Free Shipping and Delivery

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Free Shipping and Delivery
LocationRenraku Distribution of Tacoma
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Renraku
Template:Security Guards
Casualties and losses
Some electronic goods


Runners break into a Renraku distribution warehouse, and steal a toy for a very desperate man.


"Dexter" had failed to win the auction for his son's birthday gift, and knows that any self respecting mafia man would turn down the job. Luckily for him, shadowrunners aren't known for turning down work for being "stupid" or "demeaning".

The Meet

The runners arrive at The Big Cheese pizza place, taking part in a wonderful staring contest before going inside. Our Johnson bumbles quite a bit, due to a mix of him lacking experience with runners, and blatant desperation.

The Plan

The runners plan is relatively simple; figure out were the thing is and grab it.

The Run

On the way to the distribution center, Cricket begins hacking into the warehouse's host. Unfortunately for Cricket, they set off the alarm instantly. Once inside the host however, Cricket uses a terrifying Stag Beetle of a Fault Sprite to absolutely body the junior security spider. Though she finds the shipping info quickly and stealthily from there, she finds two incredibly juicy files she just can't help from having fun with. The first being the 'incident' and footage proving several rounds were fired at a protest to promote unionization were absolutely not an accident as Renraku claimed. The second being some juicy messages between the manager and his mistress. The host is now crawling with IC and she grabs what she needs before things could get worse. With the shipping info and knowledge of which truck it's in, our runners arm for bear (literally in Pell's case considering their mentor spirit.) with semi and full auto shotguns. 2 security guards at the entrance see them arrive and before getting to act learn the wonders of gel rounds and stick n shock. The remaining 4 security guards looking through the building stay inside as to protect the place and themselves. Our runners head to the trailer the that the package is in, and after opening the trailer realize it's decently deep in the thing past several walls of boxes. With one runner throwing boxes out in a scramble, and another runner catching and placing the boxes so as to not leave a mess of property damage Renraku would hunt people for. After grabbing the box and making good use of a tag eraser, they get back to the car and drive off, victoriously avoiding the sirens in the distance.


The Runners return to the pizza place, where the J is surprised they succeeded, hands them all their payment before rushing them out the door. From the outside they can see him give his son the toy, proving that shadowrunners can do something decent, even through terrible means.


10,000 Nuyen, 4 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


...This feels familiar. Oh right, I was also hired to do that other thing. Everyone was competent, although Cricket could do better if hiding being a technomancer was a thing she's doing.


Hey Rick this is a standard smash and grab, doubt it'll show me off well. I'm very sure I met a techno, no Rick you're not getting ahold of them, deniable assets. It was a typical loud assault, poor Barracuda getting left out as Pell and I knocked out the front guards. Luckily Eagle Security weren't policing this place. We wouldn't have gotten the 'letter of the law not spirit of the law' defend this place instruction. Eagle is a shoot the problem first type of corp. Barracuda tossing those boxes out and me catching them so that I don't need to explain to corpsec meatheads with no intent on being polite why we destroyed tens of thousands of dollars of their products was my cardio for the week. I think one of the employees even cheered us on.