Car envy

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Car envy
Part of Light the Shadows
LocationRedmond Outskirts
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Cog Rippers
Gav Jacinto
King Beef
True-Blue Ignition
Various Gangers
Casualties and losses
King Beef (Permanently Berserk) True-Blue Ignition, Various Gangers


An ordinary barren's gang war turned into a one sided slaughter after The Cog Rippers showed up with military grade weapons and an armored car, wiping out their rivals. A team of runners were hired to make things right again.


The outskirts of the barrens have always been home to numerous gangs and numerous gang wars. Two them, The Cog Rippers and The Steel Gears, have been embroiled in a petty gang war for as long as either them have been around. Perhaps even longer. Things were normal for a long time. The Cog Rippers, led by the chainsaw wielding, chromed up ganger named True-Blue Ignition and the Steel Gears with a communal leadership structure. It all changed one day, the day the cog rippers acquired their military grade weapons and their armored car. They tore through the Steel Gears, only leaving about 6 survivors. One of them, Chromehead, put out a call to shadowrunners to help. Luckily for him, some of them answered the call.

The Meet

The runners all received calls from their fixers and were informed of the situation and the low pay. Gav tossed aside her budgeting work, Scrappenny avoided a bar brawl, Apotheosis walked towards the meet and Daemon took a bumpy shuttle ride to Seattle. All was in order with the exception of King Beef, who was in jail.

His fixer called and they put together a plan. King Beef would break out of jail, do the job, boost his ratings, then go BACK to jail. It'll be as if he never left. After smashing through several cell blocks, a cafe and a powerline, King Beef made his get away through the sewers and finding a burner commlink to get his gear. The crew then found their way to the Redmond Outskirts to the clubhouse of the Steel Gears. One of the gangers named Chromehead went over the info and the pay and the runners were off to plan.

The Plan

The runners returned to King Beef's house in the barrens. Daemon did a matrix search and find some info on these Cog Rippers, King Beef attempted to summon a jacked potted plant, Apotheosis made friends with King Beef's cybered up wolf and Scrappenny called Anderson Silvers and offered some cash.

With compiled Trid footage, a location and articles as well as Anderson Silvers telling the tale of meeting a Cog Ripper in court who showed up on Kami and with hidden weapon, they set out to where the gangers were set up.

The Run

Approaching the ganger clubhouse, the runners were met with a sea of gangers and their high tech weapons. Gangers with Yamaha Raiden's, gangers doing donuts in their scrapped up cars, gangers with assault cannons and grenade launchers on the roof, gangers lounging about. Scrappenny used a fly drone to scout as Daemon ran a matrix perception, finding a key piece of data. Almost every single one of the gangers were running their gear, including the grenades, on wireless. With a smile on his face, Daemon dropped some marks as the runners prepared with various drugs. Unfortunately for King Beef, his luck with mixing drugs seemed to have run out, with the Dopadrin set to run out before his K-10. With that potential outcome set aside for later, the runners struck.

An ambush from stealth with Gav chainsawing gangers down, Apotheosis going in with an axe, Scrappenny sniping mooks and King Beef punching a car so hard it exploded. Daemon told the gangers grenades to do what they do best and everyone on the roof of the ganger hideout were promptly exploded into the 7th world. The battle raged on, with Gav going toe-to-toe with a mage, Apotheosis being rammed and then commandeering a vehicle and one of the gangers taking out one of Scrappenny's drones. After King Beef jetpacked onto and through the roof, bring the last ganger unconscious, the armored car was revealed.

Apotheosis opened the doors, revealing none other than True-Blue Ignition himself, wielding a chainsaw and a fully auto shotgun. The second round of combat kicked off with True-Blue almost sawing Apotheosis in half right of the bat. The runners focused fire, with Apotheosis burning an edge to smackdown True-Blue, finishing him off. The decker within the vehicle surrendered and sprinted away from the scene of the carnage while Scrappenny took the Ares Roadmaster with the runners intthe backseat back towards the J.


As the were driving out, the K-10 crash hit King Beef. As he sat in the back of the vehicle, bleeding profusely, there was one final roll of the dice. One final test of fate for the king.

He failed.

King Beef hulked out and ripped through the back of the truck, sprinting away on all fours with murder in his eyes and rage in his heart. His mentor's mask giving him the armor of Ares, the god of war. King Beef wished for bloodshed until his mind or body faded away and that was exactly what he got.


8k Nuyen (4 RVP)

10 Karma (10 RVP)

For scrappenny 1 Ares Roadmaster (smuggling compartment, rigger interface, tag eraser, off-road tires) (14 RVP)

For King Beef: A life of unbridled conquest and violence until the very end (priceless)

For everyone else: depression

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Gav Jacinto: All in all, I guess that run went pretty well, all things considered? Other than, y'know, the fuckin' mage that broke my arm, but at least I got to shove that gun right back up the holster he pulled it out from - oh, yeah, you weren't there, on the way over we had this whole discussion about these guys smuggling guns into prison in their... Anyway, that was a thing. Oh, yeah, and Beefboy flipped his shit and started tearing cars apart with his bare hands at the end, which, honestly, mood. But other than a few minor setbacks, pretty good run? Nobody got really messed up, except for the whole 'roid rage incident at the end, and Red Dead Reclaimation or whatever his name was handily demonstrated my point that idiots shouldn't have chainsaws, so, what more can you ask for?

Scrappenny: Hoping for one of those jobs, where noting could go wrong and deal with a rival gang...turns out it went fine but that use of K-10 is a reason why i avoid that stuff. no matter what, can't expect it to work out and i do hope noting truly bad comes of this.