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Art by Sad Cat [1]
Chromodoris magnifica (or Doris for short)
Sea Witch, Detective, Newbie Decker, Pirate Queen
"Send nudis! Hah, that never gets old."
MetatypeSURGE III Gnome
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - D
Resources - E

Character Information


Yapese marine biologist, ocean explorer, Sea witch, detective, and junior decker. Pirate queen and narco-sub captain. Doris is a little bundle of spite and hate, jaded by many years of mistreatment and bearing witness to the worst of humanity during her long tenure at sea. Held back from embracing wanton destruction only by the wishes of the Goddess and Sea, Doris is struggling to find some sort of happiness in life beyond her wild (and rapidly changing) ambitions. She's quite friendly, however, and doesn't participate in the toxic discourse that one would expect from someone so deeply misanthropic.


  • Don't get dissected.
  • Get the funding to explore the depths of the awakened seas.
  • Educate the public (or anyone who will listen) on ocean related environmental issues.
  • Forcibly end illegal fishing operations.
  • Sink trawlers. (fuck trawlers) Clean up the ocean through peaceable action. [4]
  • Learn how to use demolitions so she can be a "real" eco-terrorist.
  • Figure out how to punch deck and become a well-rounded captain.
  • Possibly retire as a professor or an investigative journalist. Break the cycle of oppression and become truly self employed.


"Well, Doris, sorry I didn't give you any time for your holiday. It was, uh..." The captain handed her a cup of hot herbal tea.

"We cherry, par. I'm used to not celebrating while at sea. Burning things and ships don't go together, anyways." Doris sipped her drink as she waited to dry out, nodding in satisfaction as the burning pair of fishing vessels disappeared over the horizon. "Well, maybe those two count! Honestly, this was the best. I got to bust up a couple of nets, a couple of pirates, and hang out with the manta migration! And that big shark thing. Definitely good vibes."

"What was that thing? Wasn't that scary?"

"See, the best part of being a marine biologist is that a lot of the things I get to see haven't been seen before." Her rhinophores and gills flopped around lazily in the wind. "I'm always scared. If you're not in constant fear for your life, you're probably not respecting the sea enough," she replies, cackling. "Most things are just curious about me, they're not out to eat me! You get used to it after being in the water for so long. Nothing's really out to get you unless you're acting a fool."

"I guess." He shook his head. "QM says we'll be at Oahu in three days. You getting off there?"

"Naw, I'll stay on until we hit Seattle. I made a few contacts there and think I might have a chance of being able to live there for a little bit. I have some things I need to learn on land, unfortunately."

Originally born on Yap and raised on Guam, Doris underwent SURGE during the passing of Halley's Comet, though her particular mutations served as a boon in her marine biology studies. During her dissertation research she traveled all over the world and became increasingly frustrated with metahumanity's careless treatment of the oceans, eventually turning to sabotage when investigative journalism failed to have any immediate impact. After pulling a relatively successful string of jobs with the Huk, she headed to Seattle in order to learn how to use explosives and run the shadows.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Changeling (Class III SURGE) - A nudibranch SURGE (specifically Goniobranchus coi, as she will eagerly point out), Doris is an extreme rarity and very easy to identify. She SURGED during the passing of Halley's Comet at a young age. Being mistaken for a bug has caused many problems for her, and she has had significant difficulty finding a home outside of Guam and Micronesia. Thankfully Seattle is a bit... Weird, and she has managed to achieve enough of a foothold to start getting work.

Mentor Spirit (Sea) - Doris first garnered Sea's attention during a dangerous expedition to the abyssal plains North of Kosrae. While Doris still refuses to talk about what she saw down there, Sea and her children have been keeping a close eye on their newest champion ever since.

Spirit Whisperer - Extensive time spent underwater all around the South China Sea, Philippine Sea, Irish Sea, and the Pacific Ocean has garnered attention from many water spirits. Her desperate attempts to appease her summoned spirits and her general nervous demeanor is somehow entertaining to them, and Doris often finds herself being attended to by rather powerful entities.

Spirit Affinity (Water) - Word on the metaplanes gets around quickly, and while Doris is a little bit concerned about the amount of attention she's getting, most water spirits have heard nothing but good things about her.

Gills (Full)/Underwater Vision - Doris is fully adapted for the water!


Allergy (Chrome) - She's highly allergic to chromate and some other anti-corrosion coatings, as well as more direct exposure to high purity chrome.

Addiction (Mild, Betel) - While getting fresh betel nut like back home is quite difficult, at least Wuxing has a cheap gum alternative. Thankfully SD makes regular trips to Hawaii and Guam, so she's still able to get her fix.

Combat Paralysis - She's an angry academic with little real combat experience and is used to the slower pace of magical naval combat. Doris relies heavily on friendly spirits for her own protection and is having difficulty getting used to being shot at.

Insectoid Features - "I'm not an insect! Or a garden slug! I'm a sea slug, which isn't an insect - it's a mollusk - and they're not antennae, they're rhinophores!"

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Cr4ck1ng Th3 My5t3ryKorean BBQ18 August 2081
Cinnamon Buns and Cereal KillersSedatedAliceBlood in the Machine5 August 2081
How Much For A DramArcane5 August 2081
A Smuggler's StartKorean BBQ23 July 2081
Calm Seas AheadKorean BBQ7 July 2081
Under the Sea!Chrisst1116 July 2081
A Pirate's Life for Me!Korean BBQ30 June 2081
Bazaar BlitzZombono18 June 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Mint 3 2 Fixer Farm Operations Officer Construction Contractor, Green Thumb, Beacon of Hope, Earth Aspect Even
Surf Duct 2 3 Gear Talismonger/Scientific Vessel Captain Out to Sea, Sonar Seer, Sea Witch, International Water Rules, Boat Haver Even
News Van Dan 3 2 Legwork Guerilla Reporter (Infobroker) Infobroker, Conspiracy Theorist, Drone Operator, Hacktivist 1
Hyun Ae Hekmatyar 6 2 Gear Ship Broker Yard Boss, Court Jester, Gucci Gang, Sea Repo, Narco Sub Specialist, Water Drone Dealer, Watercraft Broker Even
King Midas 6 1 Fixer Fixer Golden Touch, Midas' Riches, King Of Hedonism, Elven Network, Social Adept, Laesa Syndicate Member, Expert Negotiator Even
Charity Horace 3 1 Service Community Activist Example Positive Aspect Even
High Calibre 4 1 Custom(K,A,G,N) Firearm Freak Hollistic Ballistics, Forensic Side Gig, Anthrodrone Operator, Guns Guns Guns, Gun-Seeing Eye Even
M4rqu15 M4cr0 4 1 Fixer Matrix Magnate Magnate, "There's only two things in life that are Certain, my dear...", The High Life, T34ch4r 0f th3 (Hacking) 4rt5, Eccentric Emerged Extraordinare Even


Faction Reputation




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A link leading to pictures of a colorful... Thing. Apparently it's some kind of sea slug. [5]
3 Her real name is Dr. Rosa Falan. This is definitely a person who has a PhD in marine biology from Silliman University in Dumaguete in the Philippines. She has a few peer-reviewed papers about nudibranchs, apparently did her post-doc in Tir na nOg studying bio-luminescent awakened plankton and Abrams Lobster migrations, and wrote her dissertation on "The Effects of Ambient Mana and Oxygen Levels on the Formation and Growth Rate of Awakened Coral Gardens in the Mesophotic Zone."
6 She apparently fled the Philippines after being specifically targeted by Imperial Japanese Forces after the sinking of several "fishing" vessels while serving aboard a eco-terrorist mothership with the Huk. She attempted to fake her own death when one of their boarding craft went down. There are two papers citing her as the field investigator for several abyssal plains studies and Marianas trench approaches, but there is no text to be found other than the title and the participants.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 "I heard she went to the bottom of the Marianas Trench and works for the Sea Dragon!" (absolutely not true) "I think she's a decker and a smuggler?"
2 "I think she's some kind of garden slug or something? Pretty unfortunate to be any kind of bug SURGE." (also wrong) "I heard she has a narco semi-sub and lives out at sea."
3 "She has a legitimate PhD in marine biology. Don't bring this up or ask questions about fish, because she won't ever shut up. She's really slow in a fight and I wouldn't expect her to be able to take a bullet, but the spirits that come to her help are pretty terrifying, and she's a pretty solid investigator despite not having much training."


  • Maria Rosario (UCAS) - Rating 1, Mage, Detective, Decker
  • Tana Taisacan (UCAS) - Rating 4, Mage, Detective, Decker


Incredibly short and mostly covered by a fleshy mantle, Doris decorates herself in order to try and play off her mantle/rhinophores/gills as a hat and her skirt as long hair. It doesn't really work, but at least it looks fashionable! She mostly resorts to completely covering up with ponchos and attempting to hide in cars.


Doris wears comically oversize, conspicuous ponchos in an attempt to cover her features up and avoid confrontation. Everything underneath is fairly stylish, at least, but it's still usually a poncho. In the water or at sea she wears a custom armored wetsuit with a webbing harness and plenty of D-rings for any equipment, with the color closely matching her natural colors.

Matrix Persona

Her normal persona is a fairly bland, dark-skinned dwarf woman.


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