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The True Knight Errant
MetatypeElf (Human Looking)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.December 24, 2046
Metatype - D
Attributes - D
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - A
Resources - A

Character Information


What if we took Batman's need for revenge and deep-rooted desire to help people then mixed it in with Nuke's dependence on drugs, as well as the instability of Moon Knight and the overall look of a knight in half-plate? Why you'd get Chevalier, a man who styles himself a vigilante and who shadowruns in order to inject money in the dying estate left behind by his parents after a terrible car accident.

Currently he's in his year-one phase. He's only just returned from Germany after a twenty year absence. He was due to return sooner, as in, once he came of age - but he stayed and learned the chivalric ways of the order of knights his family is descended from.


- To avenge his parent's death

- To become stronger.

- To strike fear in the hearts of criminals.

- To meter out justice to anybody who thinks they can avoid it.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Privileged Family Name - The name Barrenholtz means something. While the public is not fully aware that the prodigal son has returned, their blue-blooded roots run deep. Just dropping the name itself is enough to give most people pause. It doesn't have the weight it used to - but at least Seattle hasn't completely buried it.

Bi-Polar - Because of the cocktail coursing through his veins in an effort to shortcut the years of physical training / complete reliance on cyberware his mental state has deteriorated. Some days are better than others, but without his medication all days are bad.

SINNer - A dual-citizenship between the UCAS and The German Free States means he is officially on the record and on the record twice.

Driven - While he doesn't have any leads now (the trail is long since dead), he'd drop anything and everything to find the man who killed his parents and bring him to justice.

Run History




Cavendish - Connection 3, Loyalty 3 - Fixer (Networking) Frederick Cavendish is Baldric's long-suffering butler and confident. He raised the young boy until he was old enough to be shipped off to his Uncle in Berlin and now that he has returned he has taken it upon himself to make certain that he is looked after in the circles his master has chosen to run in. He is a tall, thin elf with silver hair and a pencil thin mustache. He wears a crisp suit and speaks in an even, polite clip even when it is obvious he has no desire to continue speaking with the party he is consulting with.


Angela Gellars - Connection 3, Loyalty 1 - Street-Doc (Swag) Angela Gellars knew Baldric before he went off to Germany. They have since become estranged, but recent events have put them back into contact - namely Chevalier breaking through her apartment window with a number of bullet-wounds and a  cred-stick clutched in his mangled hand. Angela is a blond, petite elf that is almost always wearing a lab coat and comfortable slacks. She is smart, witty, and thinks that throwing himself into the shadows to 'solve' the problems his parents had attempted and failed to solve is the dumbest thing in the world. She is studying for her medical degree, and has access to Ares facilities and technology.

In Character Information


Baldric is the son of Godric and Milenda Barrenholtz - two of the wealthiest land owners in the Seattle area. Their family has held the rights to nearly three dozen warehouses and private neighborhoods for three generations and they  managed to keep their interests as far from the corporate court as possible as the world changed around them. They were people of firm German convinctions and insitlled those values in their son - the idea that every man was free, regardless of SIN and the rights of the people were always something to defend.

But they made the mistake that wealthy people often do - they got involved in politics. And despite public support and significant private reserves of cash, it was not enough to keep them safe. Their deaths were officially ruled 'an accident' and Baldric was sent back to Germany to live with his uncle until his trust fund matured and he was able to access it.

His return to Seattle was widely publicized - a favored son, old enough to make his own decisions and rich enough to continue his parents legacy of public works. But in truth, that world no longer interested him. He had seen beyond, and knew the only way to help the little man against the rising tide was to fight back against it in person.

In secret, at night, he dons the armor of Chevalier much to his butler Cavendish's chagrin. He does what good he can with what is left of the dwindling resources of his family's once-mighty empire.

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A European migrant-worker with ties to several clandestine British organizations. He has the licenses needed to carry restricted weapons, and his hands are officially labeled 'deadly' thanks to his restricted cyberware license as well.



Tall and imposing with eyes the color of blue crystal, Baldric Barrenholtz bares the look of a man who has seen more things than he should have in his few years spent on this earth. His build is broad and capable and he has the regal features of someone descended from the higher echelons of society. A roman nose, a strong chin and a firm handshake. He speaks in a somber baritone and apparently has forgotten how to smile unless there are cameras present.

There is a small templar cross pin on the lapel of his suit. He fidgets with it when his hands don't have anything to busy themselves with.

Matrix Persona

A knight clad in white armor with a glistening raiment bearing the Barrenholtz crest. His head is covered by a greathelm and his face is hidden. He is followed by a page-boy who carries all of his equipment (programs).

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