Dethroning the Dissonant

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Dethroning the Dissonant
LocationThe Matrix
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Grid Guide
Master Morty
Dea Eximia
Level 12 Fault Sprite
Level 6 Data Sprite
The Mayor's Reputation
Casualties and losses
None None The Mayor's Reputation


A Dissonant Techno is on the run, and if she is to be stopped, it's going to take one hell of a Matrix team to pull it off.


Our favorite techno with a mermaid's tail, Ca1yps0 has been keeping a "guest" in her boat for several months now. Unfortunately, her guest just happens to be the dissonant techno with ties to Deus, who is dedicated to his return, and lives to escape to bring about his wishes once again. Feeling secure in the "living arrangements" that she has provided, Ca1ypso is shocked to discover on her return one day that her guest Dea Eximia has escaped, and is on the run in the city of Seattle. Desperate to stop the ensuing apocalypse, Ca1yps0 calls on the strongest matrix people she knows; Sp4rks, Pulse, and with a great deal of reluctance, Master Morty.

The Meet

Ca1yps0 first contacts Sp4rks, letting him know that Dea has escaped, and she needs his help to track her down and hopefully talk her down before she can do anything detrimental to the general health of millions of people. Sp4rks agrees, admonishing his fishy friend about the consequences of HER actions finally catching up to her. Shaking her head in frustration, the mermaid has no real response to that, and instead pings Pulse, to see if he is available. Pulse is surprised at the invite, not really understanding the why of the situation, but more than happy to lend his aid, especially with the promise of potential shenanigans within the Matrix. Finally, Ca1yps0 contacts Master Morty, telling him that she needs his help to find a car thief, baiting him along with the idea that the thief "might" have some information that could help him attain his most cherished prize; immortality as an E-Ghost. Morty quickly agrees, as any promise of progress is worthwhile in his strangely glowing white eyes...

The Plan

Telling them each of her incipient need (with some editing for Master Morty), they arrange to meet in the 'trix to attempt to find the vehicle that Dea used initially. They each make their way into the matrix, hopping on the Grid Guide grid, and begin to use their individual talents to find the missing techno.

The Run

Hopping on to the Grid Guide grid, Pulse quickly spots a non-descript door that basically screams employees only. Morty is briefly distracted by a trail that whispers to him "To become an E-ghost, you must first dethrone God..." Disturbed at this strange message, Morty returns to the task at hand. The team works it's way into the restricted area, with Sp4rks providing a brief distraction in the public areas to throw off potential spotters. Inside the Industrial Host, Master Morty leads the team in locating the missing vehicle, discovering it's trail of vehicle swap after vehicle swap leading to a run down area of Redmond, to which the trail runs cold. Letting the team know of his findings, Morty and Ca1yps0 arrange to head to Redmond, at top speed.

However, our favorite internet troll Pulse discovers a tidbit of information while randomly placing a data bomb on a file. The mayor's vehicle is near the file, and a ready target for matrix shenanigans. Sending Sp4rks this information, Pulse sits back to watch the show, as Sp4rks hacks the vehicle's internal camera system, and discovers the Mayor seated within, having a conversation with someone who he quickly identifies a member of the Triads, based on the Black Chrysanthemum tag they are wearing. Deciding that this information is to important to just let go, Sp4rks hacks the Mayor's commlink, and records the conversation, even going so far as to be converged upon by GOD, as his desire out weighs his caution. Realizing the jig is up, Pulse pings the rest of the team, to let them know that Sp4rks is in trouble. Ca1yps0 immediately uses Resonance Veil to make Sp4rks virtually disappear on the matrix, becoming untraceable. Master Morty steps up to the plate as well, convincing the converging Knight Errant forces that the vehicle they are looking for is actually the mayor's vehicle. Pulling the Mayor over, the KE troops assault the vehicle, popping the doors open while simultaneously breaking the windows, screaming at the top of their lungs for the occupants to comply with their orders. Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated aspect, Triple Trouble masquerading as the Mayor enters the City Hall, and in the Mayor's office, takes several photos, leaving them on the desk to be found later.

Master Morty, Sp4rks, and Ca1yps0 arrive outside the building that seems to be wear Dea Eximia is hiding, a former 404 gangs hideout. Morty goes in hot, immediately spotting Dea and hitting her with a Data Spike that she rebounds upon him. Ca1yps0 approaches the massive fault sprite, and attempts to talk it down from annihilating the entire team with it's god-like powers. Calling on the team to hold, Ca1yps0 ask for a bit of time to discuss options with Dea, as she really doesn't want the encounter to devolve into violence. The data sprite hovers protectively in front of Dea, while Faulty just sits back, idly chatting about stuff and things with its fault sprite companion.

Ca1yps0 appeals to Dea, asking her to consider that the choices she has made have only led to tragedy, and that seeking out lie after lie in order to find truth is not the way. Dea considers this, as Master Morty makes known his own interest in what Dea knows, and more specifically, what she can lead him to. Sp4rks maintains his guard, but makes an impassioned plea to the dissonant techno, which sways her decision, forcing her persona to crack and fall away, revealing the sobbing and crumpled form of the woman in need. Ca1yps0 moves forward to console the woman, and Morty just taps his foot in impatience. Exiting the Matrix, the team waits as Dea exits the building, blood streaming down her face from the difficulties she faced in the matrix. Ca1yps0 agrees to find better living arrangements off the boat for her, as Morty suggests that she has information she needs to share with him. With a glint of fear in her eyes, Dea tells Ca1yps0 and Sp4rks that they should heed her words and never trust that one, pointing at the disfigured decker. Morty shrugs and tells her to fess up, at which she stalks forward and hisses, "You will never attain that which you seek", turning her back on him. Master Morty not to be out done, replies, "Well it seems you have nothing I need to hear after all" and returns to his waiting taxi, heading home.


Sp4rks makes arrangements to make use of the data he has collected involving the triads and the French Government, while Ca1lyps0 helps Dea settle into a new home. Master Morty returns to his search for Immortality, while Pulse just wonders quietly to himself, "What's Next?"


Fractal Punch and 1 Karma -or- Brilliant Heuristics -or- 5 Karma (5 RVP)

10 Karma (10 RVP)


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Master Morty

Lies, deceit, and yet another dead end. Much as I hate to be used, it happens in this world, and there ain't nothing that's gonna stop that. I wouldn't say she burned any bridges, but she's definitely on my list. One of them any way. But I digress, I got no time for sappy thoughts or regret; time to get back in there and find the answers I seek. Well maybe after a bit of relaxation with Sweetie first; she at least understands me."


What a fragging mess... I knew this day would come eventually - she's way too smart to be kept in a cage - but it was still a giant drekshow that nearly got a whole lot of people killed. It's a small miracle we got to her before GOD did. I feel bad about misleading Morty and Pulse, but I couldn't exactly just tell them the whole story; at least Sp4rks understood where I was coming from. I'm just glad we could get through to her, it seems like she really had something of a breakthrough - hopefully it lasts.


I got pulled into this by Ca1 because something weird happened around Downtown. I found some info on the public grid, and apparently it helped the rest of the team find them, but I had to pull out because GOD was on my hoop before too long. Don't know if there's much to be done after that, but I hope whatever weird drek happened on GridGuide, Ca1 can find some way of making sure it doesn't hit the wider 'Trix.