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Face Adept
("There are no problems, only solutions." - John Lennon)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.February 7, 2039
PriorityMetatype - A
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


In one sentence? An exceptionally charismatic troll with a fascinating past and uncanny ability to talk his way into or out of anything who suddenly finds himself in the position of an ex-corporate Mr. Johnson forced into the shadows in order to survive.


To discover the fate of his mentor and father figure, Marcus E. Matthews. Note: See Halcyon Days (Drokhan's Ordeal Run) on the wiki for the continuation of this story arc.

To find his way back to the good life to put it bluntly. Soykaf hits the spot, but an espresso is devine.

To protect and ensure the safety of his best friend, Juan "Guapo" Manuel.

Unknown goal/potential: to discover his mentor spirit, Peacemaker, which leads to his initiation and development of his true adept powers. Note: See Halcyon Days (Drokhan's Ordeal Run) on the wiki for the continuation of this story arc.


It was a cold and windy February 7th, 2039 in Seattle. A very pregnant teenage troll girl by the name of Abby Rod was desperately trying to find shelter in the Redmond Barrens during the frightening events of what would later be known as the Night of Rage. Her boyfriend barely helped her escape as he was forcefully taken to a detention camp never to be heard from again. Under immense stress, her water broke prematurely. She went to the only person she could trust, Big Momma, a tough yet kind Ork street doc who moonlighted as a midwife, and offered the last few hundred nuyen she had to her name (which Big Momma refused of course). During the final stages of painful labour, the situation took a turn for the worse. The baby's heart rate dropped suddenly and was forced to perform an emergency c-section. To Big Mamma's surprise, the baby troll she pulled out of Abby was the smallest she had ever seen. Smeared in Abby's blood, the baby sucked in its first breath and surprisingly did not cry out strangely just locked his gaze on Big Mamma's. The baby troll seemed to be studying her calmly with his deep, captivating blue eyes. Big Mamma cut the umbilical cord and craddled the baby in Abby's shaking arms. As soon as she too stared at the serene baby, she suddenly felt at peace. Abby died that night, and the last thing she whispered to Big Mamma was, "Please call him, Henry, after my father ...".

And so little Henry came to be one of the many orphaned trolls surviving on the streets in the barrens. Big Momma called him Hank, though, and it stuck. Apparently that nickname was a thing, or so she said. On the streets of the Barrens he went by Drokhan, an anagram of big Momma’s nickname and his last which he thought was pretty clever. As it turns out, he was smaller and less physically imposing than the others like him, Hank quickly learned the benefits of a quick wit, a flattering compliment, a well-placed joke and a cool head in a hot situation. He seemed to have an exceptional knack for reversing dangerous situations in his favour with his social adeptness. Unbeknownst to him, Hank had awakened sometime during his childhood. The mana flowed through him very subtly to the point that he had no idea it was really there. His charming personality, his heightened reflexes and even his ability to see the emotions of others almost as if they were a colour, all these things were enhanced through magic but remained hidden in the subconscious part of his mind waiting to be awakened fully.

Let's skip some details that are a good story for another day. Wanting to get the hell out of the barrens, Hank secured a fake SIN (Henry Rod II) and landed a job as a janitor for DocWagon’s Seattle Division offices downtown at 17 years old. He became head of maintenance by 22. The first troll in company history to get a promotion to management of any type. At this time, his uncanny skill of handily managing a bunch prejudiced human subordinates catches the attention of someone in upper management. He is taken under the wing of the Head of Special Projects Manager, Marcus E. Matthews who is in charge of covert operations. Matthews' discovers Hank is awakened and knows Hank would be an incredible asset (aka Mr. Johnson). Matthews’ takes Hank under his wing by providing him with an adept license, training and access to corporate assets. By 25, Hank had unofficially become Matthews' right hand man and completed many covert missions as a highly competent Mr. Johnson. Big surprise, that the company had never had a better Johnson to deal with their fixers, and get the best shadowrunners for the least pay. In 15 years, Hank had overseen over 30 successful shadowruns, all off the books. As far as the corp was concerned he was just head of maintenance. Only Matthews knew who he really was and what he really did.

For Hank's 40th birthday, Matthews' who had become a father figure, invited Hank to a fine restaurant to inform him that he is choosing him as his successor to manage Special Projects. The following week, Matthews is called away to a mysterious meeting out of town. Late one night, Hank's commlink lights up. It's an encrypted message from one of his operatives, Jasper Diaz. "CODE BLACK. BURN SIN. GO DARK. OVERWATCH ONLY." The commlink beeps, and his private offshore company account is transferred 25K nuyen. Code black. He’d always known he was a deniable asset, and the risks that came with it. But here he was, on the verge of being erased. This heads up from Jasper had probably saved his life, but time was of the essence. Hank knew there was probably a team of shadowrunners on its way to his apartment already. With no time to spare, he got the hell out of dodge. Let's just say, a troll in a well-worn janitor's uniform pushing a maintenance cart walked nonchalantly into the parking garage while a team of shadowrunners ransacked his apartment minutes later. Once in the clear, blocks away, Hank called up his best friend, Juan Manuel for a lift. After a few rings, he picks up.

"You ok, hermano? It's 3 in the morning!"

"Juanito, the drek has hit the fan. Bring Maria around. I need to see Jen."

"Stay frosty, 'mano. I'll be right there."

10 minutes later, an ordinary black town car picked him up and drove off into the night. Hank secures a meeting with one of his trusted fixers, Overwatch. He sets him up at a dingy coffin motel in the barrens under Cutters’ protection. Matthews vanishes along with a dozen operatives from his old department. Hank burns his SIN and sets up a fake (Jayred Nabob, anagram from his mother's name Abby Jane Rod and a tip of the hat to his mild soykaf addiction) and reverts back to his old street name, Drokhan. It doesn't take long before Drokhan builds a name for himself in the shadow community. It's been 3 years, and he's no step closer to finding out what the frag happened to Matthews and the department, and he is still afraid to find out.

For the continuation to this story arc, see Halcyon Days, Drokhan’s Ordeal Run on the Shadowhaven wiki.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Exceptional attribute (CHA). This represents Drokhan’s unique charm that is rarely seen among his peers. Imagine that only 5% of the population are trolls, how rare would a troll like Drokhan be?

First impression. His negative quality of Distinctive style is also part of this positive quality. Combined with his social skills, his well-groomed and fashionable appearance even the toughest bigots he has crossed have had nothing but good things to say about him.

I would like for the mentor spirit, Peacemaker (shamanistic tradition), to take interest in him in the near future. Drokhan avoids violence at all costs and has never taken a life. He thinks he can find a solution to any volatile situation through his skillset. When push comes to shove, Drokhan still would rather knock someone out, then kill them. Of course if anyone were to go after Juan, that would be a different story.


Drokhan is suffering from the negative effects of Creature of Comfort immediately. He's had his life flipped upside down, and he is back in the shithole he swore he'd never come back to. And it's been 3 fragging years! The funds he had have evaporated from having to equip and establish himself as a shadowrunner to make ends meet. Not to mention he lost all of his best fragging suits while escaping! His goal is to get back to his life downtown and find out what happened to his mentor, Matthews.

The trog traitor quality is because people in the neighbourhood know who he is and feel like he left them high and dry for the better life as a wageslave, even though it's been 25 years. Some respect him because they would have done the same if they could, but some hate him for it and think he's probably gotten his just desserts coming back to the Barrens.

Accident prone. Drokhan hates to drive. Ever since flipping over his handlebars and eating dirt while he and Juan were trying to haul ass from some Halloweeners as teens. He's not sure he could have talked his way out of that one, if Juan hadn't been there to bail him out by letting him ride the pegs on his bike.

Distinctive style. It's hard to forget a well-groomed, well-dressed, blue-eyed troll with a silver tongue. Did I mention he's always at the barbershop and uses black panther beard oil (™)?

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Halcyon DaysAurora8 April 2082
Accountants BaneBlood Librarian23 March 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Juan "Guapo" Manuel 1 6 Service Gang wheelman, Not a morning person, Wiz mechanic Even
Overwatch 4 3 Fixer DocWagon Dispatcher Dispatchers' Union, DocWagon, Superhero Fan, Wanna-be Sidekick, Awakened Even
Ether 5 2 Fixer Fixer Smuggler, Armorer, Vehicles, Elven Blood, Ganger Network, Seattle Underworld Even




In Character Information

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Threshold Result

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Threshold Result


Henry Rod II: UCAS Rating 4. (Burned)

Jayred Nabob: UCAS Rating 4. Adept License Rating 4. Firearms License Rating 4.



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