Cyborg Envy

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Cyborg Envy
Auburn, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Renraku
Reign Of Bullets
Master Morty
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy
2 Beast Spirits
4 Security Cyborgs
Security Mage
Casualties and losses


Where the runners are hired to do a simple smash and grab on a Renraku black site to steal some research data involving cyborgs.


The Johnson Amrei Veidt has a particular need for information, calling occasionally on various runners to handle the details. Her latest fixation: Cyborgs. Renraku has got the information, and Amrei desires it, and is willing to pay top dollar to the runners to acquire it, at any cost. (to the runners at least)

The Meet

The crew meets at a popular Japanese restaurant in Downtown Seattle that specializes in Seafood. Stepping inside, Master Morty immediately begins to tear up, as the odor of shellfish assaults his senses. Putting on his ballistic mask, he begins to shout ""I'm allergic to shellfish!", as he is quickly escorted to the table by the mortified wait staff. The rest of the team shows, and is immediately seated. Everyone is brought the lobster, except Swerve, who is provided a goblet of blood. Master Morty is incensed by the offer of shellfish, and makes a scene, even going so far as to insult the Johnson, with a poorly chosen set of words that results in his immediate punishment by the skilled decker. Morty sulks, as the rest of the team discusses the job; namely breaking into a Renraku black site and stealing data pertaining to cyborgs. She offers the team 24k to do the job, to which they happily agree. No further information is forthcoming, so the team heads out to put their heads together to determine their best course of action.

The Plan

Meeting at a restaurant that serves primarily infected known as "The Underground", the team waits on Master Morty as he spends several hours in the matrix looking for answers. Reign of Bullets calls on Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy to ask him if he has any information, and inadvertently invites him to the club to join the runners. Master Morty is overjoyed, and strongly supports Kenny's involvement, despite the many protests by the other runners. Eventually they capitulate and Kenny is allowed to join the team. Morty manages to eke out the slimmest of information, coming up with the security information needed to allow the team to prepare. Swerve arranges a ride to the job via his contacts, bringing in the drug-addled Clyde to handle the transportation in his roomy bus; cheerleaders not withstanding. The team decides on a straight forward approach, heading directly for the front door of the site. Unfortunately they are spotted by the roaming beast spirits, who try to nab a quick lunch of the completely unprepared runners...

The Run

The Beast Spirits attack, but only Master Morty and Swerve are surprised. Reapsaw leaps into action punching a spirit squarely with his lethal hand, almost killing it. Fortunately, Kenny is there to finish it off, with a nasty swipe of his own paw. The team continues to wail away at the second beast spirit, but it's extreme dodginess evades all their attacks, until Kenny finally finishes off the second one with another nasty flaming saw attack. The team takes a moment to consider this guy they all thought was a rube, but has shown himself to be quite capable in combat. With a renewed sense of purpose, the team moves forward ready to unlock the door. Morty tells them to hold up, as he will enter the host and make things easier. He attempts to make good on his boast, but only manages to fry the two spiders that are protecting the facility before he is dump shocked by overwatch. Shaking his head, Morty tells the crew they are on their own, and immediately falls back chagrined. Reapsaw and Kenny move toward the door, intent on using explosives to open it. The door is blown, and the team breaches the facility, Master Morty in the tender clutches of Kenny as Kenny runs forward, into the waiting firearms of the four cyborgs and the security mage.

Reign drops a load of suppressive fire, causing two of the cyborgs extreme distress. Reapsaw spends the entirety of combat attempting to grapple a cyborg, any cyborg, but fails miserably throughout. Grenades are thrown, and run away from, bullets are hailed and absorbed. Swerve takes massive damage and drops to the floor, unconscious. Morty data spikes two of the cyborgs while Kenny takes out a third. Reign continues to fire bullets wildly about, giggling like a mad dwarf. The security mage rushes forward during a lull in combat, placing a knife INTO Swerve's throat, telling the runners to surrender or see their comrade die a permanent death. Master Morty senses weakness, and sicks the Flamesaw on the foolish mage, watching in admiration as the flaming saw cuts the enemy mage in half. Taking the initiative, Master Morty finishes off the last cyborg, with another well placed data spike.

Moving on to the secure room, the door lock is breached and the offline host penetrated. Data secured, the team heads out, intent on avoiding any responding forces that may be on their way.


The team loads up in Clyde's bus, Swerve summoning an Earth Spirit to carry the unconscious form of Reapsaw. Heading out, the team makes the drop off and collects their cash; and everyone of them has a newfound respect for the MVP of the team, Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy.


  • 24k Nuyen
  • 4 Karma
  • 2 CDP (Including Reign of Bullets)
  • DUNE: 8 GMP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"First job on the Haven which was pretty exciting, and here I thought after I fixed a street-sign my day couldn't get better! Some odd bods - though they were all really good at what they did. Invited Kenny for some info, turned into a accidental invitation to the run. Dropped by a vampire hangout and Kenny tried to pet the ghouls... Not a phrase I was expecting to say on the first task. Put a few bullets into the 'borgs, Kenny dual wielded a sword and a hunchback - which was pretty awesomesauce. Guess I need to work with Kenny again!"

Master Morty

"So, I'm getting the feeling that Amrei might not feel the way about me that I've always felt that she felt about me. I don't know. This book I'm reading to Sweetie, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Social Interaction" says I should mind my tongue around "people of influence". I'm pretty sure that means Amrei. In the future I'm gonna try to talk less and listen more, that might help. But the run went, well not exactly smooth, but well enough I guess. Nobody died (permanently) and we got the data. The pay was nice, and I can't fault Amrei for her side of things. Maybe gotta try and be less me."


That's was a rather unwilling sight on being at a bar where people are eaten and soul drain by ghouls and i try to think about other things and deal with Master Morty who was being a pain in the neck. overall it came down to dealing with some cyborgs and saving some clone brains.


Well the J knew I was a banshee. That's good and bad I guess. Bad for well.. obvious reasons. On the bright side they gave me blood at the meet! That was nice! I really got nailed in the fighting though. I probably should have fought smarter. Things to reflect on I guess.

It also sucks to see more jarheads. It's a pretty tragic situation.