Buoys Are For Saturday

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Buoys Are For Saturday
GMCutier Than Thou
Status Threat Level: Milk Run
Factions Involved
Our Lady of the Perpetual Saturday
Seattle Coast Guard
Turm Falke
Casualties and losses
None Ted's pride


The runners relieve several crates of deepweed (and one cult member) from state custody.


Brother Anthony of the Children Of The Longest Weekend, an Alternate Lifestyle Commune that definitely is not a cult, was arrested by the coast guard under suspicion of transporting contraband into the city.

The Meet

The runners met outside the compound of the Children Of The Longest Weekend, a series of beach huts and portable grills unified by an ambient field of Good Vibes. There they met Lady Saturday, the commune's apparent leader, who explained the situation - several crates of "important supplies, mostly medical in nature" had been seized at the nearby public port, alongside the commune member transporting them. Strobe immediately (and correctly) assumed that "medical in nature" was code for "illegal substances", which Lady Saturday reluctantly confirmed. The party agreed to get Anthony and his shipment back in one piece.

The Plan

There was zero planning, which was a source of much friction between the team during the run.

The Run

Getting to the public port only took a fifteen minute run (or drive, or fly) along the coastline, after which the runners began to scope out the dock and Coast Guard office. Turm located the impounded boat, and picked a fight with several seagulls in the process, while Strobe sent in a microdrone through an open window to get the lay of the building. After she had located the holding cells, the runners entered the main lobby, and attempted to bribe Ted, the elven intern at the security desk, into letting Anthony go. In a panic, Ted radioed his supervisor Melissa (an ork marginally better-equipped for combat) for backup, though she was quickly talked into accepting the bribe and letting them into the office basement.

After extricating Anthony by melting the lock, the party split up; Strobe accompanying him back to the boat, while Milliam convinced Melissa to delete the records of the arrest and impoundment. Meanwhile, Turm and Koschei retrieved the keys to the boat from the evidence locker, as well as raiding a box of pirated trids. Anthony decided to leave the boat in the port for the time being, the team instead transporting the five supply crates from it in Strobe's car. They returned to the commune unimpeded.


Lady Saturday was incredibly grateful for the party's efforts in retrieving both Anthony and the supply crates, which turned out to contain would could only be described as "a Snoop Doggian amount of deepweed". In leiu of nuyen payment, as the Children eschew currency, the party were instead given a significant amount of deepweed (though the real reward was the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping out). Plus they were invited to partake in the night's festivities, and given custom-tailored hawaiian shirts, for if any of them ever changed their minds about joining the commune.


  • Brick of deepweed worth 4,000 nuyen and a custom-print hawaiian shirt each (1 RVP)
  • 4 karma (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Koschei: "Ah frag am I supposed to write these things? Bruh they started doing the conga! I'll make it quick, these weekend dudes are nuts but they are sooo fun! And the run was like mega easy. Wish I could go back and punch that ork lady in the face tho"

Strobe: "Well, that was a thousand nuyen down the drain. It was an easy gig, but it would've been nice if we had come up with an actual plan instead of just running straight in. Still, wasn't all bad. No one got hurt, and that lady Saturday smoked me out after the job. I sure as hell needed some time on the beach."

Turm Falke: "I begin to take my rightful spot at the sea. The air, the sonds, they even got meat. At least it smelly like meat, need to bring my own food. They seam very accepting, didn't even freak out when I turned into an elf. And Miliam is cool. Her panter was looking at me like prey at the beginning, but we sorted that out. I am the terror from the treetops and he is the king of the jungle."