But Why Is All The Hurlg Gone?

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But Why Is All The Hurlg Gone?
LocationPuyallup, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Repo Man
Gigabite's Defenses
Repo Man
Gord "Twitch" Rodney
Casualties and losses
Just, the worst hangover A life of boredom and a brick of C4, respectively


A handful of runners head down into the Puyallup underground to discover the lost stash of Hurlg buried beneath the ashen wasteland.


A giant ghoul decker by the name of Gigabite was once a resident of Hell's Kitchen in Puyallup. She was known mostly for being an absolutely awful decker and being drunk 24/7 - and now that Fear the Dark has finally caught up and deep-sixed her, the runners that knew her are wondering: Where the fuck did she keep all that Hurlg?

The Meet

Though some of the runners involved were already considering going looking for the trove of alcohol themselves, a message posted to the guest node provided the catalyst for the run to actually begin. The sender was a skeezy resident of Hell's Kitchen that looked even edgier than Barracuda; though he wasn't financing anything, he figured that if anyone could find where the hell Gigs hid her stash, it would be her fellow shadowrunners.

The Plan

After some brief surprise at the fact that a full team of genuine professional criminals showed up, the resident showed the party to Gigabite's old home: A beat up old strip mall where she had also had her last stand. Inside, they found the walls pock-marked with chromed buckshot, a dead ghoul in full body armor that had been there since Gigs' death, and most importantly, the beat up old terminal she used as her home computer. After a bit of hemming and hawing, Cricket kludged together a connection with her commlink's parts, taking a look around the filesystem of the Haven's most drunken decker.

Inside, she found a wide array of heavily databombed files, as well as a big, red button sculpted into the floor. With some masterful hacking work, she managed to secure two of the files (a video of Gigabyte drunkenly making a fool of herself in public, and a Limewire rip of a Hurlgrockaz song in Or'zet)... before tripping another. The team dove back as the terminal exploded with a trio of frag grenades, showering them in shrapnel that thankfully didn't result in any serious injuries. But with their only route of figuring out the map gone, they only had one lead: The ancient, busted-up subway tunnels Gigabite was known for disappearing into.

The Run

The team proceeded into the underground, even after hearing claims of the subway tunnels being haunted. And, what do you know - five seconds in, and the lights shut off, Jowls disappears, and Barracuda and Cricket are left to explore alone. While they continue to make their way down, Jowls comes to in an old maintenance shaft, with a peculiar, grim reaper-lookin' spirit making small talk.

Soon enough, after cutting through a small cave system branching off from the main tunnel, the other two runners arrived. The spirit, coming up with the name "Repo Man" on the spot, introduces himself and mentions that him and Gigabite had an arrangement: She'd come down and give him some company once in a while, and he'd keep watch over her stupidly massive stash of Hurlg. Of course, he wasn't the only defensive measure; pointing the runners in the right direction, Repo Man brought them to Gigabite's vault, secured with a truly stupendous amount of TNT that could only be disarmed by way of a voice recognition terminal kludged together next to the door.

For a brief time, the team discussed options on how to deal with this obstacle. Unfortunately, what they settled on was calling in the only explosives expert they knew: Gord "Twitch" Rodney, a member of the Hellraisers. The abrasive little snot was brought down to the vault, complaining all the way, and set about trying to disarm the trap built into the door with little success. That was when Cricket decided it'd be a good idea to mouth off to him. He carelessly chucked a brick of C4 at the door and bid the party adieu. Even Barracuda's dash to get the explosive and chase the hobgoblin down didn't persuade him to disarm in, and in the end, it was tossed off into the caves to leave a person-sized crater in one of the stalagmites.

Out of options, the team investigated the door panel... only to find that the explosion had jostled the tripwire to the trap in just the right way to effectively disarm it. The massive hoard of kegs were theirs for the taking.


After enlisting the people of Hell's Kitchen to help move the ungodly amount of alcohol to the surface, the mother of all parties began. Many drinks were shared, many toasts to Gigabite were given, and over the course of a week-long bender, only about half of the stash had been successfully depleted.

Mission accomplished.


  • 5600 units of Hurlg. Each keg contains 100 units. (14 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • Optional Contact: Repo Man, 1/1 Lonely Depressed Phantom (1 RVP)
  • Optional Reward: Shadow Hound, Untrained (1 RVP & 500 Nuyen)
  • May "Work for the People" or "Work for the Man" kegs of Hurlg at a rate of 400 units of Hurlg per point of Karma or 2,000 Nuyen

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I have no fraggin' idea what happened the past couple of days, but cheers to Gigabite. Hopefully, wherever she is, she's happy with who managed to find her lost treasure.

... Now, how do you train a Shadow Hound...?


I'm never touching another drop of Hurlg again. RIP to Gigabite; never actually knew her but anyone who can set those kind of data bombs is a loss. Getting to that video was an adrenaline spike like nothing else (except for maybe the grenade that came after). Seriously though I'm gonna throttle Twitch the next time I see him. Little bastard was actually willing to kill all of us out of spite. I almost gotta respect it. Almost.