Call Me, Seattle!

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Call Me, Seattle!
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Gav Jacinto
Joel Hathaway


An assassination run put together by Anderson Silvers, Seattle's number one personal injury attorney, in order to zero his competitor Joel Hathaway. The team consisted of the one-eyed Oni Bleue, the chainsaw-wielding Gav, the giant sniper Skadi, the drone wielding ganger Scrappenny, and the anemic rigger Grasshopper. Hathaway had earned Silvers' ire by stealing his TV ad space. For this offense, death was warranted. In order to get at Hathaway without his security detail, the team would have to strike while he was participating in an upcoming yacht race. They had Silvers' boat and a set of faked credentials to enter; all they'd have to do is sail the thing.

Through the skills of the Cap'n, an alcoholic troll that Grasshopper recruited through a contact, the party managed to keep pace with Hathaway's yacht. After a shootout with Hathaway's on-board bodyguard and his drones, Scrappenny used a homemade suicide drone to blow up the boat. As the boat sank, a now armless Hathaway vowed revenge on the party before Skadi's rifle launched him off this mortal coil. The team celebrated their victory while Scrappenny lay dumpshocked below deck.


There are very few things that piss Anderson Silvers off more than someone stealing his ad space. When said thief also steals his slogan, it's time to bring in the assassins. Said assassins, our team of intrepid shadowrunners, were called by their fixers and told to meet in an Auburn parking lot. The group gathered and introduced themselves, until Silvers pulled up in his Humvee Limo. The driver, a tuxedoed Ork with a checker-patterned mohawk, opened the door and gestured for them to get in.

The Meet

The inside of the limo was spacious, lined with real wood and reeking of cigar smoke. Silvers, a slickly dressed dwarf, puffed his smoke as the team piled in. He showed the team an AR trid, an advertisement that Hathaway had put up in Silvers' time slot. For this, Hathaway had to die. The problem was that the man was paranoid, constantly surrounded by a highly trained security detail. The one exception was when he was out yachting.

In two days, Silvers said, there would be a race at the Blue Maiden yacht club, in which Hathaway would be participating. He would be providing the team with credentials and a boat to pose as a visiting team from the CFS. They were to participate in the race, and zero Hathaway once the boats were out on the water. Silvers could get their gear past the club's security, but they'd have to figure out how to hide it from a physical boat inspection. Somehow, the yacht club managed to get the one judge in Seattle that didn't take bribes. Silvers offered payment of 12,000 Nuyen each, but through Bleue's negotiations it was brought up to 14,000. As long as they didn't scratch the boat.

The Plan

There were a couple of hurdles between the team and Hathaway. First and foremost was the fact that they had no clue how to sail a boat. To remedy this, Grasshopper called a contact and recruited the Cap'n, a Hurlg-addicted troll and former cruise ship Capitan. Under his wise tutelage Grasshopper, Scrappenny, and Gav went out on the water to practice and scout the race route. The sailing went as well as could be expected; Grasshopper and Scrappenny had at least some idea how to sail, and Gav's brawn was enough to compensate for having no clue what she was doing.

At the same time, Bleue and Skadi went to scout out the club. Thanks to their faked credentials, talking their way past the gate guard wasn't much of a problem. Once inside, Skadi stood watch while Bleue started chatting up the patrons. Hathaway was there, but despite Bleue's best attempts he could not be less interested in talking. His bodyguards elbowed her out of the way as he left. She had more luck with another boater, a stern businesswoman who was getting ready to go out on the water. Through her conversation, Bleue learned the name of the race's boat inspector: Adam Garland.

The team discussed a couple of plans for taking down Hathaway's boat, including having Gav pose as a chainsaw wielding yacht inspector, but eventually settled on just blowing the damn thing up. Scrappenny used C4 to create a disposable suicide drone, and began mentally preparing for the massive dumpshock she was going to take using it. As for the inspector, a truly heroic matrix search by Grasshopper revealed proof that inspector Garland was cheating on his wife. Convincing him to skip over the team's boat took little more than a call.

The Run

On the day of the race, the team suited up into their yachting uniforms. Despite the horrendously unfashionable outfits, the spare limo that Silvers provided made sure they arrived in style. The Cap'n was there too, lacking credentials or even a uniform. Despite it being relatively warm, he was wearing a booze-stained peacoat. This gave the gate guard pause, but Bleue explained that the Cap'n was a "drunken degenerate" who they had brought in as a short notice substitution. The absurdity of the situation and Bleue's sheer force of charisma convinced the guard to just make them someone else's problem. They strode in and got to work preparing their boat.

As it so happens, their boat was right next to Hathaway's. One of Hathaway's crew, a fancy blonde elf with a severe underbite, began hurling insults back and forth with Gav. Scrappenny chimed in, implying in Sperethiel that the elf was a product of incest. Before a duel could break out, Inspector Garland came aboard the team's boat. Whatever life remained in the man's eyes left as he looked over the massive pile of weapons sitting below deck. He looked at the team, looked back at the weapons, and left without saying a word.

All of the team except for Bleue piled onto the boat and set out on the water. The race began, and under the Cap'n's direction they began sailing with all their might. Shockingly, they actually managed to keep pace as they and Hathaway pulled away from the pack. Meanwhile, on the shore, Bleue had procured a Catholic priest's outfit in order to create a distraction when the shooting started. After about 20 minutes of racing, the two boats were alone on the stretch of water that the team had scouted earlier. Just when they were about to put their plan into action, an amplified voice came from Hathaway's boat. "Did you think it would be so easy?"

Hathaway had anticipated that Silvers would send assassins after him. Onto his boat he had brought his most trusted agent, the elven combat rigger Barnaby. Itching to get revenge for the team's insults, Barnaby began deploying his drones. Sadly, despite his security prowess, he had failed to notice one of Grasshoppers sniper drone before it put a round through his boss's chest. Things continued to go poorly for Barnaby when Grasshopper and Skadi destroyed his own two drones. Gav dodged his sporting rifle shots with ease, and continued hurling insults at him.

Meanwhile, on the shore, Bleue began her distraction. She stood in her priest's robes and delivered a fiery, impassioned sermon to the crowd. She warned that their very souls hung in the balance, teetering on the edge of eternal damnation. Her delivery managed to convert a single true believer, who began shouting "Amen!" at everything she said. The rest of the crowd, while not having a religious experience, were certainly distracted.

Back out on the water, Barnaby gave a mocking laugh at the team. "Did you really think I only had two drones?", he said as another group began to deploy. Unfortunately, he was not the only one with more drones. Below deck, Scrappenny had finally launched her suicide bomber. As Barnaby swore that he would exterminate this group of low-class shadowrunners, Scrappenny's drone jumped out of the water with the elegance of a dolphin. Barnaby's eyes widened, and he got halfway through a swear before being atomized by plastic explosives.

As the flaming yacht sank into the sea, a severely injured Hathaway swore revenge on the team. He was Seattle's number on personal injury attorney, and he would never be stopped by the likes of them. His ranting was cut short as a hail of gunfire reduced him to swiss cheese. The Cap'n, who had just witnessed (and been a party to) the murder of multiple people, nodded solemnly. "That's just how it goes out on these seas."


Not only did the team get their target without getting caught, they also managed to win the race. Bleue said goodbye to her convert and joined with the rest of the team. Silvers was happy with their performance, believing that the explosion would serve as a warning to any future competitors. Plus, they didn't even scratched the boat. With the J happy and the Nuyen transferred, the team went off to celebrate a job well done.


14,000 Nuyen 5 Karma Optional Contacts: Anderson Silvers (Connection 3, Loyalty 1), The Cap'n (Connection 1, Loyalty 3)

Game Quotes


Player After Action Reports (AARs)


...Well, this was the weirdest, wettest wetwork job that I know of. The team was also weird.

Scrappenny: there was some minor difficulties with trying to make sure this job went out without a hitch an Luckily think for the benefit of the team and some smart enginuity and me knocking myself out to make sure that the target did not make out of there alive

Bleue: I am pleased I was able to manipulate unpleasant fools. The man who offered the job was an unpleasant conversationalist but he offered a great amount of Nuyen, with a little prodding. Then it was simply a matter of blending in among the rich and talking. Something I am very skilled in.