Bodies Down the Riveras

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Bodies Down the Riveras
LocationDowntown, ACHE
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Sweetie Sinful
Juniper Riveras
Fault Sprite
Casualties and losses
0 Juniper Riveras, Mage, Decker


A weird tree spirit tells Arti where she can go kill someone that she really think has it coming. Also they steal an spirit formula for him.


Cricket while searching for bugs and fixing the wiring of the Iceberg Hotel discovers that there is a small frog with a flower for a hat within the walls. Cricket after confirming that she is not high speaks with the frog who says that they have a job for her. Cricket says yes and walks through a portal to the astral.

Artemisia is sitting in her room when a flower hat wearing frog arrives in her room. After speaking to the frog she decides that she will join the frog going through the portal it summons.

Artemisia and Cricket step on stones that appear as the frogs hop through the astral lighting a path. Eventually Cricket and Artemisia are able to see each other and Artemisia pulls a shotgun on Cricket asking what her relationship is with "Juniper Riveras". Cricket after spitting at Artemisia says that she doesn't know who she is. The frogs explain that they will be working together and that they have a person to meet.

The Meet

After walking through the astral they eventually reach a large garden patch with a large tree man suspended by chains made of vines. Teldragon introduces himself and says that he would like to for them to acquire a particular magical formula from Juniper Riveras who is within the ACHE in Downtown. Teldragon also asks Cricket to investigate the Resonance and Matrix of the area while she is there. After offering both runners payments of golden apples they agree to the job.

The Plan

Artemisia and Cricket decide that they meet at a coffee shop begin to do matrix searches about the ACHE. Learning how high security it is, they decide that they will need to call in another runner. Artemisia calls in Gav to help aid in recovering the formula. After some hestiation from Gav that she will likely be caught with how high security the area is and that it is to much of a risk.

So Artemisia approaches Sweetie with a brick of deepweed and says that its' her if she works for them. Sweetie agrees to work with the group, after Cricket does some matrix searches to see if she was legit. The team deciding that they will make the plan at the restaurant.

Without a car, Sweetie hitchs a ride with Cricket. While driving Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy knocks on Cricket's window asking for a ride. After a very amicable chat with him, Cricket drops Murphy off at where he needs to go before heading to the ACHE.

The Run

Arriving at the ACHE, the team notice that KE are checking everyone as they walk into the ACHE as the storm generated from KB is becoming larger as the background count raises to 4. The team deciding to take their drugs before entering the ACHE and leave behind most of their weapons.

When the team arrives at the resturant they were told to investigate Sweetie and Artemisia enter the bathroom. With Artemisia turning into a fly and entering Sweetie's hair. After receiving the piece of cake that she ordered and asking if she can see the chef the waitress escorts her to the sasquatch chef. Allowing Artemisia to enter the back and look in the office of the manager. Looking in her fly form Artemisia does not see anything that could be an arcane formula and unable to lift anything because of their fly form. Deciding to return to Cricket to have her hack the office's camera.

Cricket while doing some matrix searches is able to find a trace of resonance from a deck at a table outside the resturant. When Sweetie leaves the resturant with Artemisia's clothes and shotgun and asks for her to join her in the restroom. Cricket enters the restroom and gets Control Thought to hack the camera. After several attempts she is able to control the camera. With Artemisia seeing the camera burst into sparks turns out of her fly form and look around the office, finding nothing. Artemisia turning back into a fly and returning to the other two.

While looking around Cricket is caught by a fault sprite that was looking around for her. With Cricket being given a DNI request as the sprite asks if she "Follows the true lord of the matrix." Cricket answering yes joins the DNI. With three others in the DNI they what she is doing there. Cricket says that she is just there to get the chef's schedule, with the decker outside sending her the file. Cricket then bounces out, telling the team that there is another runner group there to possibly steal the formula.

Artemisia turns back into a fly and goes to the maintenance closet that was opposite of the office. With Artemisia finding a secret room hidden behind a board within the closet. Within several tunnels that lead into the ACHE, a cot, a table, a whole bunch of different news clippings, and a chest. Artemisia returns to the group and with the help of Sweetie's contortionism she is able to sneak into the back. Afterwords Sweetie joins her in the back, with Cricket taking down all the tripwires within the tunnels. Looking around the tunnels and finding that they lead to different places deeper into the ACHE they decide to check out the chest. Upon Arti shooting the chest with a submachine they find a leather bound book, a scroll, and a machete. Also an earth spirit scorpion pops out of the wall as the team outside the resturant go on the move.

With a burst fire from Arti's sub machine gun and a burst of flame from Sweetie's flame bracer's they easily take out the scorpion. Meanwhile Cricket engages in a quick matrix fight, ending with the opposite team's decker dying and the fault sprite sending her an invite to a meeting in a few days. Cricket says that she will go.

Entering the maintenance room Arti and Sweetie hear that someone is outside. With Arti firing a shot and while missing one of the adversary, she does outright kill the other. With the other adversary being revealed as Juniper Riveras, the target of Arti;s hate. With Arti saying "You!" and Juniper screaming "You bitch! You killed my boyfriend!" Arti promptly shoots her in the face. After several attempts at compelling her to tell her who she is working for, Juniper's last words are "He who is horned." before dying in front of Arti. The group quickly realizing that they just shot several firearms in a crowded restaurant and also Scannered a man outside. The team is able to escape through the tunnels in the secret room.


The team are able to contact Teldragon and enter his domain. After reporting back to him about the events of the ACHE shootout and returning the scroll, he is very happy about the results. Both Cricket and Artemisia ask him for more information about what is happening and what his plans are, which Teldragon says he will reveal in time and that is it to expensive for them to know right now. Teldragon drops three golden apples for the runners and says that he will have work for them in the future.


Artemisia 10k Nuyen from the golden apple (5 RVP) Gain Teldragon (5/1) with a promise to do a job for him later 5 RVP 5 Karma (5 RVP)

Cricket 10k Nuyen (5 RVP) from the golden apple 5 Karma (5 RVP) 10 CDP (5 RVP)

Sweetie 10k Nuyen (5 RVP) from the golden apple 5 Karma (5 RVP) 10 CDP (5 RVP)

Everyone get 2 CDP

Optional Contact for Sweetie and Cricket Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy (2/2) 3 RVP Teldragon (5/1) 5 RVP

Optional Contacts for all The Frog Clan (2/2) 3 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


She is dead. She is dead. She is dead she is dead she is dead she is dead she is dead!!! Ah, I know taking the lives of the creations of the Goddess should not fill me with joy but this one is special. She is dead, riddled with shrapnel. So much work is yet to be done. I need to find Josephine and the Dead God stirs but I still take delight in this victory. She is dead she is dead she is dead she is dead she is dead! she is dead she is dead she is dead!