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Back To Basilisk Basics
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Basilisk's Mother and Her Husband
Basilisk Joyce


In which Basilisk finds out her mother lives in Seattle, and rescues her Ork half-sister from the same fate that befell her.


Basilisk was left in the wilderness as a child due to her parents' not wanting a 'freak' of a child. Some time afterwards, her parents divorced and her mother remarried and had another daughter.

Additionally, Basilisk has run out of cat food.

The Meet

While out shopping for cat food (Basilisk does not own a cat), she sees an old dog at the pet store that she recognizes as her old puppy from before she was left in the wilderness due to a distinctive scar on its face. She notes that the dog is being played with and trained here while it is kenneled at the store. All the dogs refuse to stop barking at her.

The Plan

Basilisk breaks into the store a day later and steals the dog she recognized. She also notes that there is a metal filing cabinet filled with written information on the owners, including addresses. She notes that her mother's name is there, but not her father's. She steals more cat and dog food on the way out.

The Run

Basilisk sneaks into the burbclave that her mother now lives in, and makes it to the house in question. She notes that the cars in the driveway have child seats in them...

After recovering, she notes that she was spotted by her step-father. She goes up to the door and demands to speak to her mother. Her step-father refuses, and calls Lone Star (who provides security for this burbclave). She slithers away and returns a few days later, noting the LS car now parked up the street from her mother's new home. This time she convinces her step-father to let her inside, and she confronts her mother, who is unapologetic about what she did to her. She calls Basilisk a 'monster'.

The yelling wakes up Imogen, Basilisk's half-sister, who climbs out of bed and wonders over to see what's up. Basilisk notes that she's an ork, and that her elf parents aren't happy with that. After a very tense conversation and some violence, the parents offer Basilisk Imogen. Basilisk takes her (and some of her stuff) and runs out of the burbclave. Meanwhile, the parents have called Lone Star who have put out an amber alert for the missing child. Fortunately, Basilisk and Imogen escape.


Basilisk has a new little sister to take care of, and her mother knows she's still alive.


  • IG 2 Discount
  • 1 Dog + 3926 nuyen worth of pet food (some dog and some cat) (1 RVP)
  • 12 CDP (5 RVP)
  • 7 karma (7 RVP)
  • +1 Sister
  • Depedents Quality -> Demanding

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