful that may be.
  • The Horizon-Flynn Defense-com Commlink Weapons (Street Lethal, Page 131) shall be permitted. It is a Perception + Intuition [Mental] (3) test to identify that these are weapons.
  • Horn Compartment (Page 185, The Complete Trog)
    • In order to take this option one must have a horn.
  • Krime Happiness (Page 38, Street Lethal)
    • The Krime Happiness shall be permitted, to mass jubilation. Thanks to patented Troll Tough™ belt technology, the belt cannot be cut during a runaway firing situation (unless the GM deems fit, such as if cutting it would be to your disadvantage), but after the first full combat turn of nonstop fire, one may drop it. This won't stop it from firing, but will render its fire ineffective at anything other than collateral damage (GM discretion.) It will continue to fire on its own at a rate of 1 complex full auto per combat turn until it runs out of ammo.
  • The Krime Pack (Page 45, Street Lethal) shall be permitted, except it acts as a rating 2 area jammer and has no effect on Device rating. If the noise created by the KRIME pack, modified by noise reduction, is greater than the device rating of an affected object, and it is capable of doing so, the audio on the device is overwritten and it begins screaming “KRIME!” at maximum allowable volume. The device otherwise functions as it would inside a normal jammer.
    • Additionally, if tied to a glitched Krime Happiness, patented Troll Tough™ fibers will keep the Happiness tethered to your person until you manage to remove the backpack (3 complex actions) or it ceases firing. This is not likely to be a happy experience. As per the Krime Happiness, the Troll Tough™ fibers are mercurial and capricious and are only tough when a glitch or similar has occurred, and only for as long as the GM deems fit to inconvenience you.
  • Krime Trollbow (Page 24, Street Lethal)
    • The Krime Trollbow (SL 24) shall use the stats from the book, correcting for the erroneous "reach" entry on the table for the ranged components. The stats are reproduced as follows.
      • It will use Archery to fire, with an accuracy of 4, DV of (Rating + 2) physical, and AP of -(rating/4) for the ranged component.
      • The melee component shall use the Blades skill, with an Accuracy of 3, a reach of 1, a DV of (Strength + 1) physical, and an AP of -1.
  • The Krime Whammy (Page 40, Street Lethal) shall act as listed, and additionally, shall be able to take a Complex Action in order to both fire the shotgun and swing the hammer at a single Barrier target with a single action, though both attacks are rolled and resolved separately. This may only be used against static barriers, a la Smashing Blow.
  • Morrissey Alta (Page 32, Street Lethal)
    • The Morrissey Alta shall be Restricted, not Forbidden.
  • The Narcoject Dazzler (Page 47, Street Lethal) shall cap at a Blinding Glare for unprotected eyes, and shall never inflict blindness of any kind. It targets a cone centered on your last target shot at, or whoever you declare you are pointing your gun at if you did not shoot on your most recent action phase. The cone is 10 meters wide and 100 meters long. The penalty will apply to anyone within the cone looking at the dazzler, with line of sight, and not actively trying to avert their eyes. While within the cone, the only way to act against one bearing the Dazzler - or anyone broadly in their direction - is to suffer the glare penalties or to take the Blind Fire penalty.
  • The Narcoject PEP (Page 44, Street Lethal) shall be permitted, but it is a matter of official record that the explanation of "It shoots lasers to plasmatize your skin, then explodes that plasma" is marketing bullshit. How does it work? No clue, but not like that.
  • Narcoject Trackstopper (Page 44, Street Lethal)
    • The Narcoject Trackstopper shall be permitted, but with some hefty changes. It will apply the listed agility penalty as RAW to any actions, using full body average for the purposes of incapacitation. Only the highest single penalty from a roll will apply, but that penalty will remain in place until all foam has been cleared from your body.
    • In addition to allowing the foam to dissipate on its own, or using the special solvent, you may also attack the foam, which has 4 condition monitor boxes for each application you have successfully been struck by. Non-melee attacks will be considered penetrative for the purposes of the barrier rules. Even if your limbs are incapacitated by foam applications, you may still attack the foam with unarmed attacks, using an agility score of 1. This is likely to go poorly for you unless you are trained in unarmed, but c'est la vie.
    • Being incapacitated by the foam does not preclude defense tests, though it may well make Agile Defender less desirable.
    • The ammo capacity is 6(m), with a full reload of 6 shots taking up about a third of the backpack mechanism. Despite allusions to it, a single shot may not be split across multiple targets.
    • It can also be used to barricade doors or entries. A single application of foam can block off about one square meter, vertically, of hallway. If used against a swinging door, it will prevent that door from swinging into the foam, though bashing attacks against the door will strike the foam (and it's soak values) before carrying through into the door... assuming you're clever enough to turn the doorknob when you bash into it.
  • Nemesis Arms Praetorian (Page 134, Cutting Aces)
    • Accuracy code should read 4(5), not 4(6).
  • The Onotari HL-13 (Page 38, Street Lethal) shall use Automatics rather than Firearms for its configuration roll.
  • Osmium Mace (Page 185, The Complete Trog)
    • Requires two hands to wield.
    • In the event an osmium mace is made a weapon focus, your Charisma shall determine its variable stats in astral space.
  • The Remote Cyberhand (Page 130, Rigger 5.0) shall use the following stats when operating as a drone: Handling 5, Speed 1(G), Acceleration 1, Body 1, Armor 1, Pilot 2, Sensor 1.
  • The Renraku Red Samurai Katana (Page 132, Street Lethal) shall be permitted, however, PC possession shall incur the Wanted negative quality automatically, with a bounty of 50,000 nuyen. This may be bought off with 20 karma, 40,000 nuyen, or any combination thereof (2000 nuyen to 1 karma) combined with handing over the intact weapon. Discarding or breaking the weapon will cause you to retain the bounty until your death.
  • The Shaman Tuxedo (Page 143, Cutting Aces) shall be modified thusly
    • The price will be modified to 16000 nuyen.
    • The availability will be modified to 16
    • The Shaman Tuxedo must be something that makes your status as a mage extremely obvious, including your tradition.
    • You must continue to wear the Shaman Tuxedo for as long as you have the summoned spirit. Removing any part of the Shaman Tuxedo while you have a currently summoned spirit summoned with the Shaman Tuxedo will cause them to instantly lose all remaining services.
    • The Shaman Tuxedo only works for spirits appropriate for your tradition. Any spirits outside of your normal tradition are not an option, even if you have a quality like Chain Breaker which makes them an option for summoning. (e.g. A Hermetic mage may not have a Shaman Tuxedo to provide its bonus for Task Spirits)
  • Subliminal Subacoustics (Page 146, Cutting Aces)
    • Emotions that fit are GM discretion, and their decision is final.
  • Tailored Perfume/Cologne (Page 143, Cutting Aces)
    • The use of these are permitted, but only one application can be used effectively. If an additional, unique Tailored Perfumes/Colognes are applied while another is still active, all effects from all Tailored Perfumes/Colognes are negated. Additional applications of the same perfume or cologne do not have any effect.
  • The Ultimax Rain Forest Carbine (Page 32, Gun H(e)aven 3) shall use the missions FAQ errata linked here.
  • The Urban Explorer Daedalus (Page 47, Street Lethal) cannot be worn with any other base armor. The parachute immediately fails if encumbered by any armor accessories.
  • Vault of Ages (Page 193, Forbidden Arcana)
    • A Vault of Ages can hold (Rating x 2) preparations, each of which can have a maximum force of (Rating x 2)
    • Vaults of Ages have a maximum rating of 5
    • A Vault of Ages a size dependant on rating, as defined by the following table:
Rating General Size
1 Belt Pouch
2 Satchel
3 Backpack
4 Duffel Bag
5 Minifridge/Safe (Vehicle Portable)
  • The Wuxing-Armstech PTL-02 (Page 133, Street Lethal) shall be permitted, but note that it only functions underwater.
  • Looper Rounds (KC 49) shall be permitted, but rather than using the text written, refer to the following: Looper Rounds are available for 200 nuyen for every 10 rounds, and have an availability of 12R. When they strike a valid device - a sensor, a visual device, or an audio device - they loop the last five seconds over again for the next minute. They are programmed to account for things such as clocks, but crowds or complex changes of scene will reveal the deception. Physical examination of the device will note the round attached, and direct matrix examination with Matrix Perception will note the effects after they have run their course. In order to affect worn gear, a called shot at -6 is necessary. They have a maximum accuracy of 2, require 1 net hit to attach, deal no damage of any kind, and may not be used against any device paid for with essence.
  • ArrowLink (KC 52) shall be permitted. The existing types, cost and availability, and rules for attaching and removing the arrow or cord shall remain in place. However, instead of ignoring noise, the ArrowLink provides a direct connection through touchlink technology to the target struck. Targeting a device the size of a normal security camera requires a called shot at -4, while targeting anything meaningfully larger is resolved as a normal attack. Objects carried by a person or drone are permitted to use the defense test of the person or drone carrying them. They are available for Bows, Trollbows, Pistol Crossbows, and Light/Medium/Heavy Crossbows. In order to benefit from the direct connection, one must plug a device into the cord at the firer's end, and they can not provide any connection to a targeted device paid for by essence (Devices on the firer's end may be paid for with essence, if desired.)
  • Faceless (KC 57) shall be permitted. Double the cost and availability of the base item (thus, it is Rating*4F and Rating*1000 nuyen.) The modifications for Generic and Specific faces remain as written. It exists from rating 1 to 6. It applies the normal effects against any and all devices of a rating less than or equal to its own with no roll necessary, but does not function against devices paid for with Essence. Generic Face versions may function as plain Faceless, and Specific Face versions may function as Generic Face or Faceless. The Specific Face version may be changed with 10 minutes work by anyone with ranks in Computer or Software. As an additional note, these are subject to the Upgrade Rules for rating, as well as Base->Generic Face->Specific Face. This also means they can be purchased even when their availability is above 20, though the necessary rolls to do so must still be made.
  • Booster Clouds (KC 57) shall be permitted. Rather than a spray can, they shall be an inhaler. They affect only one person for 3 combat turns. They are not affected by wind and must be triggered physically by the person benefiting from them. They do not stack with themselves - only the greatest bonus to a single action applies. Disregard the "Custom Case" entry.
  • Booster Chips (KC 59) shall be permitted. "Armor Defeating" will apply to Attack, "Slick WIlly" to Sleaze, "Data Dynamo" to Data Processing, and "Fortified" to Firewall. They have no impact on one's mental attributes. The damage is resisted with Body alone and is treated as Fading for the purposes of healing.
  • Security Decks (KC 61) shall be permitted as-is. Note that the Encryption program is not factored into the attribute array.
  • The Shadow Warrior (KC 62-63) shall be permitted as-is. Note that a bonus to the limit on sleaze tests does not alter the actual Sleaze attribute.
  • The EVO Sublime (KC 62-63) shall be permitted. Disregard the requirement that it be implanted.
  • The Destiny Blade (KC 63) shall be permitted as-is. Note that +1 limit for tests using Cybercombat is not the same as +1 to Attack when using Cybercombat, and should not be treated as such.
  • The Kitbashed Sleeper (KC 63) shall be permitted as-is. As usual for a technomancer using a device, they do not benefit from their Living Persona's attributes, though they can still use Resonance actions per its rules. The number of irreparable matrix boxes must be tracked on your character's wiki page after each run. The deck is still irreparably broken and unusable after it's natural condition monitor is filled by irreparable fading damage, so this is not a deck that is recommended without an acknowledgement of it's ultimately consumable nature.
  • Cry Wolf (KC 65) shall be permitted. It shall cost the same as a normal Hacking Program and have the same availability, except that it is Forbidden. When someone running Cry Wolf would normally be struck by Convergence, they instead are alerted, and Convergence will strike again in 1d6 combat turns. This second Convergence may not be averted with Cry Wolf. After Convergence is delayed, the Cry Wolf program is deleted irrevocably. Technomancers may take Cry Wolf as a Resonance Program echo. In their case, Cry Wolf is not deleted, but they are unable to benefit from it's effects for 24 hours after it triggers.
  • DataJack Plus (KC 65) shall be permitted. It only functions when connected to a deck or RCC, it does not include any free programs, and it cannot run an Agent or Virtual Machine. Functionally, it increases the program slots of the deck by it's rating.
  • EARRS (KC 66) shall be permitted, but the -10 penalty shall apply to all non-matrix, non-resonance actions.
  • The MCT Biolink (KC 67) shall be permitted. It provides DNI and a wireless connection as per a datajack, but has no capacity to direct connect to devices. It may be turned on and off as desired with a Complex Action.
  • The Shiawase Cyber-6 RCC (KC 68) shall be permitted. Instead of it's normal special rules, refer to the following: While a Rigger's persona is running through this RCC in VR - whether jumped into a drone or not - any drones slaved to the RCC or jumped into by the Rigger receive +2 initiative and +1 limit to all tasks. However, any dumpshock suffered by the Rigger is increased by 4 damage before resistance.
  • The SpinRad Global Skirmisher RCC (KC 68) shall be permitted. It provides a +2 dice pool modifier and +1 limit to Gunnery and Perception tests performed by drones slaved to it and operating under their own Pilots.
  • The Horizon Flow commlink (KC 68) shall be permitted. It provides +2 limit and +1 die on any Matrix Search tests performed using the commlink.
  • The Wuxing Frequency commlink (KC 68) shall be permitted. Note that the rules for identifying technomancers are general rules, usable by anyone, and that the bonuses of the commlink only apply if the sole questions asked related to whether personas are actually technomancers.
  • The Saeder-Krupp Last Chance Link (KC 69) shall be permitted, Disregard irritation if worn by a PC.
  • The Mobile CNC tac-app (KC 72) shall be permitted for use. Rather than what is written, it provides 6 bonus dice, allocated as desired amongst people connected to the PI-Tac's network, for Navigation tests and Combat Maneuvers. It also provides 2 Noise Reduction.
  • The Shield Wall tac-app (KC 72) shall be permitted. Rather than what is written, it shall provide +3 firewall to any linked device for the purposes of defending against any Attack action or any matrix or resonance action that could cause Matrix Damage.
  • The Tactical Program Dongle (KC 72) shall be permitted. It provides an additional slot for a tac-app, and makes changing tac-apps a free action. It costs 200 nuyen. A PI-Tac may only have one dongle attached. I have no idea why this exists.
  • The stat block for Gyrojet ammunition in the official errata for Run & Gun shall be ignored. The FN-AAL Gyrojet Pistol shall be allowed to use any type of ammunition, but it shall not be shareable between other classes of firearms (i.e., Gyrojet ammunition will not work in a Heavy Pistol, and vice versa). There are no changes to the stats or mechanics of the weapon itself.
  • PPP Vitals cannot be used with “heavy armor”, defined as base armors having Armor Rating 13 or more (like what’s described by the Hang Time adept power on page 171 of Street Grimoire). It will stack with any base armor of Rating 12 or lower, and explicitly does not stack with Armor Vest or Armor Jacket.
  • PPP Arms/Legs/Vitals shall stack with Forearm Guards.
  • Personal Drone Rack is permitted. You may mount 2 personal drone racks per CCOB. Mounted drones have no movement and do not have initiative and do not gain initiative until the pass after they're deployed from the rack. These do not take up capacity in the CCOB unit.

Burner SINs

Players may buy burner sins and associated licenses at the same availability, but with 20% of the cost. These SINs expire after 1 week and may not leave the session they were bought in. They may have rating 1 through 6.

Item Name Availability Nuyen
Burner Fake SIN (Rating 1-6) (Rating*3)F Rating*500 nuyen
Burner Fake License (Rating 1-6) (Rating*3)F Rating*40 nuyen

Krime Katalogue

  • The KRIME Vester (KK,3) is Classified as a holdout pistol
  • The KRIME Heater (KK, 4) is Classified as a Light Pistol
  • The KRIME Varmint Stocked pistol (KK, 5) is a Heavy pistol. It has - RC without the stock and 1 RC with the stock.
  • The KRIME Chatter (KK, 6) is classified as a Machine Pistol.
  • The KRIME Tradition (KK, 7) is classified as an SMG.
  • Krime Saint Nicholas Carbine (KK,8) is Classified as a Carbine, the concealment of the weapon is changed to -2 if a character is wearing any armor or cloak with a concealment modifier.
  • The AKM-97 (KK, 9), when used as a Carbine has its RC is changed to 0(1). When used as an Assault rifle, it has a RC of 1.
  • The Krime Ditch Combination Gun's (KK, 10) rifle component is a sporting rifle.
  • The Krime Stopper-II (KK, 11) is classified as a shotgun.
  • The Krime Junior Carbine (KK, 12) is classified as a Carbine.
  • The Krime Soldier (KK, 13) is classified as a Sniper Rifle.
  • The Krime KAR-97-H (KK, 14) is classified as an LMG
  • The Krime Monster (KK, 15) is classified as an MMG
  • The Krime Confederate (KK, 15) has its availability changed to 20F on ShadowHaven
  • The Krime T-Shirt Cannon (KK, 17) may be fired with Longarms, automatics, or heavy weapons
  • The Krime Escalation (KK, 18) is classified as a rocket launcher, you may matrix perceive with the Krime Escalation
  • The Krime Penetrators Buckshot Shells (KK, 24) uses flechette rules.
  • The Krime Runner (KK, 28) may not be equipped with a grenade.
  • The Krime Barco De Pesca (KK, 38) has a speed attribute of 4.

Military/Future Weapons

Except where listed below, all Military/Future Weapons are banned in their entirety, with no player use permitted. GMs may make use of them with approval per our GM Rules, but players may not obtain/retain such items or use them outside the scope of the single run.

  • The Aztechnology-Dassault Blood Hawk Mk 1 (Page 53, Street Lethal) shall be GM use only. In the event of a hijacking by a player, it will bring a great deal of heat, culminating in precision orbital fire moments after cessation of movement. You can steal it if you're tricky enough, but you can't keep it.
  • The Vulcan Systems "Hotdrop" Rapid-Egress Jetpack System (Page 55, Street Lethal) shall be permitted, but instead of using the existing statblock, or vehicle rules at all, use the rules below.
    • While wearing the Vulcan Systems "Hotdrop" Rapid-Egress Jetpack System, you may spend a complex action to move up to 50 meters in any direction, as long as you are attempting to both launch from and land on solid ground. Make a Freefall + Body [Physical] (3) test, and scatter from your intended target (3-hits)d6 meters. Direction is determined as usual. This action does not use up any of your own movement speed.
    • Additionally, it may be used as a free action to arrest a fall of greater than 25m, negating all falling damage. You must be aware of your impending impact.
    • In either case, you may only spend a single action to fire the Vulcan Systems "Hotdrop" Rapid-Egress Jetpack System per combat turn, and may not "combine" actions. You may move, or arrest your fall, not both.
    • Using it as a complex action takes on point of fuel, while using it as a free action takes two point. It has twenty points of fuel. Refueling it takes one uninterrupted minute to swap out the propane-tank sized fuel tank, but doesn't require you to remove the Vulcan Systems "Hotdrop" Rapid-Egress Jetpack System.
    • It cannot be used while encumbered, has no wireless functionality, and is extremely loud and bright in use. Subtlety is not an option.
    • On a glitch to activate the jetpack, the jetpack will fire, but the harness will fail, causing your jetpack to go flying without you. Hope you didn't need that.
    • On a critical glitch to activate the jetpack, the GM should roll scatter (or choose a direction.) You move 50 meters in that direction at a great rate of knots. If you strike something that would stop you, take physical damage equal to the distance remaining to be traveled at AP-4. If you do not strike anything, you end up prone, but unhurt.
    • The Vulcan Systems "Hotdrop" Rapid-Egress Jetpack System shall cost 50,000 nuyen, and have an availability of 18F. Refuels shall cost 250 nuyen, and have an availability of 16F.
  • Maker Mags (Page 75, Street Lethal) shall be permitted, but cannot be used to make Depleted Uranium rounds, to reduce Thematics team migraines. The extended magazine is treated as the +2 concealability version from Hard Targets. Maker grenades shall not be permitted. It is worth noting that you may, as usual, purchase multiple of an item with a single availability roll, increasing the delivery time based on the total cost of the purchase.

Metahuman Adjustment on Vehicles

  • The Haven will assume that PC vehicles are built for the PC's metatype upon purchase. This overrides any RAW statements about the default configuration of a vehicle.
    • In those rare cases where another PC has to take the wheel of someone else's car and make a driving test, if the second PC is a different metatype, they will take penalties deemed appropriate by the GM. They will also take these penalties when driving a car awarded in play which is unmodified by the reward giver. (For example, if a Troll gang gives a dwarf a motorcycle without modifying, that player takes the penalties)

Cyberlimb Armor Limitations

  • Cyberlimbs shall limit armor to 1 for hands and feet, 2 for partial limbs and partial skulls, and 3 for full limbs and full skulls.
  • In the case of modular cyberlimbs, only the section with the highest armor applies.

Better Than Bad's New Uses for Karma and Street Cred

The 'New Uses for Karma and Street Cred' on page 164 of Better than Bad are in effect, except where noted below.

  • The rules for purchasing additional loyalty and connection with contacts on page 164 are not in effect, superseded by our own Contact Rules.
  • The uses for Reputation Score are not in effect, as Reputation Score is not a game concept that exists. If the writer's intent was 'Faction Rep', as Mechanics Team suspects, this is also superseded by our own rules.

Addiction Rules

  • Each time you take an addictive substance, you will immediately make an addiction test.
    • For psychologically addicting drugs, the test will be Logic+Willpower+(11 - Drug's Effective Addiction Rating)+(other modifiers.)
    • For physiologically addicting drugs, the test will be Body+Willpower+(11 - Drug's Effective Addiction Rating)+(other modifiers.)
    • For drugs that are "Both", the test will be the worse of your two dicepools for the above.
  • If you fail the test, you immediately suffer the effects of a failed addiction test. As it is not an action, you may not Smackdown the test.

BTL and Drug Stacking

  • BTLs do not stack with drugs. They cause drug interactions like drugs, and overdose like drugs.
  • Drugs with the same name overlap (you cannot take Kamikaze twice to get twice the benefits). Drugs with different names stack (you can take Zen and Red Mescaline to get +2 WIL before factoring in Narco). In either case overdose applies.

Critter Rules

  • Training Time's on Critters are removed
  • Critters also have their own edge pool they may spend from via rules from SR5 pg.56

Critter Tricks

  • All animals are able to learn LOGx2 tricks, with domesticated animals able to learn LOGx3.
  • Animals are considered to know 2 tricks at character generation.


  • Techno-critters, being almost impossible to train, shall remain in use as NPCs only. While it's possible, but extremely difficult, to train a technocritter to the same degree as a normal animal, it is virtually impossible to train them to use any of their Resonance or Matrix abilities in any fashion, a fact GMs are encouraged to keep in mind when using these.

Animal Availability

Melee attacks and Immunity to Normal Weapons

  • Immunity to normal weapons no longer counts as hardened armor, merely regular armor, against melee weapons or unarmed attacks

Movement Power

  • For living targets, The Movement Power shall add Force to or subtract Force from the Agility attributes for the sole purposes of determining movement rate, rather than serving as a multiplier or divisor. The minimum Agility score shall be 0, but even with a score of 0 for determining movement rate, a character shall be able to move at a walking rate of 1 meter and a running rate of 2 meters.
  • The Movement Power does not function on vehicles.
  • Additionally, the clause about "only functioning in terrain the creature controls" shall be stricken, allowing it to function without having to juggle interpretations of what your spirit controls.

Altered Matrix Actions

  • Reckless Hacking (KC 37) shall function as written, except that glitches and critical glitches function at the discretion of the GM (as usual), and any action which is performed while Recklessly Hacking builds Overwatch Score and is considered illegal, even if it normally would not. Reckless Hacking may only performed for opposed actions. A Reckless Data Processing or Firewall action, whether successful or not, alerts the owner of the device akin to a failed Attack action, though it does not grant a mark, cause any damage, or give away your location. It may never substitute for ownership, or for a number of marks greater than 3.
  • Calibration (KC 37) shall function as written, except that it will be a complex action. For clarity's sake, "One per persona" means that you require a mark on the persona of each person you are attempting to perform the action on, you may perform it on a number of personas up to your data processing score, and their initiative - meat or matrix - will increase by 1 point for every 2 full hits you receive on your test. The bonus initiative goes away at the end of the combat turn. Calibration and Leadership function similarly. A character can only benefit from a single source providing Calibration or Leadership tests in a given combat turn, and a character providing Calibration or Leadership tests may not benefit from any Calibration or Leadership tests.
  • Denial of Service (KC 37) shall function as follows: With a simple action, make a Cybercombat + Logic [Attack] vs. Willpower + Firewall opposed test, targetting a device you have at least one mark on. The net hits on this test are applied as a dice pool malus to any actions performed using that device until the start of the next combat turn. If performed multiple times on the same device, only the greatest penalty applies. This action is not subject to the normal rules about making multiple attacks - if you wish, you can spend two simple actions in the same Action Phase to perform it twice with your full dice pool, or spend a simple action to perform Denial of Service and another Simple Action to perform a different attack.
  • I Am The Firewall (KC 38) shall function as follows: As a complex action on your turn, perform a Computer + Intuition [Data Processing] test. The hits on this test are bonus dice on defense tests performed by all teammates from whom you are receiving an AR feed. The bonus dice last until the end of the next initiative pass, and apply to any physical defense tests. You may receive an AR feed from a number of teammates not exceeding your Data Processing attribute. You must share a feed with your decker. Under assumed competence, we will assume you are almost always sharing unless you state otherwise, as long as you have a device capable of giving an image feed. If you are not sharing a feed, to do so, use the Send Message action to send a decker your feed, which they can accept with no action. This requires some form of primary sensory input on their person, typically a camera (or cybereyes.) You must have a primary sense link to receive the benefits. This can be accomplished with either image link, sound link or a sim module connected with a DNI. You may also perform this action as an interrupt action, costing 5 initiative, and affecting only one teammate from whom you are receiving a feed for the same duration. Since this requires a conception of how the real world works, this action may not be undertaken by agents or sprites.
  • Popup (KC 39) shall function as written, except that the penalty shall apply until the end of the combat turn, and it may target any persona with some form of sensory enhancement, including Smartlink or DNI, which is not in VR. One must still be able to see the persona, which typically - but does not always - require wireless to be on.
  • Squelch (KC 39) shall function as written. It prevents all use of the Send Message matrix action. It does not prohibit any other matrix action.
  • Subvert Infrastructure (KC 39) shall function as written. The target of the matrix action is the host you have the mark on and to which the devices being controlled are slaved. Simple Devices are to be most non-drone, non-vehicle devices with a DR of 1, with GM discretion making the final call on any given device. A device controlled by Subvert Infrastructure will make a single action (free, simple, or complex) that it is capable of and that is not an attack per combat turn, as ordered by the person performing the action.
  • Watchdog (KC 40) shall function as written. The mark placed by this does flow up to the master of the device, however, the special option and effects of the Watchdog action against the target marked do not.

Altered Martial Arts

  • Grasping Vines shall be accessible by the Cowboy Way and Whip Fighting in addition to the techniques already listed within these styles respectively.
  • Mana Strike (Page 102, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Mundanes/Magicians cannot use One Trick Pony to Mana Strike.
  • Mana Choke (Page 102, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Mundanes/Magicians cannot use One Trick Pony to Mana Choke.
    • Requires you to have subdued your opponent.
    • Damage is resisted as drain. Body + Willpower for Adepts and Mundanes, Willpower + Drain Attribute for Magicians and Mystic Adepts. This damage cannot be healed by anything other than rest.

Other Altered Mechanics

Dive Attack (Page 190, Howling Shadows)

    • When taking the Dive Attack action you also take damage equal to the number of meters fallen, as appropriate. This rule will apply to GMs as well.


    • The Observant quality (Page 127, Street Lethal) shall be assumed to be possessed by all characters, free of charge, changing observe in detail from a simple action to a free action. There is no need to notate this on your sheet. That's not a joke, we're serious. The game works better that way.

Direct Attacks With Launchers

    • Direct attacks with launchers shall be permitted. In such cases, the defense test is resolved normally, and the immediate target may not Run For Your Life. Nearby targets may Run For Your Life. Net hits do not add to the damage roll. Misses, scatter, and glitches will follow the rules on (SR5 182).

Alchemical Preparations

    • Command preparations may have their variables chosen at activation. All other preparations must have their variables chosen during the creation of the prep.
    • Capsule rounds fired from a gun may not be used as alchemical preparations.

Exponential diminishing returns for Multiple Simultaneous Explosions

  • The damage and AP from multiple simultaneous explosions is computed as per RAW except that the DV of explosions beyond the second are halved again for each additional explosion. So the first explosion causes full damage, the the next causes half, the following half again, etc., until you reach zero (note: round down). Each explosion improves the best AP by 1 for every additional explosion.

Rigger Attributes

One may utilize any of their choice of Intuition or Reaction for non-knowledge tests relating to vehicles and drones that call for either, and their choice of Logic or Agility for non-knowledge tests relating to vehicles and drones that call for either, when one is in VR. This includes surprise and initiative. In the case of Agility, the Rigger's full-body Agility will be used.

Drone and Vehicle Modification

Unless otherwise noted, drones can only take drone mods and vehicles can only take vehicle mods (per R5). This does not supercede any mounts or other options drones may have by default, but does limit what you can add as a modification.

Riggers And Anthro Drones

Weapons held by rigged anthro drones may benefit from Hot-Sim and Control Rig bonuses.

Repairing Vehicle Damage and Vehicle Destruction

Repairing vehicles and drones will cost an amount based on the base price of the vehicle (before modifications), number of damaged boxes, and number of total boxes. The exact formula per box is as follows:

(5% of the Cost of the Vehicle before modifications) / (Total number of boxes on the vehicle's physical damage track)

This means it will cost 5% to rebuild your drone/car after filling all boxes and totaling your vehicle. Your vehicle may be rebuilt if you can recover it. In some cases, a gm can rule a vehicle unrecoverable (lava, explosives, sinking to the bottom of the sea) in which can you can burn edge to recover your unrecoverable vehicle.

Resisting Mind Magic

Any PCs, as well as any non-Grunt NPCs the GM deems fit, shall be excepted from the normal penalty to resist ongoing Mental Manipulation spells. NPCs with a Professional Rating are always subject to the aforementioned penalties.

Health and Edge Between Runs

Your PC will fully recover health and edge between runs unless the GM tells you the run occurs in the same pocket universe as the previous run.


After a run, you may convert karma into Nuyen (Working For the Man), or vice versa (Working For the People) at a ratio of 2000nY to 1 karma. This can be done up to 5 times per run. For example, your initial rewards for a run are 7 Karma and 10,000nY. You Work For the Man, converting 5 karma into 10,000nY, making your final rewards 2 Karma and 20,000nY.

In any case, you must document this in the paperwork channel in discord. If you have a quality that taxes income, apply to tax to the initial amount you earn.

Burning out as a Mage

Any character whose current Magic Score reaches 0 is treated as burnt out. They permanently lose access to all magical abilities, the ability to raise their magic score, and any other features deriving from Magic. This brings Magic in line with Resonance. Any characters whose Magic score was 0 prior to Jan 31, 2018 are grandfathered, and may still raise their Magic score, assuming their maximum magic is above 0.

Optional Rules In Effect

  • Mentor's Mask (Forbidden Arcana, Page 182). See clarification in the Altered Mechanics section.
  • We use the optional Drone Modification rules (Rigger 5.0, 122)

Numinous Perception

  • Numinous perception is not a discrete sense - it is like unaugmented human smell. If you can detect the source of a successful numinous perception check (such as that wizard over there casting the spell) with another sense (such as sight), you may pinpoint the sensation to that wizard, knowing that he cast a spell. If you cannot detect the source of a numinous perception check with another sense, you merely get a sense of unease, that magic is afoot, but you cannot, for example, tell that there is an invisible man about to pull down your pants, or that there's a sorceress casting acid spells at the wall three stories up. Only that magic is afoot.

Initiative Stacking

The following is a description of initiative stacking lockouts. In any case where something states that it does not stack, it will not stack even if other sources state they do. In essence, if any source states it does not stack with something else affecting you, you do not get the benefit of the non-stacking source.


Edge to Seize the Initiative or Blitz will function with any other use of edge, even if that source states that it does not stack. It always works. Blitz, of course, does not permit you to roll more than 5d6 initiative dice. These also work in the Astral and Matrix.


The Seize effect from Adrenaline Surge will only function on the meat (and consequently AR matrix initiative.)

The initiative from Pain is Gain applies only to matrix initiative.

The initiative from Lightning Reflexes will not stack with any drugs, adept powers, spells, cyberware, bioware, or generware. The defense die stacks normally. Lightning Reflexes will, uniquely, work in the Astral, but not Matrix VR.

The initiative from Poor Self Control (Thrill-Seeker) will stack with all other sources.


The Increase Reflexes spell shall not stack with drugs, other spells, adept powers, cyberware, bioware, or geneware.

The Vampiric Speed spell shall not stack with drugs, other spells, adept powers, cyberware, bioware, or geneware.

Adept Powers

The Adrenaline Boost power shall stack with drugs, but not with spells, other adept powers, cyberware, bioware, or geneware.

The Improved Reflexes power shall not stack with drugs, spells, other adept powers, cyberware, bioware, or geneware.

Other Magic

The initiative bonus from Channeling shall not stack with drugs, spells, adept powers, cyberware, bioware, or generware.


Wired Reflexes will stack with drugs, but not with spells, adept powers, other cyberware, bioware, or geneware.

Move-by-Wire systems will not stack with drugs, spells, adept powers, other cyberware, bioware, or geneware. The sole exception is Accelerator, which will stack with it normally. Note the downsides for Accelerator.


Synaptic Boosters will not stack with drugs, spells, adept powers, cyberware, other bioware, or geneware. The sole exception is Accelerator, which will stack with it normally. Note the downsides for Accelerator.

Boosted Reflexes will stack with drugs. They will not stack with spells, adept powers, cyberware, other bioware, or geneware.


Synaptic Acceleration will stack with drugs. It will not stack with spells, adept powers, cyberware, other bioware, or geneware.

Reaction Optimization, the poor thing, will not stack with drugs, spells, adept powers, cyberware, other bioware, or geneware.

As a reminder, drugs will not stack with themselves. However, you can receive a benefit to the same attribute multiple times, as long as it is from different drugs.

Final Notes

Astral initiative is not affected by any bonuses to initiative, except where explicitly stated.

Matrix VR initiative is not affected by any bonuses to initiative, except for those that reference biofeedback, matrix initiative, hotsim, or coldsim.

Matrix and Rigging AR initiative is treated as meat initiative. It does not benefit from things that specify matrix initiative, hotsim, or coldsim.

Additional base dice, like those possessed by all shapeshifters and certain HMHVV Infected, are just that - base dice. They functionally stack with everything.

Called Shot Engine Block

  • Called Shot Engine Block shall remain unbanned for the reason that it has no effect on most 6th World Vehicles.

Custom Mechanics


Buff to Adepts with No Augmentations

Physical adepts who maintain a non-variable 6 essence, and possess no augmentations with an essence cost, have their starting power points total increased to magic*1.5, rounded up. This includes mentors mask and exceptional attribute. For clarity’s sake this disallows infected and prototype transhumans.

Houserule to the Vehicle Crashes

Crashing into a stationary object such as a wall or tree: The vehicle suffers damage equal to the armor and structure rating of the barrier added together, while the barrier suffers damage as if it were rammed, taking only half damage due to the uncoordinated nature. Passengers must soak the soak hits of the barrier, AP -6.

Rollover: A catchall term for a vehicle flipping, the vehicle suffers Speed*5 physical and is unusable if the GM rules it ends up on its roof or side until this can be righted. Players suffer speed*3 stun, and speed*3 physical at speed 5 and higher, capping at 15.

Spinout: All passengers receive 8 stun damage resisted with body+willpower, if the remaining damage is greater than their willpower, they are nauseated for 10-body minutes.

Bike Crash: A PC is allowed a speed+2 threshold gymnastics test to jump or roll-off, suffering Speed*2 stun, otherwise they suffer Speed*3 physical, AP-6. The test cannot be made if surprised. The bike itself suffers damage as another crash option.

In all cases, the vehicle’s speed is set to 0, and all vehicle mods that provide protection in some way still count in all cases.

Gear Aquisition

  • You can't purchase items with availability above 19, unless it is upgradable (ie, has a rating). The exception to this is:
    • You can't purchase Foci over Availability 19, even though they are otherwise upgradable and have a rating.
  • Items beyond availability 19 may be obtained as run rewards with Thematics approval.
  • The awakened or emerged may only gain a chance to purchase deltaware as a run reward for Semi-Prime or Prime runs.
    • For mundane PCs, there are no restrictions on getting deltaware.

Acquiring gear under availability 12

Gear at or under Availability 12 can be purchased without rolling or paying a finder's fee.


You can upgrade (paying only the difference in cost) anything that has a rating, as well as cyberdecks and rigger control consoles and any cyberware or bioware. You must still make the availability roll for the upgrade.

When upgrading a SIN using our upgrade rules, one may also upgrade the licenses attached to that SIN without making an availability test for each license. Only one test, for the base SIN, is required.

Items with capacity may have new things put into the capacity without needing to rebuy the item. If this changes the availability of the item and/or it has its own availability, roll against the highest new availability. Notably this will extend to cyberlimbs and armor.

Refined Radical Reagents and Foci Made by Contacts

Refined radical reagents of various sources may be used to reduce the price of foci they are made into when using a contact.

Subcontracting Other PC Shadowrunners

Shadowhaven officially encourages players to work with their game masters to subcontract other runners. Creativity and game master approval is the limit to subcontracts. They can range from just hiring a decker to drekpost to hiring a full team to do a sub-mission. You hire a rigger to escape from a scene of a crime or a street sam for extreme exterior remodeling.

Misc. Lifestyle Rules

  • Your lifestyle costs are due in full every 4 runs, rather than being tied to the passage of time.
    • Optionally, you may choose to pay 25% of the full costs each run if you prefer.
      • Of note is that Chummer may not calculate this correctly with modifications to the lifestyle cost, such as a DocWagon subscription, as by default setting it up to only pay 25% your lifestyle cost will only discount your base lifestyle.
  • Runners may share residences but when it comes to lifestyle costs every runner must pay the full 100% of their lifestyle costs. Lifestyles are not simply just an apartment but they factor many other things into it as well from food, entertainment, and other essentials. So while we allow people to room with other runners you will receive no discount.

Traveler Lifestyle (Page 218, Run Faster)

When you pay rent or at character generation, roll on the traveler lifestyle table below to see what options your Traveler lifestyle gets. If you have an idea for this table, feel free to send it to Leadership.

SINner, Trust Fund Interactions
- Ork/Human/Elf Dwarf Troll
Street 0 0 0
Squatter 500 600 1000
Low 2000 2400 4000
Medium 5000 6000 10000
High 10000 12000 20000
Luxury 100000 120000 200000

Trust Fund should only cover up to that amount on the table above for each lifestyle/metatype. Second, SINner taxes should not be covered by Trust Fund.

Downtime Registering And Binding

  • Characters at the start of a run 'during downtime' may attempt to Summon and then Bind one Spirit of Force up to their Magic, rolling as normal.
  • Characters at the start of a run 'during downtime' may attempt to Compile and then Register one Sprite of Level up to their Resonance, rolling as normal.
  • In either case, Drain or Fading accrued is considered to be healed at the time the run starts.
  • Binding or Registering during a run is conducted as normal.

Downtime Alchemy

  • During downtime players may fill a single Vault of Ages with preparations of up to the maximum force that vault is capable of holding.
  • Any further vaults filled may be filled with preps of (Magic) force or lower.
  • For the purposes of determining potency, remove the force of the prep from your dice pool and then divide the remaining dice by 4, rounded down, with a minimum of 1.
  • Drain accrued is considered to be healed at the time the run starts.
  • Enchanting during a run is conducted as normal.

Mundane Ascension

Mundane characters may undertake a story building ordeal much like awakened/emerged characters do. Ascensions have an eight week cooldown.

Make up to 5 selections (including multiple copies of the same). Each selection replaces 1 RVP normally gained from the run. Purchasing high availability items falls under the purview of Thematics.

  • 5 karma towards a skill or martial art
  • 20k nuyen towards non-ware. You may bank this across multiple ascensions.
  • 6 karma towards qualities at post-gen price
  • 4 karma towards Edge
  • 10k nuyen towards 'ware. You may bank this across multiple ascensions.
  • +20 Faction Rep

Mana Aspect Mechanic

Note that this mechanic is in playtesting. GMs may optionally use it on their table if they post a notice to that effect on the run post.

Mana Aspect Mechanic: An area may have mana aspected towards an emotion or tradition. Actions in opposition to the aspect receive a penalty equal to the Rating of the MA, actions unrelated to it are unaffected, and actions in concert with it receive a bonus. Those without a magic rating suffer only half the penalty, and only if the total is above 5. They may always receive a benefit. Generally, this should be half of the equivalent background count. For areas void of mana, consider them aspected to "Not Doing Magic". Anything other than doing magic is considered unrelated to the aspect. Sustained spells of a force equal to or less than the rating of the Mana Aspect divided by 2 (rounded down) fizzle out.

Rules Clarifications


  • PPP Arms (R&G, 70) and Forearm Guards (R&G 73) shall stack


  • Multiple belt-fed ammunition bays (R5 124) may be installed into a single drone, each following the normal rules.
  • Drone Racks
    • A large drone rack can hold one of these:
      • 1 Large
      • 1 Medium
      • 2 Small
      • 4 Mini
    • A medium drone rack can hold one of these:
      • 1 Medium
      • 1 Small
      • 3 Mini
    • Micro Drone racks can still hold 10 Micro drones, though the design is different enough that they aren’t compatible with holding other types of drones (or having micro drones fit into bigger racks).


  • Forcing another character to take chemicals with no penetration or power during combat is not allowed on the Haven (including by GMs).
  • It is the stance of ShadowHaven that, mechanically, drugs are not toxins and are not subject to immunity to toxins.



Centaur body is just the 4 legs for capacity.

Weapon Modificaiton Clarifications

In order to benefit from a Stock slot modification, a weapon must be wielded in two hands. This can be done even with one handed weapons, such as SMGs,

Motorized Folding stock listed price is the same for the standard Simple Action stock. Activating the motor wirelessly is a free action.

  • Melee and Thrown - Melee and thrown weapons (except for grenades) may not take any modifications except for a grip modification, "Custom Look", "Overclocked", "Sling", "Tracker", "Weapon Commlink", " Plasteel/Ceramic Components", and "Weapon Personality." They can make use of holsters, if the weapon is appropriately sized. Grenades may not take any modifications whatsoever.
  • Tasers - Tasers have access to the Top, Side, and Internal slots by default. They are one handed.
  • Holdouts - Holdouts cannot take any modifications that require slots. They are one handed.
  • Pistols - Light, Heavy, and Machine Pistols have access to Top, Barrel, Side and Internal slots by default. They are one handed.
    • Revolvers - In addition to the above, they may take ammo skip.
  • Submachine Guns - SMGs have access to the Top, Side, Barrel, Stock, and Internal slots by default. They are one handed.
  • Carbines, ARs, Sporting Rifles, Snipers, Shotguns, MGs- Carbines, Assault Rifles, Sporting Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and all categories of Machine Guns have access to all slots by default. They are two handed.
  • ACs and Launchers - Assault Cannons, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and Missile Launchers have access to the Top, Side, Underbarrel, Stock, and Internal slots by default. They are two handed.
  • Flamethrowers, including Flame Bracers, cannot take any modifications that require slots. They are two handed.
  • Crossbows - Light, Medium, and Heavy crossbows have access to the Top, Side, Stock, and Internal slots. They cannot take Electronic Firing. They are two handed.
    • The Ranger Sliver Pistol Crossbow has access to the Top, Side, and Internal slots. It cannot take Electronic Firing. The Ranger Sliver Pistol Crossbow is one handed, and has a concealability modifier of +0.
  • Bows - Bows, including the Krime Trollbow and the Dynamic Tension Bow, are obligate two handed weapons. They cannot be fired in one hand by taking a penalty. The Krime Trollbow and Dynamic Tension Bow as well as Compound Bows can take an Internal Smartgun System and a grip modification, as well as a probably superfluous laser sight. Traditional bows can take a grip modification, a probably superfluous laser sight, and their own special breakdown system detail on Hard Targets P197. Bows have access to top slots as well.
    • The Winchester Airbow has the same slots as detailed in RAW. It is two handed and has a concealability of +6.
    • PEPS - The Narcoject PEP has the same slots as detailed in RAW. It is one handed and has a concealability of +0.
  • Excluded Individual Ranged Weapons - Any weapon in the following list cannot take any modifications except for grips.
    • Any weapon which has a paid essence or capacity cost, typically cyberweapons and bioweapons, are incapable of taking any modifications, grips included, except for those specifically called out in RAW.
    • The Tiffani Elegance Shooting Bracers. They are treated as one handed at concealability +0 for spotting it, though they retain the RAW modifier to discern the true function. They cannot benefit even from grips, but cannot be disarmed by called shots or similar effects.
    • The SA Retiarus Net Gun (Basic and XL.) They are treated as two handed at concealability +6.
    • The Mortimer of London "Trafalgar" Gun Cane and Knockoff Gun Cane. They are treated as one handed.
    • Bolas (Regular and Monofilament). Bolas are one handed and have a concealability of +4. Additionally, bolas cannot take grips.
    • Blowguns. Blowguns are one handed and have a concealability of +2.
    • The Ares Giantslayer Slingshot. Slingshots are obligate two-handed weapons - you cannot take a penalty to wield them in one hand, due to their nature - with a concealability of +0.
    • The Micro Flare Launcher. Micro Flare Launchers are typically one handed weapons with a concealability of -2.
    • The Modified Spray Pen and The Pepper Punch Pen may only take grips.
  • Pistol-sized Individual Ranged Weapons - Any weapon in the following list has access to the Top and Internal slots by default. They are one-handed and count as pistol-sized with a concealability of +0. Unless otherwise indicated, they cannot take Electronic Firing.
    • The Parashield Dart Pistol, The Ares Redline Laser Pistol, The FN-AAL Gyrojet Pistol (In addition to the above, the Gyrojet pistol has access to the Barrel slot and Electronic Firing, but not Suppressors), The Narcoject Gas Gun, The Narcoject Trackstopper, The Narcoject Dazzler (This only applies to the standalone version, not the weapon modification version.)
  • Submachine Gun-sized Individual Ranged Weapons - Any weapon in the following list has access to the Top, Side, Stock, and Internal slots by default. They are one-handed and count as SMG-sized with a concealability of +4. Unless otherwise indicated, they cannot take Electronic Firing.
    • The Ares Lancer MP Laser, Ares Screech Sonic Rifle, Grapple guns (regular and tactical),
  • Carbine/Assault Rifle-sized Individual Ranged Weapons - Any weapon in the following list has access to the Top, Side, Underbarrel, Stock, and Internal slots by default. They are two handed and count as rifle-sized with a concealability of +6 Unless otherwise indicated, they cannot take Electronic Firing.
    • The Ares S-III Super Squirt, The Fichetti Pain Inducer, The Aquadyne Shark-XS Harpoon Gun, The Standard Harpoon Gun, The Ares Armatus (Laser Shotgun)
  • Sniper-sized Individual Ranged Weapons - Any weapon in the following list has access to the Top, Side, Underbarrel, Stock, and Internal slots by default. They are two handed and count as rifle-sized with a concealability of +8. Unless otherwise indicated, they cannot take Electronic Firing.
    • The Parashield Dart Rifle, The Ares Archon Heavy MP Laser, The Ares Thunderstruck Gauss Rifle.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts techniques (including actions) may be taken twice to increase the benefit from 1 to 2 unless stated otherwise.

Infected Mechanics

  • Q: When can I pick my first optional power after chargen?
    • A: After your first run.
  • Banshees and vampires can not take state of purity.


Ally Spirits

  • An Ally Spirit has materialization if you follow a materialization tradition, possession if you follow a possession tradition, and inhabitation if you follow an inhabitation tradition.
  • Ally Spirits with materialization may be given additional materialized forms based on the spirits in your tradition (ex. fire, water, earth, etc.)


  • When channeling a spirit, the magician continues to use their own mental attributes, and special attributes. If they choose to spend a service to give control of their body to the spirit, the spirit in control of their body will use its own mental attributes, and special attributes. In either case the spirit's initiative dice are used.
  • A Power Focus bonded to the magician continues to work while the magician is in control.


  • Q: The Guard critter power explicitly protects against drowning, RAW. Does this mean you can hold your breath forever underwater? Vampires under the effect can't go dormant? Does it apply to cave-ins (should they occur in actual caves or something)?
    • A: It’s about preventing accidents from occurring. Saving someone from drowning could easily be interpreted as, say, making a weight tied to your ankle slip off, or making it so you don’t fall off the boat when a wave hits. It’s not “you get to breathe underwater now.”
  • Q: Do [Element] Aura (SG 115) and Energy Aura (Critter Power, CRB), stack? IE: can one summon a spirit of air, give it energy aura (electric) and then cast [electric] aura on it? What if the two elements/energies are different?
    • A: Energy auras that overlap do not stack. The higher aura takes priority.


Spells have AP based on their force if described in the spell. Fire-based spells do not get AP other than that. [Element] Aura spells do not have AP.

Grey Mana

Affects active uses of magic, but not passive uses of magic, when worn by someone you are targeting. Notably this will mean that Critical Strike, Killing Hands, Improved Ability (Skill), and so on are not affected by Grey Mana on targets, but Adept Accident, Adept Spell, and similar are.


  • Metahuman adaptation is meaningless on the Shadowhaven, please ignore any mentions of it.
  • When using Cleansing, Cleansing applies to the cleansing character and any preparations used in the same BGC prepared by that character. When used by an Enchanter, Disenchanting may substitute for Counterspelling in the Cleansing check.
  • Orks and Trolls are able to use their natural weapon (tusk) with +2 accuracy, and trolls able to use the natural weapons (horns) at +2 accuracy.

Traveler Lifestyle Table

Traveler Lifestyle Table
Die Result Name Location Comforts and Necessities Security Neighborhood Assets, Services, and Outings
1 Crusher 495 Community Outreach Shelter Redmond 2 2 2 Bat Cave (Sociology), Sports Court (Small, Basket Ball)
2 R@-Pack Hacker Den Redmond 2 2 2 Global Grid Subscription (Ares), Global Grid Subscription (NeoNet),Global Grid Subscription (MCT), Local Grid Subscription (Seattle), Bat Cave (Computer Science), Bat Cave (Matrix Design)
3 Redmond Public Pool Supply Shack Redmond 2 2 2 Swimming Pool
4 Redmond Public Pool Supply Shack Redmond 2 2 2 Swimming Pool
5 YMAC, Puyallup Puyallup 2 2 2 Swimming Pool, Gym, Sports Court (Small, Handball)
6 Underworld 93 Store Room Puyallup 2 2 2 Patron of the Arts(Underworld 93)
7 The Fish & Chips Hole, Shadowrunner Hangout Puyallup 2 2 2 Zen Den(Shadow Community, AROs of runners on the walls), Armory, Shooting Range, Local Bar Patron, Walk-In Freezer
8 The Fun Zone Arcade Redmond 2 2 2 Zen Den(Arcades)
9 Ghoul gang (Lunatic Horrors of Afterlife) Sewer hidout Redmond 2 2 2 Indoor Arboretum, Subsistence Hutning/Gathering Rating 2, Escape Tunnel Rating 1
10 Nuno Implants United Cleanrooms Tacoma 3 2 2 Cleaning Service, Cleaning Serivce (Mage Sensitive), Cleaning Service (Pollution Sensitive)
11 Alan's Refurbished Flooring, Shadowrunner Hangout Aurburn 3 2 2 Discreet Cleaning Service,Discreet Deliveryman
12 Recently abandoned factory Tacoma 3 2 2 Yard
13 Radioshack Renton 3 2 2 Merchandise: Goods (Radio Shack PCD-500)
14 Smuggling Tunnel Puyallup 3 2 2 Private Room, Merchandise: Used Goods (Aztech Striker), Escape Tunnel Rating 4
15 Islander Motel Outremer 4 2 2 Garage (Boat), Local Grid Subscription (Seattle), Merchandise: Goods (Mitsubushi Waveskipper), Merchandise: Goods (Kawasaki Manta Ray)
16 U-stor-it Climate Controlled Storage Snohomish 4 2 2 Garage (Small Car)
17 Quick Rest Coffin Motel Ork Underground 4 2 2 Indoor Arboretum, Local Grid Subscription (Seattle), Global Grid Subscription (Evo), Escape Tunnel (Rating 1)
18 Sailor's Heart Motel Everett 4 2 2 Zen Den (Maritime culture), Global Grid Subscription (Wuxing)
19 Evergreen Ranch Snohomish 2 3 2 Zen Den (Animal Husbandry)
20 Into The Shadows, Theme Restaurant and Motel Downtown 2 2 4 Bat Cave (Secuirty Design), Shooting Range
21 Phase Shift Cybercafe and Motel Downtown 2 3 2 Bat Cave (Matrix Law),Patron of the Arts(E-Gaming @ Phase Shift), Global Grid Subscription (Aztechnology), Global Grid Subscription (Ares),Global Grid Subscription (Horizon), Global Grid Subscription (Sader-Krupp),
22 Island House Outremer 4 3 2
23 Ballyhoo Family Campground Renton 2 4 3
24 Hotel Firangipani Bellevue 2 4 2
25 North Star Lodge Auburn 3 4 2
26 Swiss Holiday Resort Outremer 4 4 2
27 Harpers Ferry Guest House Everett 3 2 3
28 LANcity Cybercafe and Motel Auburn 2 2 3 Zen Den (Trid Games), Global Grid Subscription (MCT), Global Grid Subscription (Shiawase),Global Grid Subscription (Horizon), Global Grid Subscription (Sader-Krupp), Global Grid Subscription (Renraku)
29 Bywater Bed & Breakfast Bellevue 3 2 3
30 Radisson Hotels & Resorts Everett 2 3 3
31 Cousin's Country Inn Fort Lewis 3 3 3
32 Higgins Beach Inn Ork Underground 3 3 3
33 Heritage Manor Outremer 2 4 3
34 Thunderbird Motel Renton 3 4 3
35 Loveless Cafe Downtown 4 4 3
36 Back Ground Count Motel Snohomish 4 4 3
37 Castamere Motel Tacoma 4 4 3 Zen Den (Medieval Literature)
38 Whispering Pines Cottages Auburn 2 2 4
39 Inn On Church Street Bellevue 2 2 4
40 Country Inn-Somerset Everett 2 2 4
41 Huntington Country Inn Fort Lewis 3 2 4
42 Hexagon House Bed & Breakfast Outremer 4 3 4
43 Budget Host Renton 2 4 4
44 Aztec Motel Downtown 3 4 4
45 Lucas Palace, Luxury hotel Downtown 4 4 4 Manservant/Maid - Servant


The development of these house rules benefited from discussions with and content generated by the staffs and members of EmeraldGrid, Runnerhub, Adem Koebel's Mathsquad Community and ShadowNET. Further insight was gained by referring to the Shadowrun Missions rules.