Humanis Lacks Humanity

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Humanis Lacks Humanity
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Humanis
Cael Hicks
Instigator's x 4
Casualties and losses
None Total


Somebody has been terrorizing a young troll family, and it's up to the runners to put a stop to it.


A young troll family of four has been periodically being terrorized at night, by unknown assailants. Making rude noises, graffiti on the door, a brick through the window and random gun shots have pushed this family to the brink of the edge. Now, the troll mother reaches out to the haven, hoping to find someone willing to help her and her family in this time of need.

The Meet

The meet takes place inside an matrix cafe on the net, bringing the various runners and the Johnson together to discuss the terms. She explains that the attacks have been getting progressively worse, ending with the words "Die Trogs" spray painted on the front door, and guns fired outside the apartment. Practically in tears, she offers the runners 2,000 nuyen to help her family to which they all readily agree.

Meanwhile, Crane gets the wild idea that his landlord is responsible for the attacks, and rezzes out of the matrix to confront him with a gun. Scaring the living daylights out of the defenseless man, Crane admonishes him for his racism, and tells him to never do it again. The landlord shakes his head and runs off, only to later evict the obviously crazed Crane from his apartment.

Crane return to the meet and delivers the good news, only to be gently prodded into continuing the mission just incase there are more bad guys. They all agree to meet at the J's apartment, to scope it out.

The Plan

The team arrives at the apartment, and are let in by a distressed female troll who identifies herself as the Johnson, Amia Finley. Checking the damage, Bland and Mozilla head out to the hardware store to pick up some spackle and paint to cover up the destruction as best they can, while Orchid and Crane check the area out. Orchid finds the scent of alcohol-smelling humans on the brick that was thrown through the window, and after checking at the local liquor store, decides that the alcohol is a cheap homemade version, not sold in stores. Crane calls Chainsaw Caterpillar and learns the name and receives a picture of the leader of the racist instigators, one Cael Hicks. Orchid then contacts her brother hoping to locate the guy, but only comes up with 3 separate locations that he might be hanging out at. Orchid, Bland, and Crane head out to check out the locations, while Mozilla stays behind to protect the family.

Finding the truck they are looking for based on the tire treads and low pressure signs picked up by Crane, Orchid quickly tags the vehicle and the three runners head back to the J's apartment to wait and ambush the incoming bad guys.

The Run

The runners lie in wait, with Crane confidently standing in front of the target apartments door. The truck pulls up, with 4 goons in the truck bed, and 1 driver. Bland takes a shot at the driver, but just misses. The driver hops out of the truck and seeing Crane blocking the door, takes a shot at him and misses as well. Crane returns fire with his bow, shocking the Adept with a stick -n- shock arrow making him grit his teeth against the pain. Orchid takes a shot at one of the goons in the truck bed, zapping him with her stick -n- shock crossbow bolt, but the preparation on the bolt head fails to do any additional damage. Mozilla, not to be outdone, moves in and nerve strikes a goon, dropping his agility and forcing him to become all wobbly.

The remaining goons each take a shot with a standard hunting rifle or swiping with a stun baton, but all fail to connect.

Bland again takes aim on the driver, this time carefully timing his shot, hitting the adept directly in the head, which immediately drops him to the ground. Orchid finishes off her target, with yet another bolt, dropping him twitching to the pavement. Crane, being clearly insane, hops into the driver side of the truck and drives off, with two goons standing behind him in the truck bed. He immediately gets shot, but being a champ soaks the damage with ease. The other goon does a bit better, breaking through the tough samurai's armor and causing him the slightest of wounds. Mozilla takes another swipe at the last goon still in reach, but fails to connect; Bland however seems to be getting a bead on things and drops the goon in front of Mozilla as well. Crane, driving wildly away, sharply jerks the steering wheel to the left and then to the right, going into a wild, spinning donut, throwing his attackers from the vehicle and causing them to drop their weapons. They woozily get to their feet and run off, having had enough fun time with the crazed runner.


Bland and Orchid tend to the leader, Cael Hicks applying zip ties and stim patch to get him safely back to consciousness. Orchid plays the bad cop, as Bland plays the good cop, with Mozilla just being the real threat whenever necessary. Orchid explains the downside of continuing to harass the troll family, making her point with her razor sharp talons. Bland suggests that maybe Cael can try and be a little less racist in the future, and try and get along with everyone, regardless of the metahuman status. Cael eventually breaks down into tears, and promises to change his ways and never bother this family again. Having done a great job, the runners return to Amia and let her know her worries are over. She happily pays the team the promised reward, and adds in a hug to those who are willing to accept.


2k Nuyen (1 RVP)

11 Karma (11 RVP)

4 CDP (1 RVP + the 2 free)

-5 Humanis Rep

Crane needs a new lifestyle

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"For a first run, this went pretty smoothly. The rest of the team were absolute professionals, although that Crane guy seemed a bit unstable. Good to have in fight though, hands down. I'm really glad there was no killing, and that we were able to talk a potential racist into changing his ways for good. I know we made him a better man, and the world is a better place because of it. Good job team, this was a win well won."

Orchid: Of course dealing with Humanis, and hate how this group is starting problem and using smaller groups as their means of targeting people and making normal people lives worst.