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Style Guide

Whether you're okay with players applying to jobs their character has a high chance of declining at the meet

I'd rather players look at the run and go "Hm i think this would be overkill/a Waste of my Runners Time" than spam their entire character collection and let me sieve through it

it can be fun to book more players than needed and have them fight amongst themselves wether they agree to get hired but i prefer Runs to Start fluid and fall apart from there

Whether you're okay with players applying to jobs their character will actively attempt to thwart or derail

If the Johnson's a dick and trying to sell baby organs and you find out the baby could be sent to their original family to start a regrowth of the Desert and you wanna not give the nuke to the Eco-Terrorists then be my Guest.

Views on realism and seriousness of the setting

I will be the first to admit I am not a serious writer. I do however prefer that everything attempted by the players is reasonable and doesn't go against human nature like running and gunning into an orphanage to kill babies because lol random

I want the players to seriously consider their characters personalities Goals and the consequences of their actions before they decide they want to go through with a plan

Views on consequences and failure

Failure is normal

Feel free to fail

Grow from it

There is no Good or bad Karma just Karma.

Also if you fuck up expect to the tied to a chair and be tortured by a soulless husk of a Corporate Suit.

Runs that notably differ from your normal style as described in your document must be noted as such