Cracking the Iron Shell

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Cracking the Iron Shell
Part of Against all odds - The OtherCon story
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Evo Caravan
Casualties and losses
Evo Caravan


Evo transported kidnapped changelings across the city, only to be stopped by the runner's intervention.


Evo has long been interested in studying changelings, both ethically and very very unethically. To acquire test subjects, they have been abducting changelings, forcing them to serve as lab rats. OtherCon, a voice standing for those in need, has been opposing them, fighting tooth and nail against the oppression of EVO. Recently, Tanya received word that the Mega was going to move captured changelings to a more secure facility in the night. Knowing that this was her shot to free these people, she quickly contracted a team of runners to assault the caravan.

The Meet

The runners met Tanya near the OtherCon headquarters, where she offered them food, and excitedly briefed them on the mission. While easily distracted and light on details, she did convey the general needs of the job, and pointed the runners to where the EVO holding facility was. The company was moving the captured people from a temporary facility near the Redmond-Bellevue border, to a fortified and secure lab in the downtown area. While not technically required to hit the caravan in transit, it would likely be an easier task than assaulting either of the EVO strongholds. After a very easy negotiation for 10k nuyen, the runners went off to plan, Acorn cakes in hand.

The Plan

First the team got in touch with many of their contacts. Tanya's information was extremely vague, and not nearly enough to plan an operation off of. After consulting several sources, a clearer picture of the situation developed. Gang sources in the area had seen three heavily armored vehicles entering the EVO holding facility, weapons on top. Trusting the word of conspiracy theorist Leah Perry, the team found the likely route of the caravan. A quick consultation with a Loa of Guidance by Glamor gave a rather ominous warning about a flaming eagle. Interpreting that as a possible helicopter threat, the team began to try to plan their way around their information, seeking to make the assault go off as smooth as possible.

Several key goals were determined to make the op go well. First, they needed a safehouse. Evo would likely want their captives back, and have considerable resources available to look. No one wants to be caught out in a manhunt. Second, a way was needed to get the caravan off the highway. The open road gives little places to hide, and it's hard to stop the vehicles in a space like that. Finally, they needed a way to get the vehicles to stop, without hurting the prisoners inside.

After much deliberation and information gathering, they decided on the following plan. The team would cause a water pipe underneath the highway to burst, hopefully flooding the area, causing the road to be shut down. The convoy, unable to take their planned route, would have to divert onto a side path, one where a proper ambush could be created, that at the same time had a reasonably low security rating. At this point, Glamor would use a spirit to influence the prisoner car to come to a stop, and the assaults would begin. After securing the prisoners, the team would drive them over to a nearby safehouse in Redmond.

The Run

Aurora sent a task spirit to detonate explosives charges provided by Reapsaw, and soon the highway was rupture, water spraying everywhere. A maintenance crew was dispatched within a few hours, and the highway blocked off. As a spotter communicated that the convoy had left the facility, the team prepared for battle, taking up hidden positions and watching for the enemy. Eventually, the EVO convoy came into view, and the opposition was fully revealed to them. In the front and back of the convoy were Dodge Stallions, EVO soldiers inside, a manned machine gun on top. In the center, an Evo offshoot of the Ares Roadmaster mounted with a HMG was clearly where the prisoners were being stored. Glamor, disguised as a hitchhiker, sent her spirit to order the driver within to stop. After a few tense seconds, the rigger inside drew the Roadmaster to a stop, unlocking the door to where the people were being held. The other two cars, realizing something was wrong, radioed an alarm and pointed their guns at the banshee. Trying to act natural for a bit, she subtly send her bound fire spirit inside one of the Stallions, orders to incinerate all within. As the flaming loa materialized, combat broke out.

The fighting was quick and brutal. An overcharge ice storm by Glamor froze everyone inside the front car. The escaping soldiers from the back car in turn did heavy damage to Sanjuro and Glamor, even knocking Glamor unconscious. Tempo ran inside of the unlocked Roadmaster, getting in the room with the prisoners, as well as encountering two EVO minions pointing guns at him. A few back and forth, led to Tempo killing one and the other cowering in fear from a spirit's effect. The Roadmaster began to spray large caliber bullets across the battlefield, first suppressing Reapsaw as he attempted to tear the door to the Rigger open, and then focusing fire when that failed, at the end knocking him unconscious as well. In the meantime, Glamor's fire spirit and Sanjuro mopped up the remaining soldiers fighting them, leaving them open to provide aid to Reapsaw. Sanjuro leaping forward, jumped on top of the Roadmaster, swinging with great force at the HMG, disabling it. At this point, the fighting had stopped, the runner successful.

As they loaded the captives into their car, starting to drive towards the safehouse, they heard the beat of an aircraft approaching. A helicopter had approached the area, spotlight sweeping for the runners. A tense escape ensued, the runners trying to dodge the attention of the heavily armed aircraft. Thankfully, they managed to avoid its spotlight, escaping safely to the safehouse and successfully completing the run.


Tanya was overjoyed with the runner's performance. They successfully rescued all the captives, with none of them being injured at all. Also, they managed to strike a pretty clear and obvious blow against EVO. She paid the runners what was promised and gifted them some fresh acorn cakes, dusted with fake cinnamon.


10k Nuyen (5 RVP)

7 Karma (7 RVP)

4 CDP (1 RVP)

5 Acorn Cakes, cooked with love by Tanya

Optional Contact: Tanya 2/3 (Subtract 4 RVP from other rewards)

+2 Othercon Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Sanjuro and that Reapsaw fellow don't seem to like each other very much.


I hate working with idiots, who lack any brains inside of their skulls


“We saved some people. That’s what we should focus on. I don’t like being called unprofessional and stupid but like … it just happens sometimes. We should focus on the good we did with the job and how cool I was in the fight and not mean runners.”