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Adept Infiltrator and Rifleman Extraordinaire
Cassidy MacRae, an ex-marine just trying to get by
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.November 11th, 2036
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PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - C
Resources - D

Character Information


Cassidy is a well-endowed woman who stands nearly 6 ft tall. Though she is muscular and has an athletic build, she maintains a feminine figure. Her fiery red hair falls has grown out some since she left the marines and is kept tied back most of the time, tied-back hair being a more practical choice for running. Her cold blue eyes almost seem to glow in the dark which gives her an intense, piercing stare. Lightly colored freckles dot her face, and go in a rough line pattern across the bridge of her nose. Her pale white skin burns easily in the sun, and her hands are calloused from handling a rifle nearly every day.

"Bannerette" is a boisterous and theatrical person with strong principles that guide her every action. While not on the job proper (i.e. when not in a meeting directly related to or executing the plan that was made, she knows better than to be unprofessional in front of a Johnson), she is very theatrical and energetic; Often she will get excited or start playing with equipment like night vision goggles, or other non-weaponry, and has even modified some of her gear cosmetically to have a "cooler" medieval theme. Despite the more traditionally masculine aspects of her character, she is fairly girly; A room with pink walls and medieval/fantasy themed plush toys on shelves, cutesy stickers on her commlink case, a love of dresses she wishes she could afford. However, her demeanor changes while on the job. With cool professionalism, she is the picture of laser focus and takes her work seriously; She communicates directly and clearly, refuses to leave a man behind, and finishes any fight she is involved in. Her jovial and expressive demeanor become a stoic mercenary and an ice-cold killer when it's time to go to work.


  1. Become a stronger combatant
  2. Get good at cars, and get a really nice vehicle
  3. Have friends in high places
  4. Get a little smarter, maybe read a book


Cassidy MacRae was born in the city of Chicago, the 5th child of Connor and Francine MacRae. Connor MacRae was a veteran, and the owner of the apartment block in which they lived. Her mother, Francine, was a nurse at the local VA hospital at which Cassidy would often volunteer. Due to hard times for the family, the financial burden of having her 4 older siblings going to local university, and her younger brother falling ill Cassidy decided to enlist with the UCAS marines ( a decision that made her father very proud). However, just 2 months after her training had completed, a mega-hive of insect spirits erupted in her home city; Cassidy was among the forward elements of the military response to the bug city incident, which claim the lives of her entire family and everyone else she ever knew. Following a period of light duty, and narrowly avoiding a section 8, Cassidy would go on to serve for a full 28 years, with an extended assignment on the NAN border following a brief stint in the Desert Wars. High tensions with NAN forces on the border resulted in a skirmish in early 2082; There were several fatalities on both sides, and Cassidy herself was wounded in the engagement. She was privately commended for her part in preventing further escalation of the incident. However, despite her rapid recovery, Cassidy was given a medical discharge due to political concerns over the incident. Her sister-in-arms and superior officer Major Paige Jenkins, also at the incident and reassigned to the logistics office in Seattle, helped Cassidy secure a place to live nearby. Out in the cold with no benefits, scant few connections, and naught but some assorted gear it wasn't long before Cassidy turned to the shadows through a a distant relative of her friend. Leaving behind what little she had left of her old life, Cassidy takes her first steps into a dangerous new world intent on building a new life.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Perfect Time
    • After 28 years of service in the UCAS military Cassidy has a nearly perfect internal clock, and is rarely late to anything.
  • Mentor Spirit (Eagle)
    • A symbol synonymous with the country she served for so long, and representing the values Cassidy most wants to embody (strength, independence, and freedom).
  • Mentor's Mask
    • One might see the illusion of an eagle, sometimes accompanied by it's faint cry, when Bannerette actively uses her powers


  • No Man Left Behind
    • Cassidy feels very strongly that leaving a man behind, under any circumstances, is extremely dishonorable.
  • SINner (UCAS)
    • Cassidy, despite being thrown out in the cold by her country, retains her citizenship and a decent chunk of her patriotism.
  • Thousand Yard Stare
    • With almost 3 decades of military experience, Bannerette has seen some things she wishes she could forget.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Operation AmethystZerre de Seattle30 December 2082
Ice ArtKaterSalem29 December 2082
Changing ColorsArchtmag18 December 2082


  • Former Officer in the UCAS Military
  • Contact in the UCAS military


Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Major Paige Jenkins 2 5 Gear Supply Officer in the UCAS Seattle Logistics Office Constantly Busy, Keys to the Ammo Depot, Quartermaster, Supply Officer, Collateral Damage Enthusiast Even
Sunglasses 3 3 Fixer Smuggler with a heart of gold Awakened Hangout Regular, Smuggling on the side, College Dropout, Former Engineering Student -1
Camila "Novicio" Sanchez 3 2 Custom (K, N, A, G) Aztechnology Mrs. Johnson Too little experience, Fashion Victim, Ares hater, Dragon lover, Atztechnology Magic Insider, Great horizontal network Even
Commander 2 2 Custom(A,G,N,K) Black Ops Veteran Old school Operative, Interrogation Protocol, Smuggling and Escape Route, Extraction, Intelligence Gatherer Even



+2 Aztechnology


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Active member of a small Seattle LARP Group called "Seattle Fantasy Fighters", Minor participant of Desert Wars in the 2060's
3 Veteran of the UCAS military, earned a purple heart
6 Her family is among those listed as casualties of the bug city incident in chicago

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Her alias is "Bannerette" and she is ex-military, she started running in early December 2082
3 Given a bogus medical discharge by the marines, her name is a play on 'banneret' which is a medieval term
5 Was with the military forces that responded to the bug city incident, was involved in an incident on the border with the NAN in January 2082


Cassidy MacRae: UCAS national SIN w/ Adept and Firearms License.
Jane Weatherspoon: R4 Fake UCAS SIN, Adept, Armor, Bodyguard, and Firearms Licenses.



When Cassidy isn't dressed for working in the shadows, she prefers to wear sundresses or skirts and sweatshirts.

Matrix Persona

Though Bannerette doesn't know a whole lot about computers, she has styled her persona after a Hospitaller Knight

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