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Status Threat Level: Milk Run
Factions Involved
Ciarniello Family
Angry street trash
Casualties and losses
6 knocked unconscious, 1 shot nonlethally


A mafia bookie has gone missing. The runners find him and bring him back.


The bookie Tony Tricomi, under the thumb of the Ciarniello Family, didn't appear at his drop-off point when he was scheduled to and over the mafia's cut of his earnings. There's a big soccer game in a few days, so a missing bookie is lost money. Knowing this, the mafia hires outside help to track him down quickly.

The Meet

The meet took place around 6:00pm at the Ristorante Leoni in downtown Everett, a dingy Italian restaurant. The team met the Johnson inside at a booth, and Winter started eating the man's fettucine pomodoro while he outlined the problem. The Johnson explained that the target had gone missing between 1-6 days ago, and that while the man wasn't well-liked that he wasn't enemies with any known murderers. A picture of Tricomi is provided, and payment is negotiated. If the target is dead, the mafia wants proof of death along with info on who did it, and if he's alive they want him returned to the Johnson. The client wants the guy back within 24 hours, and offers to double the initial 2000 nuyen payout if they do it within 12 hours.

The Plan

After the meet, the team convened outside to plan. They decided to summon a spirit (two spirits were summoned in the end) to use the search power, the runners having seen an image of the target during the meet to make the power work. A F6 plant and F9 beast spirit are brought into the material plane by Winter and Pell, respectively.

The Run

The run proper began with the search power being used to track down Tricomi. The beast spirit found him three kilometers away, at an empty office building. Upon arriving, Winter checked the matrix and found multiple commlinks running silent inside, confirming the presence of people in the building. Pell then sent her spirit in astrally to check out the area. Inside, the spirit assensed the people inside and found one unconscious and injured man that the search power pinged as the target, as well as five mundanes with minimal augmentation and one aware who reacted by attempting to run upon seeing a beast spirit drift through the astral. Upon being prompted to, the beast spirit didn't let that happen, manifesting to nonlethally take the awakened out with its unarmed prowess. The other conscious residents of the office responded by panicking, firing on the spirit to no effect and running away. Potato gave the only fleeing enemy to escape the spirit's claws (revealed to be hired muscle with a knife and no real combat training or gear) a laser appendectomy with her new-ish laser pistol. The ganger lived, but the pain and the getting shot at caused the man to curl up and wait for the scary ladies to go away. At this point the beast spirit got to knocking out the rest of the opposition, while the plant spirit was tasked with retrieving the target. Both did so without a hitch.


Tony Tricomi, still unconscious and revealed to have had his datajack roughly removed during his interrogation, was loaded into Potato's car, and the team drove back to the rendezvous. Tricomi woke up during the ride,but after confirming that he was being rescued didn't do much more. The team met Mr. Johnson behind the italian restaurant, and exchanged their target for the nuyen.


2 CDP, 4,000 nuyen, 1 karma, optional contact: Lil' Enzo (Mafia Johnson) at loyalty 1 connection 2

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"I'm going to remember that place - AMAZING pasta. The show was fun too, though Pell really needs to learn restraint, and coming from me, that says a lot."


Well, milk runs are milk runs. Real unfortunate that the guy had his 'ware removed, though.