Food Fightin'

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Food Fightin'
Status Threat Level: Middle
Factions Involved
Terrafirst as the Big Boiz' cell
Turm Falke
5 Corpo soldiers
1 Rigger
1 Armored freight train of 20 cars
Casualties and losses


In which the runners are employed by a Terrafirst cell hungry to strike back against Aztechnology after their crimes during the Az Am war. The runners are to hijack an armored freight train full of food.


The Big Boiz' are a Terrafirst cell composed of an elf, two orcs and two humans that fought during the Az Am war and witnessed the horrors of modern warfare, specifically the systematic destruction of the crops via weather manipulation leading to massive famines over the war's duration. They long looked for ways to get back at them and today, they found one.

As it happens, winning the war left Azlant in a pretty bad spot, especially regarding food production. This lead them to importing a significant part of their food from all around the world, and being on the verge of a social crisis. The Big Boiz' knew that, but they recently learnt that the Seattle based operations of Aztechnology are in big part reapprovisionned every month via a freight train full of food from the CAS, and they decided this was the way to punch back up at the Azzies.

The Meet

Each runner of the team is notified of a potential job with a meet in a conspicious small forest to the north of Snohomish. making their way there, they meet the Big Boiz' who do not loose any time making small talk and explaining their plans. They know of a freight train that is gonna pass soon on a close rail and they want the team to somehow stop the train for them to chuck explosives in the train and thoroughly destroy it. The team not needing any large amount of details, pretty much accept on the spot.

The Plan

Using a matrix search, our runners learn what the train they are looking for looks like and that it is heavily armored, with two concealed turrets on each side of each wagon ad that the high powered rails serve as a direct connection (akin to CPL) and power source for the train. Making their way to the tracks, Canter sets up explosives withe the help of grasshopper on the tracks while gerisa disguise herself and assume a stealth position. Turm Falke is flying high over the tracks when the team notices a drone checking the tracks for debris or such. Turm dives down unto the drone while canter hacks it and falsify it's camera feed to occlude the explosives on the track, all in all, the drone quickly continued on it's way reporting an all clear to the network.

Minutes pass and finally, the train pokes the end of it's nose. as soon as canter sees the train over the explosives, she detonates them.

The Run

The train soaks most of the damage but is nonetheless raised about 30 centimeters off the ground only to fall down, derailed but still going through sheer speed.

It would slowly come to a stop as Canter drove her way to the front of the train, gerisa forced a door opened and the team dodged many bullets from the turrets, a fight ensued for the control of the vehicle that the runners would end up winning, interesting highlights were when

  • Gerisa subdued an ennemy, only to KO his comrade when he surprised her doing so
  • Canter using a small hill to fly over a zone of suppressive fire from the train in her car
  • Canter being about to get blasted by an ennemy guard as it press the trigger to CFA her, when suddently Grasshopper flanks him and opens up a full auto fire rigged in his roto drone, gruesomely killing the man right before he opened fire on her.
  • Turm Falke pecking a door and disintegrating it wholesale before nerve striking a guard to paralysis by pecking at his chakras.


The team quickly flees the scene as soon as they confirm there are no hostiles left in the area, at which point the Big Boiz' moves in to chuck explosives in every wagons before shaking the most part of snohomish in the explosion.


  • 16 K nuyen (8 RVP)
  • 4 Karma (4 RVP)
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)
  • +4 rep Terrafirst

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Turm Falke

Metal Snakes... Trains... I don't like them. To tight. Too many doors. Too many weapons. I did my part of the job well. Distracted the drone, opened a door and took down one of them... The mice were good. I need to tell the mouse person that I need a lot more of them.