Dernier Saut sur l'Enfer

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Dernier Saut sur l'Enfer
Part of Hail to the Pumpking
Status Threat Level: Hiigh
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Pump King Jack
Shy The Nightmare
Pump King Jack
Two bodyguard
Casualties and losses
??? The Nightmare is dead.


War is a cruel master but Shy is receptive to this cruelty. War break the weak with is violence yet allow the strong to arise...Strong or weak that's what she is going to find out.


Shy always had a grudge with Jack after that fateful day where he choked her. She couldn't let him slip away without doing anything in is demise. An opportunity is forwarded by her old unit. This is a one way trip but Shy don't care.

The Meet

Briefing did occur on the Nevadean base of the N-51. One way trip, dropped into the hot zone without any support. Shy was going to be on her own, no way they would send anyone with her, a suicide mission both Commander and le Bourguinion say. Evac site could be set up if by a miracle she came out of it alive. Shy is still willing to jump in hell so that's what's happening. The N-51 bring in a big favor, they use a plane on an unauthorised mission, an HALO jump, a Last Jump in Hell.

The Run

The landing was harsh, like the good old day. Gathering her gear Shy realise that the place take a huge toll on her adept powers. This was her Great Trial, she was there and can't walk away anymore. She started to sweep the area around her landing zone finding no clues about the location of Jack's lair. After a long search of about three hours, a familiar sensation striked her. The same kind of sensation that she felt when leaving in Sophocles, she was close to something. To prove her right she feeled observed and find one of the Sophocles boogeyman : Blue Jumpsuit, white mask and brown hair. This time he was not getting away thought Shy who did take a shot at him, he was not killed homever Shy now found the place where Jack was hiding inside a geyser.

Like an invitation the water split in half revealing a little cave, Shy take a jump to reach it and got hit by steaming water in the process, landing near the entrance she found a black veil, and felt the presence of Jack the place was doomed by his sole presence. But she was beaten, no point in going for the fight in that state. After a Stimpatch and a puff of Kami homever, she was ready to pull the fight. Shy passed the veil and end up facing Jack, two bodyguard wearing flamethrower and the Nightmare. Jack great her like a friend but Shy answer is a grenade throw. The Shadow spirit eat the grenade and shrug off a good part of the explosion, he try to influence Shy so she would drop her weapon but as Shy was going to do it, she hear her Mentor voice in her head. Bishamonten's trial couldn't end like this, so she raise her weapon and did shoot at the Nightmare, as Jack bodyguard tried to torch her, by a run of luck she manage to dodge most of the flame as her armor melt a bit.

Standing there Jack tried again to make Shy surender, and again Bishamonten wrath rush into the operative mind to push her to the fight. As an answer Jack did just stand and subdue the operative with his overwhelming strength, Shy was down already facing her defeat after a short fight. Still this couldn't be the end, she ripped herself out of Jack's grasp and grab her last grenade, and make a perfect throw inside the belly of the spirit. But this time Jack couldn't let it go, he grapped the device and throw it back at the operative.

Shy did manage to dodge the explosion but not a burst of flame from Jack's bodyguard doused in Fire she tried to stop the burn, in vain. The fade to black was quick and she was unable to make the Last Call.


Shy demise was completed by Jack drainaing her Karma and leaving her somewhere, to die or to survive is still unknown at this time.


12 CDP (5 RVP)

Will to Live 3 (9 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Shy Death Poem (Written prior to the run) :

An invisible poison
Soul deader than alive 
My heart Sundered

I’m shocked 
As light dies in me 
Broken Roots

No more wrath 
Flood by sadness 
A treacherous Pain

My end.