Black Hawk Down

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Black Hawk Down
Part of Two Steps Ahead
Salish Shide Wilderness
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Gav Jacinto
Lt.Cmdr Yennefer Kerrigan
7 N-51 Operative
The Helicopter Pilot
Three squad of HTR
Casualties and losses
3 KIA and 4 wounded for the N-51 The three squad got destroyed (1 by the N-51 the other two by the runners), alongside the matrix and astral support.


A meeting is fucked, the escape helicopter got an engine failure and a lot of Saeder-Krupp HTR unit want to make sure that this will be the last time that such a meeting occur.


After the event of "Red Alarm" the N-51 got their hand on very valuable intel. To find a way to stop working for the French Governement Shy try to bound the N-51 and Lt.Commander Yennefer Kerrigan to put on a operation to steal the Blood Hawk. The N-51 would be well rewarded and Kerrigan would got a pretty good piece of equipment for R&D.

The meeting was set and nicknamed "Operation Poseidon". THe meeting was interrupt by S-K forces and the N-51 succesfully manage to get out with Shadow 1-1 the helicopter of the task force. Homever an engine failure force them to land in Salish Shide territory and to ask for a rescue team to come by. Since most of the unit are station in the Nevada, Shy is tasked to send a runner team.

The Meet

Runners of the Haven again are called by fixer who want to know who are the guy who still use radio communication in the 6th world. This time the fact that an emmergency is called make think that the pay will be better. Meeting on Everett old dockside the runners meet with Shy who quickly present the situation as really dire and really bad. Without really trying to negotiate she accept to pay up to 20k for each runner if they manage to save the VIP.

She hand them over spare part for the helicopter and paper file with all the information she could have got before the meeting occur. The runners then quickly rush for the border to save the day !

The Run

The first obstacle that the team found is to pass the border checkpoint. Sadly for Trample her SIN got burn and thank to an instinctive hack she manage to bait the security officer long enough to run past them. After an hour of driving the team arrive on site and can witness the deployement of Saeder-Krupp HTR team, as well as really bad weather condition (Fog and heavy rain). Pell quickly identify the deployement as the one of an outer cordon meaning that some forces is surely attacking the Landing Zone, the confirmation come about second later with Pell and Swerve hearing echo of a firefight in the distance.

Trample did scoot the matrix and manage to geek the S-K matrix specialist, while Swerve was scooting on the Astral and did materialise near the downed helicopter only to find that the N-51 was surrounded and that the VIP seemed to wear a UCAS uniform. Commander did take a shot at the Banshee but couldn't hit her, a quick discution help the team to know which spare part were needed. Banshee did come back near the team but was spot by an SK conjurer that she quickly nuke with a powerful lightning bolt.

Trample then ride toward the wilderness with the Ares Roadmaster the HTR team oppened fire on the roaring metal beast but nothing could stop it. But the unwieldy road and the really bad weather condition make her miss a crash by an inch. The team quickly deploy and face a full squad of S-K HTR back by a sniper. THe combat is harsh but the addition of Swerve lighting bolt and ball, the brutal chainsawing of Gav, the swordmanship of Shlice and the charge of Trample manage to be enough to down the squad, but the fighting cost a lot to Trample who is grievly injured. Pell join back the team at that moment, as she did take position near the S-K command post to see if there was any think that they should absolutely notice.

The team reunited decide to part again, Trample would stay in her car and watch over the matrix as the rest were going to save the down squad and the Lt.Commander Yennefer Kerrigan. Upon their arrival on the Landing Zone they could quickly notice the dire situation. The N-51 lost two mens and was facing about three time their number of HTR unit. Even Kerrigan had to take a pistol and fight alongside the Black-Ops team, hiding behind one of them who served as a willing meatshield to assure the operation success. The tremendous fight that followed see Pell shine again as a marksman, Swerve as the bringer of Lightning, Shlice as the best sword around, and Gav as the murderous beast. But the fierce fighting led to some of S-K HTR having an opportunity to take down Kerrigan after the meat shield fall down. Saved from the first burst by a last move from the meat shield, Kerrigan did manage to take cover in the Helicopter again and even to kill one of S-K HTR by herself. And soon enough the remnant of the attack force where dispatched and killed.


As the fight end, the Commander approach the team and thank them for the help while Pell taunt the Lt.Commander. The supplies being delivered the pilot of the helicopter manage to make a quick reparation to make sure that the helicopter will be able to support another travel. Trample and Swerve take the desicion to leave the place by land and soon the team part way again, the helicopter flying and Trample Roadmaster rolling past S-K outer cordon.

Landing into the outskirt of the Barrens, Kerrigan decide to offer payment to the runners to thank them for the rescue. She did also make a call to help Trample going back into Seattle. The meeting between the Commander and Kerrigan did finally occur and a bound was sealed.


Run rewards for "Black Hawk Down" :

20k nuyens or 40k nuyens in Military Grade Gear (Under 18 Avaibility) (10 RVP)

6 karma (6 RVP)

Optionnal reward :

Lt. Commander Yennefer Kerrigan (6/2 for 6 RVP)

Commander (2/3 for 5 RVP)

Can buy off Criminal SIN or Wanted quality at chargen price (If issued by UCAS)

Ares Roadmaster (Command Center kind off ride)(Armor rating 9, ECM rating 6, Extreme Environnement Modification, Increase seating and Satellite link) (16 RVP, Can be picked only once) +5 N-51 -5 Saeder-Krupp +1 public awareness for Trample because she did brick stuff at the border because her sin got burned

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, that was a drekshow if I ever saw one. Everything worked out in the end though, fortunately.


Man we killed a lot of people. I guess we succeeded eventually though. It was kind of a slog though. The run itself was pretty sketchy too. Barely any time to prepare, almost no money offered at first, but for whatever reason we still agreed. I barely got my armor as well. We saved the VIP though, even though she was kind of mean. Hopefully she doesn't try to boss my around like I'm one of her soldiers. I'm not dealing with that. I already have enough responsibility to pretend to grovel to a UCAS officer.