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Logic Demo B&E SAM
Reddit[1] Indespeo
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


Ex-Corpo intelligence operative/ ground asset. Ace is always looking over his shoulder despite projecting the aura of having absolutely no frills.

Ace defies the sam convention and is brains and quickness and wit. He was trained to be the one man reaver team, stealth, sensor scouting and not that bad on an HVAC unit once he's taken on dose of psyche. Ace is your ace in the hole for if things are quiet or loud


Seeking employment at any three letter agency

Looking for a cause to believe in.


Ace is a former Eagle Security operative turned counter terrorism ground branch asset. He was born in LA to Eagle Security citizens working for private firms and as a result received extensive education and top of the line training, where even there he excelled. He travelled with them to Salish, Sioux, CAS and UCAS as their jobs took them around, and his talents bloomed with adaptation to new people and new plans. This did not go unnoticed and he received specialized training to infiltrate enemy lines and as a result has burned his corp sin to regularly go above and beyond in special reconnaisance, information warfare and counter proliferation of chemical and biological weapons. The tools of his trades, drones, plastic explosives, sabotage of HVAC systems, assault rifles and stealth

In spite of this record a mission did eventually go south a gas plant explosion sent him down the river unconscious with a lump of gold on his arm. After making the trek back to to civilization sans a life to go back to he decided to head to the emerald city in search of a cause he believed in.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Adrenaline Surge - Part of Ground Asset training was breaching, Joseph was trained to be on point setting the charges and entering

Agile Defender - Basic operative training involved being quick to evade someone trying to get a bead on you

College Education - Eagle Security's internal corp education focused on engineering, chemistry and pure mathematics

Practice, Practice Practice (Sneaking) - The final step in operative training was weeks of stealth of drills, Joseph dreams of these years later

Technical School Education - When he was younger Joseph took courses in business compliance, law enforcement best practices and a pre-college course in structural analysis


Allergy (Uncommon, Moderate) Gold - Growing up in a sterile corporate environment has its downsides and resulted in a heightened immune response to gold

Faceless - Joseph has been all things to all people acting as a ground asset and no longer is comfortable undisguised

Phobia (Common, Mild) (Spiders) - Joseph had a friend get bitten by a Brown Recluse spider in his youth and hasn't gone to therapy over seeing the resulting necrosis

Poor Self Control (Compulsive 1, Personal) (Counts every Dodge Xenon he sees) Every person Joseph has had to track drove a Dodge Xenon and he compulsively keeps track of them because of it

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
The FBI Is Totally Fine21 August 2082
Snitches Get... Well, You Know the RestShadowHaven Shutdown12 August 2082
Ghouls in my Ork Underground9 August 2082
A Meatcar Named Desire2 August 2082
Smuggler's Strife2 July 2082
A Simple Repossession19 June 2082
Return to Sender8 June 2082
Stay Very Quiet13 May 2082
What's on the Ghost Train9 May 2082
Free Shipping and Delivery8 May 2082
That Font Ever Flowing2 May 2082
Into the FlytrapA Scattering of Deadly Petals24 April 2082
Firefly Rave23 April 2082
No One Escapes Internal Affairs13 April 2082
Brodie J and the Flamesaw of Love30 March 2082
Bread And CheeseBaker Wars22 March 2082
The VantablackHail to the Pumpking13 March 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Rick Rampant 4 2 Fixer Talent Scout Club Regular, Corporate Connections, Criminal Contacts, ID Forger, Seattle Native Even
Esteban González 5 1 Gear Materiel Smuggler and Acquisitions Expert Mil-Spec Materiel, Combat Gear, Just Point and Click, Lead Spitters, Rigging Amateur, Smuggler Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Merc from out of town, came in with a gold chunk on his arm
3 Extensively cybered up seemingly military trained mundane, prefers stealth
6 Seems like an ex-corp operative, highly trained and educated

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Street Samurai
3 Demolitions Heavy Weapons Samurai
5 Genius Demo Sam, prefers quiet operates well in loud


Martin Sinatra Rating 4 (Driver's License) , (Bounty Hunter's License) , (Weapon License) , (Restricted Armor License) , (Restricted Bioware License) , (Restricted Cyberware License) ,(Concealed Carry Permit) Explosives License)


Tall and tough, looks like a youthful male who engages in regular exercise


Jeans and an armor jacket

Matrix Persona

A patch of a skull above a winged knife

Media Mentions

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