Boiling blood

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Boiling blood
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Humanis and the Troll Killers
The Incredible Behemoth
Various Goons
Casualties and losses
Various Goons


The troll killers are out there ripping apart families and cutting down innocents. One such effected troll took the last of savings and hired shadowrunners to bring down one set of the troll killers, bringing them to a fiery end.


The Troll Killer are a gang dedicated to metahuman racism and violence. They've organized into small groups across Seattle, with weapons funded by Humanis and have killed many orcs and trolls throughout their history. One troll wants revenge.

The Meet

The meet was in a dingy parking lot in Redmond. The runners arrived at varying speeds and found the J, a haggard troll worker with docked horns who promised a meager fee for a simple mission. There were a group of gangers camped out in a clubhouse and he wanted them dead. While Pell and Gerisa responded simply, Behemoth told the man he shouldn't dock his horns and Sanjuro told the J she had similar experiences. Both trolls took the job for free.

The Plan

After reaching out to contacts, the runners tracked down the gangers hideout to a small building in a run-down neighborhood. The runners approached and began a scouting mission, spotting several entrances, several guards and a machine gun nest. The runners settled on a plan, the would lock the doors, fire an incendiary arrow through the window and lock the doors, burning the gangers inside. As they runners began to sneak around the building, getting ready to bar the doors, things began to go wrong.

The Run

As Sanjuro and Behemoth climbed up and Pell took position, Gerisa began to sneak around to the other side. She wasn't quiet enough. One of the guards recognized her. While she was able to spin a story with her legendary reputation to keep them from raising the alarm but unfortunately for Gerisa, Behemoth overhead the whole exchange. From there, things began to spiral out of control.

Behemoth, fueled with rage and confusion, smashed through the upper window. Sanjuro followed by launching a flaming arrow, igniting several of the gangers including the machine gun nests. As the building began to light up in the flames, to everyone's surprise Behemoth remained in the burning building, smashing gangers. Sanjuro launched herself in to follow while Pell and Gerisa barred the doors and began to fire into the building. An enormous, cybered up ganger wielding a pole arm stepped out, rallying his troops for one final assault. As the others thinned the ranks, Behemoth crashed through the wall and grabbed Gerisa, demanding an explanation for her words, leaving Sanjuro and the gang leader alone in the burning building.

The duel was a swift one, Sanjuro ducking out of the way of the ganger's pole arm and retaliating, cutting the ganger down in two strikes. As the building collapsed, Sanjuro pushed her way out of the building and to wear Behemoth stood, grappling Gerisa.


Gerisa explained her goals within Humanis, though refused to renounce her contacts into a commlink. Behemoth, unsatisfied with this answer, shacked Gerisa. She began to cuff Gerisa to the crime scene but Sanjuro, who had stumbled onto the scene without context, pushed Behemoth into having everyone leave the scene before doing anything so drastic.

As they sped away from the crime scene with Gerisa cuffed, Behemoth gave her a second chance to renounce her humanis ways. She refused. Behemoth punched the now-crashing Gerisa, knocking her out. To all onlookers, it looked like Gerisa had been killed. Sanjuro, even with the new context, knew that runners don't kill runners. Despite her Kami crash, she threatened the stronger troll until Behemoth pedaled away on her bike. Pell offered the unconcious and dead-looking Gerisa to Doctor O+ and the runners returned the J, exhausted, distraught and missing two of their members. Payments were wired and the runners went their seperate ways.

Several hours later, Gerisa snapped to conciousness on Doctor O+'s operating table. She fled into the night. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


6k Nuyen (12k in vehicles/parts) (3 RVP)

9 karma (9 RVP)

Asmodeus: 8 GMP

Sanjuro: Strive for perfection at chargen price

Aurora: Some notoriety, as determined by thematics

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Oh boy. That was a lot. First the troll killers make me think about what happened to my mom and then ... that. I know she worked with Humanis but she was runner on the haven, they don't just let in Humanis spies. She was trying to do good, even if in a weird way that probably wouldn't really have worked. I know she's okay now but it was really scary at the time. Oh boy.


Well, that was a drekshow. Dead metaracists aren't that bad, at least. Hope that Sanjuro isn't as affected by this.

The Incredible Behemoth

The Troll Killers... well, they won't be doing that anymore. I hope Gerisa does some good with her life.