Hero for the People

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Hero for the People
LocationRedmond Underground
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven M
The Incredible Behemoth
The Golden Gladiator
The Silver Mustache
An ACTUAL Behemoth
Casualties and losses
None Total


The Incredible Behemoth and Milliam are invited to the first annual Superhero Convention, to try their luck at becoming the next big thing.


Several high profile and not so high profile individuals have come together to find the next big superhero dynamic duo to exploit to their best ability. Such personages as Overwatch, Ace Powers, Chloe Green, Saint Nick, Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III, and David Squire have gathered their resources and abilities to host the secret gathering of potential heroes. Now it is up to our favorite heroic duo to win the hearts and minds of the people, and not get dead in the process.

The Meet

Overwatch arranges to meet Behemoth, Milliam, and Dumas just outside a underground parking garage inside Redmond. Telling them that they got the "stuff", he leads them down into the darkness, and introduces them to the various benefactors who are making the event happen. After speaking to each in turn, the intrepid heroes decided to represent Chloe Green and TerraFirst!, in the hopes of bringing positive attention to the oft time misunderstood terrorist organization dedicated to saving the planet at any cost. Donning their respect TerraFirst! T-shirts, they head down to the stage to meet the other would be heroes.

The various heroic teams include Super Puma and Leopard Lass; Duke Hyper and Ms. Chill; Captain Claw and Mr. Echo; Meat Man and Meat Boy; and finally the true competition, the Humanis representatives, The Golden Gladiator and his sidekick Silver Mustache. Meeting each in turn, thing go fine until Behemoth and the Gladiator meet. Insults are thrown, as well as human spittle, and the teams vow to murderize each other should they meet in the labryinth.

Having met the competition, the teams gather together for the first competition; rally the crowd.

The Plan

Be a Hero, for the people, of the people, and by the people.

The Run

Taking the stage, Behemoth tries to rally the fans, by exhibiting her amazing Leadership skills. Speaking of the rights and privileges of the people she whips them into a frenzy of excitement, easily outclassing the other principal heroes. Claiming victory, the teams move on to the next phase, showing their impressive intimidating natures to which Milliam and Dumas step forward with a terrible roar. The roar is super impressive, and manages to put most of the wannabe's in their place, but the Golden Gladiator steps forward and with scathing remarks puts the Panther Girl and her companion in their place. Smirking with undisguised scorn, the Humanis goons wave goodbye, signifying that they will be looking for Behemoth's team inside the labyrinth.

Standing outside their respective entrances, the teams head into the labyrinth to determine what horrors wait inside. Coming to the first turn, Behemoth decides to punch through the wall, rather than attempt to navigate the labyrinth. Unfortunately, the newly formed door opens up on a pool of what appears to be acid, 10 meters wide and 10 meters across with a single door suspended on the wall opposite them. Choosing to explore the alternatives the team takes the right hand path, which leads to a hammer swinging bridge out of somebody's crazy nightmare, with five massive hammers swinging back and forth across the walkway. Attempting to pass the bridge, Milliam suggests that maybe Behemoth continue punching through walls in the opposite direction... Which unfortunately leads to a blade swinging trap, nearly identical to the hammer bridge. Sighing a great sigh, the trio return to the aforementioned acid trap, and decide to tackle it next.

The long-legged Milliam judges the distance carefully to the door, and with a mighty leap crosses the distance with easy, latching on to the door handle for all she's worth. Finding the door locked, Milliam unperturbably shoves her fist through the door, destroying the lock and opening it wide. Behemoth is next, and with a heroic shout and leap, just manages to clear the distance and land safely within the confines of the inner yard. Dumas easily wall runs the distance, not at all concerned with the acid below, as he is far to skilled to be bothered with it.

Once inside the inner yard, the trio spot Super Puma and Leopard Lass in the distance, being menaced by the Humanis goons, The Golden Gladiator and The Silver Mustache. Moving Stealthily forward, Behemoth's team springs into action, not quite catching the goons off guard. A short battle ensues, but the goons are easily outmatched by the power and the supremacy of Behemoth's team and are quickly knocked unconscious. Returning the favor from before, Behemoth spits a huge gob onto the back of the Gladiator's head, to the cheers of the fans. Checking to make sure that the surged pair are alright, Behemoth, Milliam and Dumas move on to the final encounter; the center of the labyrinth.

Opening the gateway, the team slowly moves inside, to a darkened area suffused with mist. A large pond lies at the center of this area, and something even larger lies within it. A hissing sound comes from above, and the team witnesses a large dart-like object impact the thing in the pond, eliciting a wail of anger. Now on the move, the drugged creature, an ACTUAL behemoth, strides forward to attack the shocked trio. Our hero Behemoth acts first, leaping into the water and striking a glancing blow at the massive creature. Milliam fires an explosive arrow, which careens off the creatures carapace, also causing no damage. Being far more agile than an actual panther, Dumas leaps to the creatures back, and bites deep, injecting the narcoject toxin into the veins of the creature, which slowly begins to take affect as the combatants continue to fight. The Huge Behemoth takes a massive bite on the Incredible Behemoth, nearly severing her spine with the nasty attack. Not to be out done, our hero take another swipe at the creature, but again does mininimal damage. Taking careful aim, Milliam fires another arrow with explosive effect, causing the creature to bellow in outrage and come rushing out of the waters. Attempting to dislodge Dumas from its back, the behemoth rolls upon the ground, but the cat is far to quick for such an attempt to work. Behemoth takes another punch, landing to great affect, but the behemoth still stands tall. Seeing her death in it's eyes, Behemoth closes her eyes as certain doom approaches, only to be saved by the quick actions of Dumas, hero of the hour. Taking two more steps toward Behemoth, the massive creature finally succumbs to it's wounds, and more importantly, the narcoject toxin that Dumas injected earlier. Standing to the grand applause of all in attendance, the heroic trio are escorted from the arena and given immediate medical attention.


The Heroes are crowned the champions of the Superhero CON, and given a trophy to represent their victory. Chloe Green reminds them that she expects them to be at next years CON, in order to defend their titles. The heroes head home to a long deserved rest; who knows what the next day will bring?


16 Karma (16 RVP)


+1 Public Awareness

Reduced Initiation Cost for Behemoth

Optional Contact: Chloe Green 2/3 (4 RVP)

Pending Reward F14 Lodge Materials for Milliam (RVP Cost to be determined subject to approval)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

The Incredible Behemoth

More Humanis goons... They tried to kill their fellow competitors. I let them live, again, but I don't know that I should have. I hope they won't hurt others. And that Behemoth... Damn. I wonder what they dosed it with.