Adrian Somhaire

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Adrian Somhaire
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Playerrawr :3
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
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D.O.B.October 5th 2058
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Metatype - A
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - E
Resources - D

Character Information


Adrian Somhaire was born to a lineage of the Tuatha De Daanan when their people grew less in status as Celtic deities, and more people of the fey. He understood the languages of humanity both native to his own people and what would be expected as common now a days. Once the Celtic otherworld opened up he found himself settling in the modern days of the Sixth world. finding an interest in human technology he grew fascinated in experimenting with it. This lead to some of his augments being put in place. While he explored the tech side he realized he had a deeper connection to Matrix systems, and wants to use this new understanding of technomancy to make a living, and learn his capabilities with it.


Learn more about biotechnology.|| Create a legal or non legal source of income.|| Establish roots in Seattle.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Run History



John Doe - Connection 1, Loyalty 6 - Fixer (Networking)

Jane Doe - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Weapons Smuggler (Swag)




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++++ Eric Marlin


6'0" 160lbs with Pale Grey skin and cat like yellow eyes. His body is slender his hair is white, and shoulder length. 


Matrix Persona

A version of what Adrian looks like in the meaty world only with a robe like hoodie on, or appearing as a black cat at times.


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