Feeding the Revolutionary Spirit

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Feeding the Revolutionary Spirit
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Rise Up
Knight Errant DocWagon
The Incredible Behemoth Cops
Security Guards
Casualties and losses
Cops, Security Guards


Behemoth meets a man trying and failing to build a movement. Together, they manage to do a good thing for the people of Seattle.

The Encounter

Behemoth, doing volunteer work for the local communist party, was talking to people, handing out pamphlets, and educating others about the values and importance of communism. Near the end, she noticed a flyer pasted to a wall. The wordy poster told about a meeting tonight, to help build and plan a revolutionary movement. Interested, and with not much else to do, Behemoth decided to go and check it out.

Held in a gym, the musty smell of sweat in the air, folding chairs in a circle and complimentary semi-stale bagels, the meeting didn't have a lot of people. The host, a man named John, a vaguely nerdy 40 something human man, was enthusiastic and energetic, but poorly masking his nervousness and insecurity at the poor quality of his presentation. He lacked charisma, instead spouting dry theory, boring the audience to tears. Behemoth, being a bit more invested in this whole "communism" thing, enjoyed it slightly more, but on the whole, the presentation was a failure and at the end, only John and Behemoth remained, the rest having abandoned the meeting, bagels in hand.

Dejected, but still happy to have one person around for planning, John tried to strike up conversation with Behemoth. A man with middling skills, but who recently found a copier, he had been hard at work making pamphlets. He tried to spread them to workers at a company near his, but security beat him up and tossed him out. Not able to stifle his hope though, he was eager to give pamphlets to Behemoth. Just like his presentation, the flyers were poor, lacking art and having too many words.

Behemoth, noticing a pattern here, gave the man advice, hoping to make him an more effective organizer in the future. They also speculated on actions they could do, something that could inspire others, help them somehow and provide a real, material, benefit to their lives, something beyond words. After some back and forth, Behemoth settled on stealing food and medicine to redistribute to the people. John, not a career criminal, shakily agreed to help, saying he could borrow a truck from a friend of his.


To start with Behemoth decided to grab some medical supplies. Calling Chloe Green for tips, she learned that DocWagon maintains medical caches in higher risk areas. For people with appropriate subscriptions, the caches would open, allowing them to apply first aid and other treatment, while responders were on their way. For most people though, regardless of their medical condition, dying or not, they would not open. People had died next to these before, corporate greed consigning them to death.

Feeling that this was an appropriate type of target to steal medical supplies from, Behemoth asked around to find one of the caches in her area. Locating one in an alley not too far from her location, she approached it. The cache was a steel cylinder, molded into the brick wall around it. With lightly printed DocWagon imagery and a few cameras monitoring the area, the cache seemed relatively undefended. Behemoth decided to go ahead and rob it. Taking her drugs, she simply walked up to the cache, and began to tear it off the wall. As a robotic voice told her to stop, that a response force was on-route, she noticed that the cache began to start emitting a high pitched buzzing noise. Changing her tactic, she quickly tried to rip the door open. Applying her strength, she managed to pull it off in one clean motion. A good thing, as when he pulled the door off, electricity pulsed through the metal shell of the cache. No longer in contact with it, the charge harmless dissipated into the ground.

Free to steal the supplies, Behemoth started loading the loot into her bag. After about a minute of work, she had depleted the cache and began to run towards a nearby entrance to the Underground, where the Dweller waited to aid her. Things got slightly more complicated as she ran into two Knight Errant officers standing in the street. Too far to PUNCH, she instead just shot them with her pistol a few times. The officers, near death, retreated rather than continuing to fight, leaving Behemoth free to escape below. Meeting the Dweller, she gifted them the steel door from the cache, which they happily absorbed.

Leading her deeper into the underground, Behemoth spend a day deep underground, letting the heat die down. During this time, she asked the Dweller what she could do to pay off a debt she accrued by storing a megalomaniac velociraptor with them. After considering for a moment the spirit responded by requesting a gift of fish. Live fish. Not sure why the spirit wanted this, but happy to help, Behemoth decided to get some for them. Later, once they left the tunnels, she visited a pet store and bought a collection of fish, a fish tank, and some feed for them. Returning, the Dweller was happy to accept them, radiating satisfaction. With that done, she decided to gift the medical supplies to Mothers of Metahumans, hoping that they could put the gear to good use.

Looking to the next goal, Behemoth contacted Overwatch to find a food distribution center that she could rob. Overwatch contacted some people he knew, and found a sympathetic worker in the Aztechnology supply chain. He passed information Behemoth about a Aztechnology subsidiary, Agribean Ltd, which supplied soy-chips to various locations. The soy-chips, not the fried snack, but dried soy portions, were used as an additive to serve as any easy calorie boost to a variety of dishes. Simply rehydrated and mix in. While not the most palatable food, it was energy dense and would certainly work as a meal for those in need.

Behemoth gave some money to John so that he could get basic upgrades on the truck and a burner SIN, and then they headed over to the building. Exiting the truck, Behemoth simply charged inside, busting through the gate and the loading bay door. Shocked workers greeted her numbly, staring at the woman who simply smashed her way in. Behemoth commanded them to fill up John's truck, and the workers were too terrified to refuse. As the soy was loaded into the truck, some security officers busted in, trying to take down Behemoth. They failed, to put it mildly. Eventually, the truck was filled, and the pair managed to escape.


Heading to Redmond, the pair distributed the stolen food, handing it out to any who wanted some. As they did, they told people about the Cause, handing out slightly improved pamphlets, and simply talking to people. By the end, they had helped more than a hundred people, the two truly making a positive impact on the community. John was intensely thankful, teaching him how to be a better organizer, and simply helping the movement grow.


Discount on IG4

9 Karma (9 RVP)

8 CDP (3 RVP)

1 Street Cred (1 RVP)

-2 DocWagon Rep.

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