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Despite how many firm hand shakes and serious faces Adam gives, he is easily tempted by the prospect of new information, and is often more than willing to trade information on his clients for it if he thinks he'll get away clean. If such a situation occurs, roll 2d6. if the result is greater than or equal to 7 minus Loyalty, Congratulations! Adam is feeling professional or likes you enough to not sell you out. Otherwise, well, Adam learned some juicy new gossip and some not-so-juicy things are in store for you.  +
Bill's loyalty can not be raised above 3, outside of a private run.  +
Hikari is a master at the pop-up business, but it keeps her rather busy. When trying to contact her, make a contact availability test as though her connection were 3 higher than usual, before applying any additional modifiers.  +
Lucia is under a luck curse from a dragon that she can't figure out how to break. Whenever she performs a check or uses her Lucky feature, roll a d6, on a 1 the check has the opposite effect than intended, similar to the "Bad Luck" quality.  +
Philip gets excited about the technical aspects of his work, and will talk your ear off at any opportunity. When contacting him, the GM secretly rolls a d6. If they roll a 1, Philip gets lost in the weeds and will ramble for hours if not stopped with a Negotiation (3) or Intimidation (3) test.  +
This contact will not do any active checks that require her to leave her sanctum for fear of being caught.  +
Aaron has a short fuse, and is a busy man. If your 'elevator pitch' takes longer than 30 seconds (timed by GM), you will be put on hold to 'verify' your story. This hold will last until Aaron has regained his composure, up to 1d6 hours.  +
Abdul is, by mass, far more machine than man. Unfortunately, this means lots of repair and tuning time. When you attempt to contact him, roll 1d6. On a 1, he is busy getting his 'ware retooled and cannot help you for the remainder of the run.  +
This contact is constantly trying to kill you. However, she is exceedingly bad at it, and such attempts should be both hilarious and pity-inducing. She will not help anyone with anything while sober.  +
Agamemnon has been burned hard by allowing himself to get too close to people in the past, and he is slow to trust as a result - he cannot be taken as a contact with a starting loyalty rating of less than 3, and will burn a runner if his loyalty drops below this threshold.  +, Agamemnon works primarily through intermediaries, operating out of a fortified underground bolt hole which he is very reluctant to leave without a good reason – -2 on all rolls that require him to physically leave his sanctuary (though he can use astral projection without penalty), and he will refuse to do so at all during daylight hours.  +
The contact will charge 2 chips for the price of 1 if called upon for an unpaid favor  +
Brodie J spends all of his time at various clubs, pumping his body full of every substance he can, so recovery periods are rough. When contacting Brodie J before 6PM in-game, roll 1d6, on a 5 or 6, he answers. Otherwise he is completely zonked out and can't help you.  +
This is someone who doesn't think that their contacts are runners and doesn't understand the whole runner thing. If they find out you are a runner, immediately make a test of loyalty. If you fail the test of loyalty, they will think you are a terrorist, burn you and contact law enforcement. If you succeed in a test of loyalty, they will be willing to listen to you explain yourself and even help you leave the runner life. You may be able to convince them to associate with the Shadows. Contact a GM or thematics if this happens as it may involve the removal of that tag. Gear contacts with this contact will only sell you legal gear, or restricted gear with the appropriate licenses unless you conduct a social test to convince them the lack of paperwork is for a benign reason.  +
The people who work for Zheng say that he'd feed his grandmother to a dragon for a new Concordant. While this is a bit of an exaggeration (Zheng quite likes his grandmother, and wouldn't sell her out for anything less than a Gladius), it definitely gets the point across. Zheng is out for himself, and will not hesitate to sell you out if he believes it will benefit him. He can be worked with, but he should never be trusted.  +, Zheng doesn't quite get the idea that shadowrunners are freelancers. When you are taking a job from him you are his employee, and can expect to be treated as such. Anything that you can do he can do better, and he'll always be willing to give you helpful advice (orders) that he expects to be followed exactly. Every time you bruise his ego, you must make up for it by sycophantically following his instructions on how to do your job. If he doesn't believe that this was done, lose one loyalty. If loyalty drops to zero in this way, he will consider you a worthless asset and sell you out to the highest bidder.  +
Bash's stint in jail landed him with a criminal SIN and all the associated difficulties. He meets with his probation officer twice a week and has his location constantly tracked. He can slip the yoke with a fake SIN but only for a few hours at a time. When calling this contact, the GM rolls 1d6. On a 1 he will not answer, as he is currently in holding over a potential violation. On a 2 he will answer, but be pre-occupied with community service and unable to make any active checks. He will also take a -2 to any active checks lasting more than a few hours due to the constraints of his SIN.  +, Bash, for all his effort to improve, really doesn't take insults well. When a character makes a perceived jab, especially at his strength or intelligence, the GM rolls 1d6. On a 1 or a 2 Bash will have a violent outburst and, if meeting in person, may attack the character in question. He won't use lethal force but he can come pretty damn close. If restrained and/or given some space, he will eventually cool down and apologize.  +
Amia is a working mom, and doesn't always have time for runner's shenanigans. Roll 1D6. On a 1-2, Amia is busy with her kids and can't answer. On a 3-4, she answers but is distracted, taking 1.5 times longer to help out the runners. On a 5-6 she's available.  +
An experienced espionage agent who is very talented at her job; there is a good chance any conversation with her is being recorded, and she hacks runner commlinks almost habitually.  +
Silvers is a busy man, and has no patience for time wasters. When you call him, you will have thirty seconds to make your pitch (the GM should time this). You must tell him what you need and what you can offer him, either Nuyen or valuable favors. If you haven't piqued his interest by the time your thirty seconds are up, he will hang up on you. To get back into contact with him, you must call his office and sit on hold for a full hour.  +
Due to being developed in a Renraku host, the corp almost always has their eye on Angela. It's extremely risky for her to leave her host, and usually can't for long. Angela will not leave her host unless her contact is loyalty 3 or higher  +
Her addiction to gambling and sheer reliance on luck has always been her game. Roll a 1d6 and follow the results; Result of 1: Lose 2 dice and roll again for this aspect until you don't roll a 1, lose 2 additional dice for each 1 you rolled this way to the contact roll. Do not gain any more Lucky aspect bonuses except the ones you have already gained. Result of 2-5: Do nothing Result of 6: Gain 2 dice and you may roll again for this aspect. Do this until You've reached the maximum counts of Lucky  +
He is not a very brave individual. Ardella never stands up directly for his believes. He'd rather deal with his problems indirectly.  +, Due to his upbringing, he never had any real contact, with the downtrodden, or with the shadow community. Most of his experience comes from watching trid shows, and we all know how accurate(Not) a picture those portray. As such he sees shadowrunners, as mostly brutish vigilantists who'd rarely do anything out of the kindness of their own hearth.  +
-2 to Networking tests  +
Clayman has an unfortunate habit of getting humorous at ill-advised times. Lower the amount of 1's required to glitch or critical glitch when applicable by two.  +
Asahiro will not aid you with anything that he doesn't see benefiting the corporation. If he sends you to do a job, it's because he has a stake in it going in a particular direction. He approves of putting down crime, striking against other corporations or furthering Shiawase's influence, but disapproves of anything that risks his standing, deals with malign, unnatural forces or is of no direct use to Shiawase or himself.  +
Ashe is out to make a profit, and will charge a 25% commission (rounded down to the nearest whole number) on any gear acquisition checks that she makes. Through negotiation and haggling it's possible to bring it down to 15% (Ancients members get +2 to their rolls). When trying to get gear off table, roll your negotiation pool against hers (12). If you tie or get higher hits, you have succeeded and can bring the commission down. If not, you failed and must pay the full 25% extra.  +
The GM rolls in secret a 1d6, if the roll is a one, Asuna will tell the player they are busy taking care of family matters.  +
Living a fairly nomadic lifestyle on the edge of Salish makes contacting Beastmaster troublesome at times.  +
Benjamin does not get paid enough for this shit. He's a big strong adept but for some reason, no one fucking pays him enough. If, at the GM's fiat, he's placed in situation's that he's not getting paid enough for, he will just fucking leave. Situations might involve getting shot with multiple burts of APDS or getting shot with a rocket. If you pay him enough (6000 is a good start), he'll fight harder and stick around.  +
Bernie was severely wounded in his last fight with a bug queen and now only has control of left arm. Because of this he rarely leaves his den and is almost defenseless when he does.  +
This is an example negative aspect. You can write the fluff text here. Be sure to clear the negative aspect with thematics. If you do not wish to have a negative aspect, feel free to delete this section.  +
You probably don't want to smuggle yourself or anything else with this guy. He's not named Bilge-Rat for nothing.  +, He's... not very good at social things with people. Something about all the rats.  +
Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.  +
Black Paladin does bounty work all over the world - there's no guarantee he's going to be nearby. Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.  +
BobbieJo does not play well with others. Increase social thresholds by 1 and treat any social glitch with BobbieJo as a critical glitch.  +
This is someone who doesn't think that their contacts are runners. If they find out you are a runner, immediately make a test of loyalty. If you fail the test of loyalty, they will think you are a criminal, burn you and attempt to bring you to justice. If you succeed in a test of loyalty, they will be willing to listen to you explain yourself. This aspect is unlikely to apply to characters who have the Guanyin quality.  +
Boozeman cannot have his connection raised, the less connected he is, the better.  +
Taking care of a whole community is hard work and very expensive, sometimes he will need to ask for a bit more than usual. (roll a 1d6, on a 1 he will ask for 1d6 x 50 Nuyen more to help)  +
Bubblegum has no loyalty to the Haven. She's got customers and better customers. She never offers a SIN or service for free or reduced price. If you need it faster or better, you pay more--it doesn't matter WHAT you're doing or what your loyalty is.  +
Violence is the mark of an amateur thief. Bungee and Boo are true masters of their craft, and will not knowingly participate in any jobs that involve directly harming other living beings.  +, B&B have made it this long by always watching each others' backs. They don't trust anyone but themselves, and are usually very hesitant to split up while on a job. They will only act as a pair for anyone below loyalty 4, at which point they trust the runner enough to separate if need be.  +
Cabinet Man is unable to move due to requiring a massive life support machine to survive, and so he cannot do anything in meatspace at all. He may require you to perform some task in meatspace in order to complete a favor you ask of him, at the GM's discretion, and this should not incur a discount for this reason alone nor count as doing a favor for him.  +, Having missed out on about 50 years of history, Cabinet Man is woefully misinformed about the world. Being out of touch gives him a -2 to all Networking tests as well as a -2 to make any tests that require having sufficiently up-to-date info without having adequate time to research it first (GM's discretion).  +
Camilla is new to this work and has far too little experience for it. Therefore, it happens that she does things wrong. When contacting her, the GM secretly rolls a d6. If they roll a 1 Camilla will make a mistake (like wanting too much for it, or giving wrong informations).  +
Between his work for the City Watch, training, his girlfriend, training, spending half his time recovering from drain, and training, he tends not to always be available. Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.  +
This is an example negative aspect. You can write the fluff text here. Be sure to clear the negative aspect with thematics. If you do not wish to have a negative aspect, feel free to delete this section.  +
Carter is not used to social mobility and has no skill for it. Requires thematics approval to improve the connection above 3, and a dedicated run to improve above 6.  +, Always roll an availability test on this contact with their connection 5 higher than normal if the runner's request brings them into danger.  +
Cascade is very proud of her skills, but the only way to test them is to put them at risk. When using her services, make a group Edge check with a threshold of 4, on a failure Cascade has pushed her luck too far and some consequences come up, be that a check of her vehicle or something else, up to GM discretion.  +
Running a restaurant and keeping all you runners in line is busy work, omae. And when he's not frying rice or dealing with career criminals, hes enjoying his damn life with his fiancee. And you better be a big name if he's gonna answer the phone then. When rolling for availability, treat his connection as 1 higher during buisness hours (10-10) and 2 higher outside them.  +
Cassandra is currently being "protected" in an Ancients safehouse while she can provide useful information. Cassandra cannot perform active checks or obtain gear. If Cassandra's connection is raised by an Ancients member or through interactions with an NPC, this quality may be removed while adjusting no other aspects.  +, All players who pick up Cassandra begin by owing her one chip. Ancients members owe her two chips, and Cutters owe her three. She will not provide any services until these chips are repaid. Additionally, whenever you would owe Cassandra one or more chips, (such as asking for a favor,) she requires 1 additional chip.  +
Cassandra is a Mantis Nymph Spirit (Masking with 18 dice as a Magic 3 Adept). She'll help you only if it furthers her own interests somehow (you're way too small to be much concern for her). Just calling her can cause a run complication with the FBI at GM Fiat.  +
When calling Chad for the first time on a run, roll a 1d6. On a 1 or 2, Chad has been temporarily demoted to being a beat cop, and loses access to his two detective qualities. In addition, he will complain about his demotion, which will--and I cannot emphasize this enough--ALWAYS be his fault, and always emphasize why he's a bad person.  +
Charli is a reporter first and foremost, which means that if something you say could give her a story, she's going to make a story out of it. She will constantly press for information, and may not help you out if you refuse to give it. When a runner gives Charli information that may reveal the team's involvement, roll 1d6 per point of loyalty, with 2 hits, she will keep you out of the story, with no hits, you will receive +1 Public Awareness, and on a glitch or crit glitch, you will gain +1 Notoriety.  +
Technology makes no drekking sense, (has been seen using pen and paper) always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +2 than normal.  +
If Chet would reasonably discover that the actions taken because of his involvement are both illegal and immoral, the player who originally contacts Chet on a run increases their PA by 1 because of Chet's report; this is in addition to any run-related public awareness or notoriety gained.  +
Sometimes the team isn't all assembled a random aspect is ignored. Roll a 1d6 and ignore the corresponding number'd member on a 6 the whole team is there.  +
Chitin is incredibly difficult to get a hold of. Always roll Availability when contacting her during a run and treat her Connection as 4 higher than usual.  +, Due to her Dissonance, if any contact roll you make with her is a glitch, she'll deliver the information or service in an unexpectedly destructive way, such as nonsensical dossiers or bricked devices.  +
Clint don't trust folks who ain't bought the bullet (or robotic arm) at his shop. He takes a -4 to any networking, active or knowledge check with any runner that has not bought ware from him.  +, Clint is the judgmental sort. To him, everyone in Seattle is a no good City Slicker until proven otherwise. As such, it costs double to raise his loyalty until loyalty 5, where the runner has earned his trust. This may by subverted with DM fiat during a run, if the loyalty raise is part of the run reward and then the runner proves the aren't a city slicker or a damn fool.  +
In a world where everyone lies, Clyde is the single exception. He is able to scurt around the truth but in the end, he is terrible at it. With that being said, Clyde will not discuss crimes or aid runners in a way that could get his superiors to question him. What can he say, he cannot lie.  +
Commander is an old school kind of Operative, he hate to use matrix mean of communication. He usually use radio communication. In addition every intel he has to offer come in form of paper files which mean that you need to come and a pay a visit to get your information.  +
While Corf is Awakened, he is also a minecart. He can only travel via rail and ley lines (he manifests spectral rails when travelling via ley lines that don't follow railways)  +, Corf is just a minecart. He can't take much more than 3 or 4 runners and their gear, and even that seems like it shouldn't fit; he's already bigger on the inside. Magic, man, it do weird stuff.  +
Cornelius has many friends on the otherside and does not deal with those who would force anyone to do anything against their will. If Cornelius learns of any Bias against race or metatype or that a runner has negative astral rep then he will refuse to make deals with them until they lose their Bias or are able to heal their astral rep.  +, Cornelius lives in New Orleans and his cartel is based with the Southern CAS and Northen Atzlan. Any services or gear aquistions out of these regions will take twice the time to complete outside of the CAS as Cornelius has to send the gear from New Orleans to Seattle.  +
Jazzy talks and acts quite loud. If, on a run where you used Jazzy's help, you would gain one or more points of Notoriety or Public Awareness, you instead gain that many points plus one.  +
This is an example negative aspect. You can write the fluff text here. Be sure to clear the negative aspect with thematics. If you do not wish to have a negative aspect, feel free to delete this section.  +
The GM rolls in secret a 1d6. If they roll a one the contact will say, with complete confidence, that they will do the request or that they have the right information. They will then flake out or their information will be wrong. They will say they got the gear then accidentally sell it to another person.  +
Translate the current time to EST. If you are attempting to call him in the middle of the night (11PM to 5AM, EST), increase the threshold of his availability check by 6.  +
This contact has an overriding obligation to its faction, and cannot act against their interests.  +
Danny is an Ares man through and through. His primary focus is the success of his company and his work. He will not accept requests that work against them, and he may request "favors" in return for his help.  +
Darla has the heart of an artist, and can't really vibe with anybody who doesn't. The cost to upgrade this contact's loyalty is doubled unless the player has either visible cyberware or the "distinctive style" quality.  +
Dave is normally willing to show up, but MAY have outstanding warrants. Roll a 1d6; on a 1, law enforcement will discover this at some point after he's called. You may choose to buy Dave a burner SIN appropriate to the run, (Rating 1 for a milk=>6 for a prime) to avoid making this roll.  +
Captain Squire will refuse to assist crimes against law-abiding target. Even if that target is an MCT building that is allegedly performing unethical extralegal experiments - the heat on Squire isn't worth the trouble.  +
This contact is bound by an oath of secrecy and will not reveal important information about the Eighty-Eights or assist in anything that might harm them, on pain of death.  +
Defrag is lawfully licensed as a technomancer and psychiatric healthcare professional by the UCAS government. She cannot be depended upon to do anything illegal, as it will be traced back to her.  +
Dial-Up is a sentient AI, and as such cannot provide physical active checks or legwork.  +, What would I do with Nuyen? Nothing. I'm in it for the fun. If Dial-Up thinks the run would be particularly interesting (High, Semi-Prime and Prime Runs, along with any Renraku run,) he will demand to be given full footage of the run afterwards.  +
This contact will not knowingly aid you in any illegal activities before they happen. They will, however, bail you out of a bad situation, at the additional cost of one Loyalty point. They ''definitely'' won't help you get any Forbidden gear.  +, This contact is in another country, with all the difficulties that would entail. All relevant wait times for this contact are increased by another 50%.  +
DA Mark Donaghy is as straight an arrow as they come and vitually uncorruptable. Each time you call on this contact, make an Edge + Loyalty test vs the number of calls since you first gained this contact or last lost a point of loyalty with this contact. If you fail, decrease loyalty by 1. Once the first point of loyalty is lost in this manner, loyalty cannot be purchased with karma, rvp, gmp or cdp. It can only be increased by providing evidence of a crime which occurred during a run in which your character participated or as reward issued by the GM during a run in which Mark made an appearance. If Mark's loyalty ever reaches zero, Mark realises you are a runner, cuts you off, and begins an investigation into your background. Increase your character's notoriety and public awareness by one and burn this contact. Mark will not perform an illegal act for a runner under any circumstances. Any attempt to make him do so immediately reduces his loyalty to zero and triggers the consequences outlined above.  +
-4 to Networking checks among non-Infected, +2 to Networking among Infected. Cannot deliver goods during daylight hours. Will require flesh as part of the payment from anyone with Loyalty 2 or less.  +
Look, man, things've been rough for the Crichtons recently. They're doing the best they can. The maximum value of gear they can lend on a run is halved.  +
Each time a runner asks Faust for their services, roll the runner's Edge in secret. On a 0, Faust will speak in binary. If the roll is a glitch, he flies into a rage and hangs up, not responding to further attempts to contact him for the remainder of the run. A critical glitch will have him attempt to hack and format the runner's commlink, utterly convinced that the runner is in fact a hated foe. They won't apologize afterwards, either.  +
Dr. Cula is a gentleman, first and foremost, and will not tolerate breaches of common courtesy or hospitality in his presence. When attempting to contact the good doctor, make an etiquette test. On no hits OR a glitch, Dr. Cula will refuse to work with you until appropriate amends have been made, subject to GM discretion.  +, In addition to the odd hours required of a doctor, Dr. Cula suffers from a mysterious skin condition exacerbated by harsh sunlight and may not always be available during the day. When attempting to contact him between the hours of 6am and 6pm, roll 1d6. On a 6, Dr. Cula is available. Otherwise, he is asleep, and cannot be reached until after sundown.  +
Dr. Nightshade is used to being the only doctor on call for the gang's local chapter, and has to be available to serve her patients. Long Haul helps with that--except when it doesn't. When contacting Dr. Nightshade, roll a d6. On a 1, Nightshade is sleeping off a Long Haul crash and will respond to your message when she wakes up in 8d6 hours.  +
Services may take longer. Every time the contact provides a service, roll 2d6. The normal amount of time that it would take to provide the service is multiplied by the resulting number.  +
Dr. Velo C. Raptor is currently trapped in the tunnels under Seattle, under the protection (read: jail) of The Dweller of the Tunnels. As such, he cannot make ANY active checks, except those expressly within the Dwellers domain. Contacting him in meatspace is functionally impossible without running into the Dweller.  +
Dr. Wells considers topics based upon how captivating they are. He will gloss over information he finds uninteresting, even if that lack of information may endanger the runner contacting him in some way. GMs have final say over what Dr. Wells may find uninteresting.  +
Dylan is more than happy to try and help people rehabilitate into polite society however he absolutely refuses to be party to criminals not looking to reform. Contact is lost if any heat is brought to the Diner by a runner he is attached to or if he learns of a criminals active dealings.  +
Elias is a SURGE, appearing as a horrific hybrid between an Orc and a Termite. As such, going outside poses incredible risk. He will not even consider leaving his Sonomish safehouse for anyone below loyalty 4, and even then only for a very good reason. In addition, the need to conceal himself gives him a -4 to checks made outside the safehouse, unless the runners can provide an adequate disguise.  +, Elias is, at his heart, a cranky old man. He sleeps from 7pm to 5am, during which time he shuts his commlink off completely. If the player has made previous arrangements to meet within that time, they will roll a number of dice equal to their loyalty. If there are no successes, Elias will forget and go to sleep anyway.  +
Elijah isn't exactly the most influential man in his worklace, and rarely has access on classified informations.  +
Liz is in a ''lot'' of debt, and works two full time jobs in order to pay it off. Connection tests for this contact ignore loyalty, and any time they're called the GM rolls 1d6. If the dice lands on 3 or above, Eliza is at work and unable to perform active checks for people below loyalty 5.  +, It's a common trope for the bartender to remember every average looking person who sits down for a beer. That isn't the case with Liz. If they don't catch her attention in some obnoxiously flashy way, her eyes glaze over and their name goes right through her brain. Liz takes a -4 to any networking checks made for people she'd consider boring (GM fiat). This typically means people with unremarkable appearances, muted personalities, and those who deliberately try to keep a low profile.  +
The GM rolls in secret a 1d6. If they roll a one the contact will say, with complete confidence, that they will do the request or that they have the right information. They will then flake out or their information will be wrong. They will say they got the gear then accidentally sell it to another person.  +, Ella is a recovering chiphead who is battling depression. This may cause additional complications for her, making it even harder for her to offer help. On an Unreliable result of 2, Ella's has complications preventing her from helping which may be addressed by the runner with the additional investment of time, NuYen, or favors.  +
Ellen is not one of the lucky changelings, and she wasn't particularly well-adjusted before the SURGE. Now that she spends all day hanging out with bug spirits, things are worse. Ellen cannot network with contacts who are not cockroach spirits or cockroach shamans.  +
Emelie can always be found somewhere in a club, you'll just have to find the right one. When looking for Emelie you'll have to actively search for 6+1d6 hours in the clubs of Downtown and Renton. An edge test can reduce that time by one hour per hit.  +
Feingold is a very busy man. Getting him on the phone can be an exhausting effort. If loyalty is less than 5, roll a 1d6 to determine when the phone call will be returned - on a 1 or 2, 12 hours, 3 or 4, 3 hours, 5 or 6, fifteen minutes. Fiengold always picks up immediately for those of loyalty 5 or more.  +
Eveline will absolutely not assist runners whom she knows to be acting against Evo, or whom she knows to have acted against Evo corporation in the past. Should she become aware that her PC contact is actively running against Evo or has done so in the past, reduced her loyalty to 0 immediately.  +
Kicked out of med school for turning into a ghoul, Ezekyle knows sterile protocol and avoids direct contact unless necessary. He won't show up in person anywhere that isn't his clinic, and even then doesn't interact with people directly unless he has to. If you want his services, you go to him and do it at his time. Rushing safety measures only leads to disaster.  +
Everyone's in such a rush these days. F1ZZ is far too old to be running back and forth across matrix; if you want to talk to him, you come to the 3w1g and sit down for a spell. Any knowledge or networking checks made by this contact must be accompanied by at least half an hour of drinking and small talk at the bar. If you wish to try and hurry the process up, make a test of loyalty with a threshold of 2. On a success, F1ZZ will begrudgingly make the check with a -4. On a failure, he will angrily inform the player that they should do it themselves if they're in such a hurry.  +, The 3w1g is a hangout of the Walking People, and thus not particularly accessible to outsiders. In order to take this contact you must either be a member of the tribe or have at least 10 positive reputation with them. If this membership is revoked/positive rep drops below 10, the contact cannot be used again until your reputation has been restored.  +
Faith will not help with jobs in or against the country of CAS.  +
While Father Uriel is understanding about the kind of work that happens in the shadows, he will not tolerate monsters, -2 to any roll done for an Infected PC, and -2 for any runner with a reputation for undue violence  +
Faulty doesn't understand the real world, only the Matrix, Foundations, Resonance, and Dissonance. All checks related to a topic other than those automatically gets 0 hits.  +
Stole from Wuxing in Hong Kong and was able to escape to Seattle and is being actively hunted.  +
Fie may or may not have eaten her former boss alive as a form of resignation. As a result, there's a 75,000 Nuyen bounty for her head by Lone Star.  +
Refuses to assist any individual without style as well as anyone associated with them during a job in which one of his runners is involved.  +
Due to the intensive Merc Life Fourty-Four has several chronic issues that could prevent him from appearing when requested. Roll 1d6 when the contact is asked to make an Active Roll and on a 1 he is busy at a chiropractor or doctor having his body taken care of.  +
The GM rolls in secret a 1d6. If the roll a one the contact will say, with complete confidence, that they will do the request or that they have the right information. They will then flake out or their information will be wrong. They will say they got the gear then accidentally sell it to another person.  +