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He is not a very brave individual. Ardella never stands up directly for his believes. He'd rather deal with his problems indirectly.  +, Due to his upbringing, he never had any real contact, with the downtrodden, or with the shadow community. Most of his experience comes from watching trid shows, and we all know how accurate(Not) a picture those portray. As such he sees shadowrunners, as mostly brutish vigilantists who'd rarely do anything out of the kindness of their own hearth.  +
-2 to Networking tests  +
Clayman has an unfortunate habit of getting humorous at ill-advised times. Lower the amount of 1's required to glitch or critical glitch when applicable by two.  +
Asahiro will not aid you with anything that he doesn't see benefiting the corporation. If he sends you to do a job, it's because he has a stake in it going in a particular direction. He approves of putting down crime, striking against other corporations or furthering Shiawase's influence, but disapproves of anything that risks his standing, deals with malign, unnatural forces or is of no direct use to Shiawase or himself.  +
Ashe is out to make a profit, and will charge a 25% commission (rounded down to the nearest whole number) on any gear acquisition checks that she makes. Through negotiation and haggling it's possible to bring it down to 15% (Ancients members get +2 to their rolls). When trying to get gear off table, roll your negotiation pool against hers (12). If you tie or get higher hits, you have succeeded and can bring the commission down. If not, you failed and must pay the full 25% extra.  +
The GM rolls in secret a 1d6, if the roll is a one, Asuna will tell the player they are busy taking care of family matters.  +
Living a fairly nomadic lifestyle on the edge of Salish makes contacting Beastmaster troublesome at times.  +
Benjamin does not get paid enough for this shit. He's a big strong adept but for some reason, no one fucking pays him enough. If, at the GM's fiat, he's placed in situation's that he's not getting paid enough for, he will just fucking leave. Situations might involve getting shot with multiple burts of APDS or getting shot with a rocket. If you pay him enough (6000 is a good start), he'll fight harder and stick around.  +
Bernie was severely wounded in his last fight with a bug queen and now only has control of left arm. Because of this he rarely leaves his den and is almost defenseless when he does.  +
This is an example negative aspect. You can write the fluff text here. Be sure to clear the negative aspect with thematics. If you do not wish to have a negative aspect, feel free to delete this section.  +
You probably don't want to smuggle yourself or anything else with this guy. He's not named Bilge-Rat for nothing.  +, He's... not very good at social things with people. Something about all the rats.  +
Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.  +
Black Paladin does bounty work all over the world - there's no guarantee he's going to be nearby. Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.  +
BobbieJo does not play well with others. Increase social thresholds by 1 and treat any social glitch with BobbieJo as a critical glitch.  +
This is someone who doesn't think that their contacts are runners. If they find out you are a runner, immediately make a test of loyalty. If you fail the test of loyalty, they will think you are a criminal, burn you and attempt to bring you to justice. If you succeed in a test of loyalty, they will be willing to listen to you explain yourself. This aspect is unlikely to apply to characters who have the Guanyin quality.  +
Boozeman cannot have his connection raised, the less connected he is, the better.  +
Taking care of a whole community is hard work and very expensive, sometimes he will need to ask for a bit more than usual. (roll a 1d6, on a 1 he will ask for 1d6 x 50 Nuyen more to help)  +
Bubblegum has no loyalty to the Haven. She's got customers and better customers. She never offers a SIN or service for free or reduced price. If you need it faster or better, you pay more--it doesn't matter WHAT you're doing or what your loyalty is.  +
Violence is the mark of an amateur thief. Bungee and Boo are true masters of their craft, and will not knowingly participate in any jobs that involve directly harming other living beings.  +, B&B have made it this long by always watching each others' backs. They don't trust anyone but themselves, and are usually very hesitant to split up while on a job. They will only act as a pair for anyone below loyalty 4, at which point they trust the runner enough to separate if need be.  +
Cabinet Man is unable to move due to requiring a massive life support machine to survive, and so he cannot do anything in meatspace at all. He may require you to perform some task in meatspace in order to complete a favor you ask of him, at the GM's discretion, and this should not incur a discount for this reason alone nor count as doing a favor for him.  +, Having missed out on about 50 years of history, Cabinet Man is woefully misinformed about the world. Being out of touch gives him a -2 to all Networking tests as well as a -2 to make any tests that require having sufficiently up-to-date info without having adequate time to research it first (GM's discretion).  +