Brassica Oleracea By Another Name

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Brassica Oleracea By Another Name
Part of A Scattering of Deadly Petals
LocationEverett, Renton
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy
Eighty-Eight Triad Black Chrysanthemum
Reign Of Bullets
Five Mid-level Representatives Five Mid-level Representatives
Casualties and losses
None None None


In which the runners drink their way to victory and help maintain an uneasy peace between two rival Triads.


The two rival Triads wanted the Providence Regional Medical Center to only serve their members (not those of the other Triad), and to do it for free. Hospital Administrator Summer Smith hires runners out of her own pocket to help keep the hospital neutral.

The Runners

Dandy is out hiking when he hears a baby cougar by the side of the trail. He takes it home and patches it up, but the cougar is so attached to him he ends up adopting it and taking it to the meet.

Reign Of Bullets is working on repairing her armor (and getting the type-facing correct) when she turns on The Most Urban Brawl and sees Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy's jersey has his name misspelled as 'Keneny'. She immediately calls him, some shenanigans happen during the match, and she ends up biking her way to Puyallup to fix his Jersey. While there, she fights for the Brodie J Bullet Trains and meets Brodie J afterwards.

Trample is taking care of the Blood Kite egg she previously acquired when it starts to hatch! Afterwards, she goes to the store to get some food for it, and also picks up a small plushie for the baby bird.

Noble is on a call with his father, trying to stay on his dad's trust fund without having to work. His dad sets up an interview for him at a major accounting firm against Noble's will, and so he sabotages his own interview. He shows up in a t-shirt and jeans, hits on the receptionist, misses almost every question asked of him, and spills coffee on the interviewer. The interviewer gets angry, though Noble is able to calm him down. He does not get hired.

The Meet

The runners meet in the Providence Regional Medical Center, at Summer Smith's office. She is running late, however. Flamesaw terrorizes a few patients by saying hi to them with the flamesaw. Eventually a tired and overworked Mrs. Smith shows up and briefs the team on what's going on: in the ongoing tensions between the Eighty-Eights and the Black Chrysanthemum some members of each group have decided to take it upon themselves to lock the hospital out of working with the other party. She offers them 6k nuyen each (including Kenney) to make them leave the hospital out of their war.

The Plan

After much debate, the runners decide to call up Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III to arrange a meeting between both groups causing the problem (they're mid-level people in each Triad). He manages it successfully, setting up a meeting at E-Vue in Renton. They also call up Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane who puts them in touch with The Dukes to help them sabotage the Triads' cars.

The Run

The runners meet up at E-Vue with The Dukes and get Flamesaw super drunk, who ends up passed out in Trample's Roadmaster. The team decides not to sabotage the Triads' vehicles, and convinces The Dukes to stay in their vehicle and drink more.

Then, the runners attempt to get into the club and meet Vee-Jay, who doesn't want to let them in (as there is a line). After Noble tries to bribe him unsuccessfully, twice, one of Brodie J's bodyguards comes to let the runners in. Vee-Jay is very upset, muttering, "we live in a society..."

The runners (minus Trample) go into the club and do some drugs on their way to the private room where the Triads are waiting. Brodie J is in the same room, completely zonked out on Novacoke. Noble starts negotiations with the two groups while Reign Of Bullets and Dandy get the other members of each party drunk on peach moonshine (which was provided by The Dukes) in order to prevent a fight.

Meanwhile, outside, two incredibly drunk Dukes are outside taking apart cars. Trample notices them right before they get to the SUV the Black Chrysanthemum arrived in. She runs over to stop them, and the Triad inside the vehicle confronts her. When she points out The Dukes, he points his gun at them and yells at the sloppy drunk boys. This draws the attention of the Eighty-Eight Triad in their SUV, who runs over gun drawn. Trample attempts to negotiate, but Critically Glitches! Edge is spent to downgrade it to a Glitch, and she falls into a pile with The Dukes. There is much yelling from both Triads. Suddenly, Flamesaw comes over with a large mason jar of moonshine and somehow manages to defuse the situation. The two Triad members laugh and get drunk with Flamesaw and Trample.


Tensions between the Eighty-Eights and the Black Chrysanthemum are not inflamed, so an uneasy status-quo is maintained.



  • 6k nuyen (3 RVP worth)
  • 6 karma (6 RVP worth)
  • 2 CDP
  • Optional Contact: The Dukes (Connection 2) at Loyalty 2 for -3 RVP


  • Forced pickup of The Dukes (3 RVP worth)
  • Cat (Great) + 1500 nuyen (2 RVP worth)
  • +1 karma (1 RVP worth)

Reign Of Bullets:

  • Alexander-James Broderick Johnson III (Connection 4) at Loyalty 3 (6 RVP worth)


  • Animal Empathy for free (3 RVP worth)
  • +3 karma (3 RVP worth)


  • Honest Face for free (5 RVP worth)
  • +1 karma (1 RVP worth)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"I just fragging participated in a negotiation! AND WHO SAID THE GIRL WITH A GUN COULDN'T TALK, well - I didn't talk that much... BUT I WAS THERE AND THAT'S WHAT COUNTS! FLAMESAW was once again great, just - had to fix up his jacket, his spelling is likely his only flaw - that said, hell of a fella to punch aside. Met a guy called Brody J and got him to hook us up with a good place to handle the convo', thought it was gonna go sour, though seems to have been the best place to get to gangs to seek love - or at least, shoot each other less. Hospital is safe, the runners I was with were great. Heard Trample needed a bit of a hand, and the fellas Dandy called were, well less than Dandy. Noble kept to his word - and well - I felt rather pleased by the whole ordeal. Hope the hospital is at least one body safer now."