Cheshire Cat

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Cheshire Cat
Cat Cheshire.png
Illusion mage
“It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not but common sense doesn’t really work here. You’re mad. I’m mad. We’re all mad here.”
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


A mad cat from out of town that's been living in Puyallap for the last few years, doing odd jobs and runs for the people.


Cause Chaos!

Protect does who are seen as less then.

Make money.


Born and raised in England. Cheshire grew up rich and wealthy before they lost it all to their mother's gambling additcion. They ended up in the slums of London were they quickly discorved how their magic could make money by perfoming shows and stealing. The communinty took them and their family under ther wing, helping out as much as they could. As they grew up and begane to learn to control their magic more a opertunity to run in the shadows for the first came around. A small job to steal from a logcal gang that terriozied the area, they took the job needing the moeny and wishing to remove the gang. It all wen't wrong when a stray bullet cut a pipe realising gass into the room, they got traped as the other runners left them to save their own skin. Cheshire broke out after 20 mins of breathing it and it changed them, they once were a quite and hard working child but now they enjoyed pulling pranks and causing chaos. They now had a wish to leave England, to see the world and cause chaos. They traveld around the world shadowrunning and causing chaos. They ended up in Seattle were they found Pullapy. Cheshire felt connected to this place and strangly wished to stay. They slowly got ingrained into the cummonity and provid help to the people for free, no service to small for does in true need. They fell for the pixie owner of a small bar named Nixel. They met one day when Cheshire had to remove a dick head from the bar. Later the same year they met Niema an ork who connected them to the underground. Cheshire began to volinter for the people unclinding the people of the underground. Untill resently they had retired from running but the want to run has come back so they follow.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Mentor Spirit (Cat)

Mentor's Mask

Dependent (Incovenience) Smokes.

Distinctive Style

Force of Chaos

Poor Self Control (Sadistic)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
One Man's TrashZombono28 May 2081
Let's Get LostOptimismBeast4 May 2081
The Road Runner ShowOptimismBeastThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes7 April 2081
FaithlessDarklordiablo4 April 2081
Intern ReturnTeksura24 March 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Ether 5 1 Fixer Fixer Smuggler, Armorer, Vehicles, Elven Blood, Ganger Network, Seattle Underworld -1
Stan 4 3 Gear Talismonger (Dark Magic) Awakened, Talismonger, Dark Magic, Dead Things, Organlegger Even
Slowride 2 2 Legwork Chatty Driver Come Take A Ride, Smooth Steering, Shadow Fan Even
Fia Aloise 1 1 Legwork Cafe Manager Street Rumors, Mafia Knowledge Even



People of Pullayp


In Character Information

A stragne mage new on the scence.

Symbols and Signatures

The way their known to play with their enemies.

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Erin Copper


5'7, fair skin, whit hair and purple eyes.


Bagy punk clothes.

Matrix Persona

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