Ghoulish infighting

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Ghoulish infighting
Part of A Ghoulish Case
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Tamanous
Trevor Avila
Casualties and losses
Assorted Ghouls


Doctor O+ hires group of skilled runners go head to head with a cabal of Tamanous Ghouls who have been kidnapping people in Puyallup


Doctor O+ had been running a ware clinic in Puyallup. He was in the business of 'Ethical Organ Legging', by keeping organs the organs he replaced with ware. The Tamanous Syndicate didn't approve and had began to encroach on the territory by snatching clinic goers. (Doctor O+ left out that his patients weren't paying for their 'ware obtained from Tamanous).

The Meet

The meet was a matrix meet. The necessary coordinates were transferred and while a few ... questions were asked about ghoul-kind it went smoothly. The runners learned of the gangs in the territory, The Black Mamba Brotherhood and The Bronze Skeleton Company as well as one awakened ghoul who had free reign of the territory, a potential ringleader. The group decided to meet close to the area and devise a plan there.

The Plan

Negogiate with the ringleader to back out of the territory. Make a deal and avoid violence.

The Run

On the way to the meeting spot, Dandy was almost mugged by two gangers. Noble and Sanjuro came to their aid, fighting off them off.

Afterwards, the party talks for a while and calls a contact about finding Trevor. Trevor, hearing that people are after him, sets up some snipers before Dandy went to find a snipers nest. Once up there, Dandy sees one of the snipers holed up. Trevor speaks to the party and tells them to leave the area. The party attacks! Tamanous fights back, and now wants a hostage from The Night Throne as payment. Swerve. No can do.

Dandy dropped a sniper first and Noble and Sanjuro rushed towards the truck. Sanjuro ate a powerbolt on the way and Swerve found a gun pointed at their head. The Tamanous attempted to end the conflict with the hostage but Sanjuro rounded the truck and threatened Trevor at sword point. One hostage on each side. With this new development, Trevor called for a cease-fire.

They filed into the nearby restaurant and exchanged hostages before Trevor attempted to re-open negotiations. During this time Sanjuro met a nice rat she dubbed Mr. Squiggles. The runners decided Trevor's demands (of leaving the area and not completing their job, or doing a job for Tamanous to get Tamanous to leave) were excessive and the tight confines of the restaurant were ideal for a brawl. The runners betray the ceasefire and attack. The second bout of fighting began.

Sanjuro crashed through the window and missed a swipe at Trevor while Noble charged in and Swerve and Dandy began laying down fire at the guard and 2 snipers. Trevor slipped away, followed by Sanjuro and Swerve ate a hail of lead and went down. Dandy and Noble brought down one of the guards and Sanjuro ran down Trevor and cut him down, knocking him unconscious. The fight continued with 3 to 1 odds after Sanjuro re-joined the fight and the runners quickly routed the enemy, with Noble and Sanjuro cutting down the last ghoul with a double attack maneuver.


The aftermath was swift. Swerve recovered and turned in Trevor to The Night Throne while the other runners took their money.


20k nuyen or 40k nuyen worth of 'ware up to 18 availability (10 RVP worth)

5 karma (5 RVP worth)


Optional: Doctor O+ (Connection 4) at Loyalty 3 by spending 6 RVP

Sanjuro: Mr. Squiggles (Pet Rat Custom Item)

Swerve: +1 chip on Amelie from turning over Trevor (who will be negotiated back to Tamanous for concessions to the Night Throne)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Sanjuro - This run was a true test of my skills! I met this really cool guy named Noble who also fights with a sword! There was all sort of talking about carrying big sticks and ghouls and negotiations that kind of went over my head but I got to fight some bad guys and that was awesome! There was this one ganger where I went like 'KATAAA!' and sliced him! And then this other time where where this wizard ghoul guy was running away and I was like "Not so fast!" and then I chopped him and it was super badass! Also me and Noble did this cool combination attack! Oh it was so much fun!


I really hate that man. We gave him and his team so many chances to cooperate, to make things easier for themselves, and they kept spitting in our faces. Not to mention the indignity of getting captured and used like a plaything. I despise them so much. I almost did things to them, things that would have been bad for my reputation. Thankfully I suppose, I managed to calm myself down. Amelie will at least use the the man we captured for something productive. Maybe I'll pester her to hand me someone to work my uh... feelings out on. It's about my turn in the rotation I think.