Dead and Deader

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Dead and Deader
Part of Temple in the Shadows
LocationRenton, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
The Night Throne
Temple in the Shadows
La Rapide
The Better Hunter
The Worse Hunter
Casualties and losses


Swerve and La Rapide do Karaoke. They meet the Catholic Terminator.

The Run

Swerve and La Rapide were hanging out, playing Poker. Swerve, realizing she's actually terrible at the game, suggests a change of venue. La Rapide, remembering a vampire Karaoke bar that Charon showed her, took Swerve and headed over to party. The pair, singing ancient punk songs they barely understood, were having a fun time, until a banging rang out from the front door. The banging continued, whomever outside barred from entry, until suddenly the sound of metal tearing filled the room. A monofilament chainsaw, cutting through the steel door, opened a hole allowing a single grenade to fall through crack. As the pair tried frantically to prepare, the grenade went off, hitting the bouncer with a spray of shrapnel and wood.

A hunter strides forward, crossbow and torch ready, his partner finishing off the unfortunate bouncer. Swerve and La Rapide engage in a desperate fight, backed into a corner by the hunters. La Rapide engages the main hunter in single combat, while Swerve tries and fails, multiple times, to mind control her enemies. Eventually, she manages to force the lackey to attack his superior, buying time for one of her spirits to hit the main hunter with a dose of fear. As he momentarily retreated, Swerve and La Rapide managed to run to Rap's car.

Driving away, things seem in the clear aside from La Rapide's rather nasty crossbow wound. Well, until a bolt slams through the car and into Swerve, knocking her out. Things go alright, until La Rapide's commlink gets hacked, leading to an SUV pulling out in front of them, sending the car off the road. This, giving time for the hunter to get in his car, starts to drive after the pair. Being not great drivers, Swerve keeps throwing mind magic at the hunter. Eventually, it connects, and she forces her enemy to jerk the wheel, sending his car swerving off the road, letting the banshees escape to relative safety.

Calling Amelie to give an update and ask for a safehouse, she graciously provides, charging her underling for the service. Grumbling and eventually accepting, they head over. Thankfully, they find a fridge inside stocked with blood. As they open it up though, Swerve realizes to her horror that Amelie was charging them for that too. With no other options, Swerve and La Rapide spend the day in hiding, fearful of the hunters lurking in the sunshine.

As the next night rises and Amelie kicks them out, they are immediately attacked. The hunter, waiting for them to emerge, is spotted by La Rapide. After a quick and brutal fight, with La Rapide's near death, the pair managed to finally take the hunter down, sending him into unconsciousness. Stripping him of all his gear and assessing for ware, finding nothing, the two called Amelie again, telling her that they captured the vampire hunter. Jean-Baptiste soon arrived, and they all headed back to Underworld.


Taking the hunter into the depths of the Underworld, Amelie assenses the hunter. Face contorting rage, she turns to Swerve and La Rapide. As it turns out, the man had nanite trackers running through his veins and neither noticed. Amelie tears into the two of them for their stupidity, that they cost them all dearly. Sending the hunter off to the dungeons, Swerve and La Rapide are left to stew in their failure.

Also the club burned down :(


+2 Chips on Amelie for bringing in a Vampire Hunter

-3 Chips on Amelie for exposing The Underworld's location to The Vatican

10% discount on IG

20 Karma (20 RVP)


Swerve and La Rapide are friends

Swerve's self esteem drops even lower, somehow


-10 Karma (-10 RVP)

Mentor Spirit Swap from Wolf to Wolf(alt) (10 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I fucked up. I betrayed everyone.

La Rapide

...fuck. First thing first, get a drink. Then think... fuck...

I need to find out... no no just assume the worse. They went after us specifically. So they maybe know where I live... I was going to move anyway, so that's taken care of. Now how to get rid of all the things? I'm gone call the Halloweeners and get some fuel. Maybe a body so they have something to find... Then lay low. Maybe Shy can help with that. Bothering Amelie would be a terrible idea... god damn it.

I also need to get better... Now that the thrown is compromised we will need to be ready. The ritual. Yeah, that will help... And maybe look after Swerve a bit...

I'll not follow you yet Charles. I know you wouldn't want it... See you soon...