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Oni Technomancer, Punk Musician, and off-Face.
In Japanese:San Francisco screams, can you hear it/Saito's sins stain the streets and they echo/No honor, no glory/For those who were left behind.
-Lotus Eater Machine, San Francisco Screams
PlayerGhostlin [1]
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.October 31st, 2057


(This page has changed, this character has gone through a Voluntary Resubmit that has changed many aspects of the character.)

Daemon is a tall (6'4") orange skinned, green eyed oni with small horns. His hair is teased into a spiky configuration, and dyed a midnight blue.

When dressed on a Shadowrunning  job, he wears a immaculate blue suit with no tie, a studded leather collar around his neck.

Most other times, he dresses in leather pants, a deliberately ripped band t-shirt, and button up above it.


Character spoilers past this point.

  • To learn about his powers and Resonance.
  • To spread his band's fame outside of San Francisco.
  • To become popular enough not to need Shiawase anymore.
  • For Oni Punk to be a relatively good movement, and not just a niche version of Ork punk.
  • To patch things up with his brother and sister not involved with the band.


As an infant, Daemon's family fled Yomi Island, hoping to make their fortunes better in San Francisco. They got to enjoy three or four years of peace until Saito came to San Francisco. Due to some sucess at hiding, Daemon and his family were able to survive (although have never really forgotten the scars of) an occupied San Francisco. Daemon found his love in music, a refuge of angry sounds that his family had stoically expressed that he should attempt to repress.

The other thing he was encouraged to repress was Emerging at 13 as a technomancer. Music and the imagery therein became his way to control his powers, the way he managed to deal with being a technomancer. Three years ago, him and three other oni (one of them his brother Kaito, who is the band's drummer) formed the band Lotus Eater Machine. A year an a half ago, they were discovered by a Shiawase talent scout, and after much disagreement (one that caused the other guitarists to leave the band and ultimately get replaced) and debate, Lotus Eater Machine agreed to sign with Shiawase in an attempt to improve the corp's public image with the metahuman community. This was considered something of a betrayal from his brother and sister not in the band, Himari, who is part of a militant ork rights group in San Francisco; and Aito, who works with Mothers of Metahumans.

While Daemon is well aware taking corporate money to do what he does is "selling out", he does find it amusing that a corporation is continuing to fund anti corporate music just so they can have an olive branch for the metahuman community. He currently lives in a small, corporately owned apartment in South City.

While Daemon doesn't necessarily need Shadowrunning to make money, he does because "it's the best kind of inspiration of punk--sticking it to the man."

Narrative Significant Qualities

Positive Qualities: Better on the Net [Sleaze, Firewall], Fame: Local (San Francisco)

Negative Qualities: Day Job 2 (Head Guitarist, Lotus Eater Machine), SINner Corporate Limited: Shiawase [Hisao Adachi]

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Car envySleeveyLight the Shadows2 June 2082
Unlocking the GeneMadMan25 August 2081
The Hacker WarsDoc Mcguffins5 April 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Mr Fix-It 5 2 Fixer Fixer Information Broker, A Star in the Shadows, The San Francisco Treat, Pressing Concerns, Anarchist's Blackbook, Corporation Connector Even
Steve Remington 5 2 Gear Merchant of Death Burn Notice, Black Marketeer, Armed and Armored, A Fancy with Firepower, Forbidden Favoritism, Spy Games, Explosive Personality, Pusherman Even
Sneaky Sanchez 2 2 Service Militant Smuggler The San Francisco Treat, A Stealthy Smuggler, Emerald City Connection Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Basic information on where the next gig (or album release date) of Lotus Eater Machine is going to happen next.
3 The lead guitarist of the band Lotus Eater Machine, Daemon has also been known to hang out in places where the techno savvy go to hang out.
6 Current Shadowrunner and transplant to San Francisco. Lotus Eater Machine features his brother, and is currently signed with a firm tied with Shiawase for their current label and publication.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Some kind of punk oni hacker that also has a band.
3 He has a day gig, working with his band Lotus Eater Machine, hangs out with the hacker kids on various forums, was permitted into Shadowhaven.
5 Works out of San Francisco. Has a number of family. His band is currently signed with a Shiawase label.


Hisao Adachi, Shiawase Corporate Limited

Ren Sayakai, Cal Free, Rating 4 Fake Sin with a PI licence.


See above

Matrix Persona

His persona is a Japanese styled demon, complete with ripped hakama, large curled oni horns, and a weapon that is a combination naginata/old style electric guitar.

Media Mentions

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