Blood Kite Eggs

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Blood Kite Eggs
Part of Baker Wars
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Saul Goodman
Biker Gang Poachers
Reign Of Bullets
Poacher Technomancer
Poacher Magician
Poacher Hunter
Casualties and losses
Reign + Basilisks pride Multiple injured, one killed. Multiple killed, one escaped.


Saul Goodman has another request from the Haven after the unwarranted destruction of his dodo eggs; this time asking the team to collect Blood Kite eggs. The team were given 2 large baskets and were told to go to [destination] to fetch a few hundred.


Saul Goodman is a world class pastry chef, that is infamous of inviting runners to his bakery, only for them to leave addicted to his foodstuff.

The Meet

Saul invites the  runners to meet at his humble bakery, once again to offer the runners his produce  - in hopes to better entice them to participate in the run for a what he deemed to be a lower grade of pay than the runners were accustomed to.

  • Basilisk and her nocturnal nature did not suit the time of the meet, she decided to take a nap to prep herself before the run - however failed to set an alarm to wake herself.
  • Reign watched trideos of UrbanBrawl fights, she caught a grammatical error, though was able to continue enjoying the shows despite this.
  • Scrappenny got a call from Alexander-James Brodick Johnson III about a job, Broddy-J, being the bleeding heart that he is invited her to his apartment to discuss the job, though got caught up and barely gave her enough time to get to the meet.
  • Tahki had a heated debate with a matrix troll, she lost the battle - though was oblivious enough to at least think she was on the winning team.
  • Tramples day began trying to fix a hole in her roof, using the novelty swords she had purchased earlier, she was able to construct something that resembled a patch in the roof.

After arriving, each of the runners were offered a (500 nuyen) pastry, of which Tahki and Reign instantly succumbed to their taste buds, confirming the delicacies. Trample took this too, and if it weren't for her different physiology, it's easy to assume she would have been hooked on hot buns. Both Basilisk and Scrappenny had to decline due to dietary complications.

The Plan

The runners started discussing the plan in the bakery, which probably let Saul know these runners were rather eager, amateur's, or both. After reading a falsified wiki-source on the Blood Kite, the team planned assuming the animal was on the endangered species list, this was with the exception of Basilisk whom only really saw another egg to monch on. They wanted to know what made the bird tick, predators, hunter tactics - where it was found. With the exception with one, arguably minor piece of information, thanks to Tramples data search, they were reasonably ready to head out.

The Run was in the PBC, so the team opted to take 2 vehicles (Trample's Roadmaster and Scrappenny's Phoenix) to cross the border with R5 fake sins afforded by Scrappenny's contacts, with Basilisk opting to save some nuyen by hiding in tramples rather spacious smuggling compartment, despite how uncomfortable it was.

The teams intention was to either take down the poachers and steal their eggs, or to gas the birds and take the eggs straight from the nests (though it was noted neurostun could just kill the birds, so it was avoided).

The Run

With smooth sailing past the border, with Trample getting a lead on another centaur, and a minor situation with patrolling night guards - the journey was going fine until the team got heckled by a group of gangers. The team prepared to engage them, though after Tahki induced intense pleasure to all the following riders, they were quickly dispatched and on their way again, though not before Basilisk shot at a dwarf invoking a negative reaction from Reign.

In PBC natural reserve was a different story, the team partook in a Traveling Overwatch under Tahki's orders while Scrap provided aerial overwatch with one of her drones; while searching for Blood Kite Eggs, Reign uncovered some of the hunters track, and Basilisk with a super-meta-human sense of smell tracked them with extraordinary efficiency.

The poachers were well prepared, and while some were uncovered from the initial perception test, they were well adjusted to the land. The party enacted the age old "geek the make" tactic, with Basilisk taking the first shot with her dart gun, and Takhi making a rapid follow up on the mage of the tree. Trample proved that blades hurt after impaling a unfortunate poacher. While initially successful, still took moderate casualty from the OPFORs marksman, with both Reign and Basilisk being downed by their skilled marksmanship.


The run was concluded without further incident. The team was paid, and Saul was able to continue his high-class pasteries - with both Tahki and Trample with possible new pet.


Job was fully completed, rewards were as promised.

  • 20k nuyen from the J
  • 1k nuyen discount to lifestyle for 4 months in the form of pastries
  • 5 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • May purchase Saul Goodman (Connection 5) at Loyalty 2 for 6 RVP or 12 CDP

Optional rewards (Tahki + Trample)

  • Blood Kite egg

Premade Character (Reign of Bullets)

  • 8 GMP for D U N E

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"So I just fought fragging Cyborgs, collecting eggs should have been easy. Then again, with the cheap pastries being 500 fragging nuyen, we should have expected the Nuyge was going to be harder than it should have been. The road trip was nice, better if that drek-head Basilisk didn't shoot a poor short-stack like myself. The Eagle was happy we were able to not kill a single Kite, thanks Tahki you terrible glow-stick, couldn't have done it without you. Though they were less impressed we took endangered eggs, I'll need to make it up to them. Though I feel I got my karmic retribution when their ace shot downed me in one. Need to put better protection on my future drekmas list."


"I'm not gonna lie; dropping that go gang with a massive Opium Den spell was kinda awesome... Chaos definitely approved."


"So trying to get a bunch of magical bird eggs, was a pain in the neck, but i'm glad for my team who were able to shine and save the mission from going south, as i didn't want to kill a group of birds...but i was bit annoyed that a bunch of jerks shot at us in the forest for no reason."


I can't believe the team cared so much about a bunch of birds. It's like they pretended that stealing all their eggs wouldn't cause them great harm anyway. The other poaching team had a pretty good setup though, I will admit. The fighting was pretty fierce for a bit. Things turned out well in the end though, and more importantly I wasn't recognized in the PCC. The egg I ate was quite delicious as well. The inherent magic added a bit of zest.