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Nadia "Hybrid" Sage
Street Cred2
Public Awareness1
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.October 24th, 2060
Metatype - D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - E
Resources - B

Character Information


Nadia "Hybrid" Sage is a human technomancer who has embraced the path of a Cyberadept. She has honor, and a strong moral compass.


Nadia is keeping tabs on the CFD threat. Having joined the NCL, she hopes to develop her abilities as a Cyberadept to aid her fellow technomancers with her distinct set of skills. She is seeking to perfect her use of nanotechnology with resonance based enhancements, choosing to fight fire with fire so she better understands how nanotech functions as a whole.


PROLOGUE - Blueprint :

The current Nadia's story begins before she was 'born'....

There was once a girl by the name of 'Nadia Sage' from Seattle. A sweet person, good hearted and just went about her daily life like any other civilian. Her mother (Hitomi Sage) had died shortly after giving birth to her through unknown circumstances (covered in a later chapter), so she had only a single, father parent (Christopher Sage) throughout her privileged life as being part of the Yamatetsu Corporation (Before it became EVO). This 'old' Nadia wasn't the silver haired technomancer that exists currently. She had brunette hair, had no augmentations, and was just a simple mundane girl.... until one fateful day, in January, 2060, when she was at the age of 22. She was out shopping at a mall that day, just enjoying herself before leaving at night. As she was heading back to a monorail station for transport back home, she came across an armed robbery against a fellow civilian in a back alley after she left the mall. There were two bandits, who brandished holdout pistols in an attempt to mug the poor man they held up. Nadia saw this, but noticed there were no one else around to help at the time, so she took it upon herself to take matters into her own hands.

She tried to call out to the bandits, and the two men were immediately infatuated by her presence. Their attention had been temporarily taken away from the victim they were trying to rob, and instead approached Nadia with their guns. Nadia was no fighter, but she had a sharp wit and a lovely charm. The bandits had softened up as they fell for her charms and tried to hit on her, but this was what she planned all along. It gave the victim a chance to flee...which he tried, except for one big problem... he made a lot of noise as he tried to ditch the scene. The bandits took notice of this, and as they spun around to aim their guns to open fire against the man, Nadia's eyes went wide. With that split second decision making, she darted in the way in front of the bandits instead... and took the gunshots to her chest and ribs. She gasped as blood spilled out from her body, and fell onto the ground, quickly losing consciousness. In her last moments, she saw the look of deep regret on the two bandits, but they sprinted off, presumably to chase the victim they wanted to rob.

This is what led to the 'original' Nadia's death. She died sacrificing herself to save a fellow civilian.

PART I - Rebirth :

Word of her death would later hit the news, and to her father, with great shock and agony. Her father was already distraught when Nadia's mother died, but to lose his daughter as well shattered him completely. However, two executives from Yamatetsu (Rob Ragner and William Becks) approached Nadia's father with an idea...a way to possibly save her. Nadia's father immediately opened up to the idea, offering to do anything to bring his daughter back. The executives explained that it will be a method akin to cloning, except it's a specific project they're looking into for enhanced genetics, and they found that Nadia's genetic code was a suitable foundation to work with. Nadia's father was on board with the project almost right away, clearly in desperation, and he allowed the executives to get the data they needed to replicate Nadia's genetic code from her still, fresh corpse that was in a morgue at the time.

This secret project of theirs was called 'Project Everlast'. What they intended to do was recreate Nadia's genetic code as a new prototype transhuman. However, the creation of this new Nadia had some enhancements done to her overall structure...most notably, the infusion of the G3 chemical to be innately part of her bloodstream, so that its longevity effects are more pronounced on Nadia's lifespan. This enhanced vitality in her bloodstream came with additional effects, giving her an almost surreal health in texture and appearance. The most notable 'side' effect however, was that her hair would end up being silver instead of brunette. Otherwise, the calculations predicted that once the process was complete, she would be identical to the original Nadia in every other way.... or so it seemed....

This new, prototype version of Nadia was officially 'born' after 9 months in creation time from genetic engineering, which was October 24th, 2060. When her rebirth was complete, her father was overjoyed at the project's initial success. Yet, these executives he worked with had....other plans for this 'new' Nadia of theirs, but that would be revealed at a later time. For the time being, she grew under the care of both her father, and the executives that kept close tabs on her to ensure she was 'safe'.

However, an unexpected turn of events occurred in 2064, when Crash 2.0 happened. At the time, Nadia was going through an educational program in VR Matrix. Moments before the crash occurred, she saw a strange light approaching her. She saw a flicker of the resonance realms, and when the crash happened, a beam of resonance blasted through her consciousness as she was forcefully shoved out of the matrix and back into meatspace, dazed and alarmed from the sudden shock. Her mind had difficulty processing reality for a moment, seeing images of an oracle (Delphi Paragon), and her whole body felt as if an alien energy bled into it. The overwhelming adjustments going from mundane to emerged caused her to faint.

Naturally, her father and the executives were in panic, both from Crash 2.0, and Nadia's condition. Luckily, when she was diagnosed, she appeared to be fine, and she was able to awake hours later, as if concluding a deep sleep. All seemed well...although Nadia found herself able to see and interact with the world differently than before. She couldn't quite understand it at first, but overtime, there would be subtle hints, guidance through fate, from her paragon. Nadia had become a technomancer. She kept her abilities a secret, unsure how to explain them to anyone. From there, life had become much more interesting to say the least. Her paragon would continue to offer guidance through her life, particularly in giving her a heads up of upcoming danger from time to time. As a result of this, Nadia would take lessons in the matrix over the years for better self-defenses, particularly at melee combat.

Once Nadia reached young adulthood at the age of 18 though, things began to take a darker turn...

PART II - Light To Shadow :

Nadia was in college at the time, and all seemed well, except that Delphi, her paragon, warned her of something drastic. Her paragon gave Nadia a hint that the executives who were responsible for 'Project Everlast' has darker motives behind it. Concerned, Nadia attempted to investigate. She had kept her identity as a technomancer hidden for many years, but since Evo (formerly Yamatetsu) were one of the megacorps who supported technomancers, she didn't feel as worried around them as she normally would around others. The only other person who knew about her identity at the time was her father, and he was trustworthy to keep it secret. Either way, as Nadia used her resonance abilities to subtly gather information on the project, she realized the dark truth. The executives responsible wanted to use her as a slave and test subject for future prototype creations, to use her as the core reference on a genetic level, for the core focus of achieving longer-living humans far beyond the normal lifespan with superior durability and combat potential....and as such, would be used as weapons.

Unfortunately, by the time she learned of the truth, the executives had requested a private meeting with Nadia. Before she met with the executives, she relayed the information she learned of to her father, in hopes he would be able to do something in time before it's too late. By the time the information reached her father though, Nadia was already on her way to one of Evo's office buildings for the meeting. Shocked and in distress, when Nadia's father processed the information sent to him, he was overcome with rage. He couldn't believe the executives used his grief for their own ends, just to get their hands on his daughter's genetic structure for the project originally. He lost his daughter once before, and he refused to lose her twice. In desperation, he sent out a job offer to Shadowrunners who would care, providing all the details he could. To his surprise, a band of shadowrunners took up the job almost immediately. It wasn't long before they ventured out to go meet with Nadia's father.

Meanwhile, Nadia was at the Evo office with the two executives (Rob Ragner and William Becks), along with two Evocorp security guards armed with rifles loaded with injection rounds. The executives praised Nadia for her successful outcome with their project. They liked her...or rather, they liked her a bit too much. They commented it was time to take project everlast into its next phase, and that required total submission from her. Nadia wanted to fight back, but she didn't want to cause a scene. She nervously agreed to submit, but deep down she was trusting her father to intervene in time. Delighted, the executives signalled their guards to open fire, and before Nadia could even have the chance to react, she was shot with gamma-scopolamine rounds. Her enhanced genetic structure offered greater resistance against toxins, but they shot her several times, which overwhelmed her completely. As she was helpless and paralyzed, the executives took Nadia away into another room.

They had intended to interrogate and subdue her. While Nadia was paralyzed and under the effects of the toxin's truth serum, they wanted to confirm something. Most technomancers came to be after Crash 2.0 from being in VR Matrix at the time, and they had suspected Nadia might have been one as well, but they were never sure, so they asked her about it. Nadia had no choice but to tell them the truth, that she was a technomancer, and the executives were excited to hear the confirmation. They claimed that Nadia was even more valuable than even they could anticipate, and they promised to 'take good care of her' (obviously in a malicious way). They also claimed that in order for the project to continue as planned into the next phase, that they'll have to eliminate an obstacle in the way in order to claim complete control over her : Nadia's father.

Nadia was taken off guard and alarmed as she heard this. No information about an assassination attempt against her father was ever found in data records... which could only mean that this was planned out in secret by word of mouth only. Her father was in danger, but due to the noise from the distance between them, she couldn't reach him. The executives were meanwhile overjoyed, excited to have a living technomancer in their grasp for further experimentation.

However, not too long after, the shadowrunners hired had finally arrived. Skillfully, they infiltrated the facility, eliminated guards, hacked the host of the building and edited all security footage so they weren't present ever, and finally barged into the bedroom where Nadia was being held. Witnessing what was being done to her, they wasted no time in eliminating their targets, the executives with speed, finesse and precision. Nadia was saved, and her toxin was cured thanks to the shadowrunner mage in the group. She warned them about assassins coming after her father, and the shadowrunners knew they had to get back to him quickly....he was their Mr. Johnson after all.

Nadia and the Shadowrunners made their way back to her home where her father was. Assassins were indeed present as armed hitmen, and they were eliminated by the shadowrunners swiftly by surprise. Unfortunately, the team was a bit too late, as Nadia's father was already laying dead on the ground in another room. He had a nodachi next to him, along with two dead hitmen who lost their heads from a blade, indicating he went down fighting. The sight caused Nadia to have an emotional breakdown in tears, while the shadowrunners took pause, looking upon the scene with dead silence. They knew at that moment, Nadia's life had changed forever.

The shadowrunners had stayed with Nadia at the house, allowing her to grieve for her father's death in peace. Once Nadia was able to regain some of her senses though, she acknowledged the shadowrunning team. She offered to pay them in her father's stead for saving her life and doing their best with the circumstances given, but the shadowrunners (now revealed as Hooders) refused the payment. What they sabotaged from the Evo facility while they infiltrated it was more than enough for payment. They refused Nadia's payment out of respect for the man she just lost.

However, they brought up an offer to her. They told her that her life was now in perpetual danger if she remains in public, with ties to Evo...even if most supported technomancers openly. They offered her the chance to start anew, avenge her father's death against the forces of tyranny within megacorps, and become a shadowrunner herself. Nadia paused for a moment, looking down at her father's corpse, before looking back at the shadowrunners, accepting to join the shadows.

PART III - Hybrid

For Nadia to become a shadowrunner, she had to give up her old life. After giving her father a proper burial (with the assistance of the shadowrunner team), she and the team made efforts to eliminate as many traces as possible she had with Evo. Any wealth her family had, would be used to prepare herself for survival on the streets. For the next two years (2078-2080), Nadia spent time training and settling herself into the life of a Shadowrunner. However, during this, she would experience dreams, almost like premonitions from her paragon. She saw visions of resonance fusing with cyberware, with the body and spirit becoming one with cybernetic enhancements. She saw these dreams and visions with the resonance as a sign as to how to arm herself properly. As such, she delved into the realm of cyberware, and much to her surprise, her resonance had an affinity for it, albeit dormant for the time being. She melded with cyberware that did not erase her humanity completely, finding balance between flesh and machine. She found that nanocybernetics were especially well suited for this purpose, able to use it both defensively and offensively.

She also thought about the toxin she was struck with by the executives when they paralyzed her, so she made an effort to further enhance her genetic resistance against hostile toxins and diseases with nanotech support, in addition to an enhanced healing factor. In the end, she became a much stronger, tougher and deadlier version of herself, drastically improving upon her prototype qualities. This is what led to her runner name becoming 'Hybrid'.

Once she became a full blown shadowrunner, she was able to adapt well to life in the shadows. Her unique qualities allowed her to perform a variety of tasks somewhat differently than the standard street samurai. During her career, there was a job offer to deal with a gang of ghouls (6 of them total) from the 162s gang in Redmond Barrens. The Miss Johnson that put the job offer out was a victim of attempted kidnapping from the ghouls, and wanted a team of shadowrunners to take them out. However, since the risk of HMHVV III was a very real factor to worry about from the job, only shadowrunners who were willing to take that risk, including Nadia, stepped up to accept.

Nadia was with a team of two other shadowrunners, an Ork and a Dwarf. Their objective was simple : kill the gang of ghouls who were harassing their client. When they confronted the ghoul gang in Redmond Barrens, the ghouls were relentless. They attempted to kidnap her with the intent that she may have use for the popular organ legging crime syndicate, Tamanous. They attempted to intimidate the shadowrunners with their infectious bites and claw attacks, but to their surprise, Nadia seemed completely unphased by this. The Ork and Dwarf kept their distance, hurling gunfire at the ghouls, but Nadia fought the ghouls head on. No matter what the ghouls tried, they couldn't get Nadia to submit, thanks to her enhanced resilience.

Before the ghouls were all killed, they attempted to relay this information about Nadia back to the rest of the 162s with their commlinks. Unfortunately, Nadia and her team could not block all of their transmission attempts. Some got through. Either way, they managed to kill the ghouls in question, and their mission was complete. However, once Tamanous received information on Nadia, a lot of them became obsessed with her. They knew she would bring an absurd amount of profit to them. As such, they placed a hefty bounty on her head, wanted alive for capture...

PART IV - Cyberadept

As time went on, Hybrid slowly developed her capabilities and experience as a runner. During this time, her resonance felt suppressed, and her abilities as a technomancer were hindered due to her cyberware. However, once she began to delve into the resonance realms for answers on her path through submersion, she finally connected with her resonance stream, becoming a cyberadept at last. Yet she would receive warnings and alerts from her paragon, Delphi. While she began to regain her lost resonance from cyberware, she came across old data left behind by her deceased mother, shared to her by Delphi. It turns out that her mother was once an Otaku, and the reason why she died giving birth to Nadia, was because her mother was suffering from 'fading' mid-birth. It had put her into a state of shock, which doctors could not understand, and thus the cause of her mother's death was classified as 'unknown'. Nadia's mother left that data behind for her until the time was right for her daughter to see the truth.

Learning of this fate, Nadia turns her attention to strengthening her resonance, to further develop her abilities as a Cyberadept.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Prototype Transhuman : The current Nadia was created from the genetic blueprint of her original counterpart, as part of a project that involved improving the human lifespan and enhancing their overall capabilities and potential. It's the reason why her appearance is the way it is, having natural silver hair, with enhanced vitality.

Bioware Compatibility (Cyberware) : As Nadia has embraced the path towards becoming a Cyberadept, she found that her resonance had a distinct affinity for cyberware. The cyberware she harnesses is mostly internal, comprised of primarily nanocybernetics. As such, she upholds a balance between flesh and machine, externally appearing normal, but internally enhanced. She retains much of her humanity as a result, not surrendering completely cyberware, but not shying away from it either.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
It Is Wednesday My DudesAtlatlShadow Heroes
It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
17 June 2081
The Tale of the Jade Bowldanthestep29 December 2080
A Crisp Taste of Christmasdanthestep28 December 2080
Free cruise for you and your friends; a Christmas vacation for runnersDocMcGuffin22 December 2080



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Alessa P 4 3 Fixer Owner of The Daze The Daze, Shadow Connections, Ear to the Ground, Punk Rocker, Bootleggers Even
Lucille Pinson 3 2 Gear Finnigan Family Picciotti Chemist Even
Dr. Gotham 4 3 Generalist Street Doc Psyche'd Up!, Cybertech, An Arm and A Leg, Torso Mods, Medical gear Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
NCL School for the Gifted Member 1 5 Technomancer School Maintaining Redmond Barrens, close to Touristville
City Watch Reserve Member 2 2 Super Heroes Maintaining Puyallup





In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures


Matrix Search Table

1 Hit A girl with striking natural silver hair and blue, blowing LED tattoos in the form of tiger stripes below her eyes. She appears to be no older than 20.
2 Hits She appears to have some skill in melee combat, particularly unarmed.
3 Hits Something's different about her interaction with cyberware. She maintains a balance between her flesh and internal nanocybernetics.
4+ Hits She is Technomancer, drawn towards the path of a Cyberadept.

Shadow Community Table

1 Hit A girl with striking natural silver hair and blue, blowing LED tattoos in the form of tiger stripes below her eyes. She appears to be no older than 20.
2 Hits She appears to have some skill in melee combat, particularly unarmed.
3 Hits Something's different about her interaction with cyberware. She maintains a balance between her flesh and internal nanocybernetics.
4+ Hits She is Technomancer, drawn towards the path of a Cyberadept.


Fake Sin Rating 4 (Alice Weave, UCAS)

- Fake License Rating 4 (Medical License)

- Fake License Rating 4 (Restricted Cyberware)

- Fake License Rating 4 (Restricted Armor)


Nadia "Hybrid" Sage is a human female, standing at 5'7 feet tall with a lean, curvacious physique. She appears to be a mix of both an asian and american descent. She has milky fair skin and blue eyes, with a beauty mark located below the left side of her lips. Perhaps her most striking features are her natural silver, silky hair, along with two, blue glowing LED tattoos resembling tiger stripes below her eyes.


She typically wears a japanese-styled white short kimino dress with blue tiger patterns across it, with a long white coat. When her smartskin (nanotech) is active, it forms a silvery sheen of dermal plating across her form with glowing blue lines of energy across her figure, magnified further in brightness and potency when it's on overdrive. Nanites form Impact plates (or blades) along her fists and feet (whatever type of attack she's using).

Matrix Persona

Nadia looks identical to her meatspace version in the Matrix.

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