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Whenever a GM runs. run within a metaplot, they may claim 1 additional GMP Reward for the run. In order to claim this GMP, the metaplot must have a metaplot page and the new run must have a completed AAR on the wiki.

The metaplot may be a CGL based metaplot, completely homebrew, or anything in between.

Creating a metaplot page will confer at least 2 GMP, but a thematics member may award more for pages that had more work done on them and that create a more accessible metaplot. The goal of these metaplot pages is to allow a new GM to quickly skim your page and be able to write a run within the metaplot.

The metaplots and most recent metaplot runs are linked below.

See Template:Metaplot for the page format template for creating a new metaplot page. However, note that this is only a suggested guide for the format. It it does not fit with the metaplot, it may be altered as necessary.

NameDateMetaplot(s) Run is Part ofGM
One night in Neo-Tokyo28 November 2082Enemy withinKaterSalem
A nice walk in the woods21 November 2082Enemy withinKaterSalem
Upon This Rock I Shall Build My Church14 November 2082Temple in the ShadowsSarcarian
A Taste of One's Own Medicine11 November 2082In RemembranceSarcarian
Pepper sack business7 November 2082Enemy withinKaterSalem
Footprints in the Sand6 November 2082Soji Shogi
Get off Our Lawn
Heartache by the number29 October 2082When You Reach MeDraknic
But Where Has All The Gold Gone?24 October 2082Orichalcum TraitorsAurora
The Graveyard of Ships24 October 2082The ShipbreakerNoctis
Once Again, Jarheads! In The Ork Underground!18 October 2082Head In A JarAurora
Just The Right Colour17 October 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
Gangster Life, I Choose You!13 October 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
Infrastructure Theorem11 October 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
Recruiting For The Skeleton War3 October 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
Body Blocking30 September 2082La Famille Du PeintreSleevey
Undervalued Prisoner29 September 2082Pacific GrudgeDejapes
Something That History has not Forgotten28 September 2082Dead Gods StirPatGrffin
Foreman's Fired25 September 2082Festering InfestationAsmodeus
Until Dawn21 September 2082Pacific GrudgeDejapes
Certified Testing20 September 2082Hail to the PumpkingAsmodeus
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