I swear they are normal Salamanders Part 1

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I swear they are normal Salamanders Part 1
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Casualties and losses
7 enemies


Due to some Recently development the majority of the funding that was being received towards funding the shelter went towards other places and so he could not acquire the necessary equipment to be able to help protect animals so instead he resorts to the criminal element to help acquire the necessary equipment and deal with a problem, he has been dealing with for years.


Doctor green will was a former eco-terrorist in his younger days and now has moved beyond his younger self but still he has a fondness to tour creatures and hate the idea of people taking advantage of them and poaching them. so once a few of his animals that are taken care of at his sanctuary were attacked he decided to act out vindictive nature that he didn't not know he kept

The Meet

Each of the runners were recalled by their respectable fixtures with some form of reason why they need to head there mainly it was for money and others was to help a humanitarian effort towards the betterment of sapient creatures an awaken critters. So the team would arrived once by once and Kera not wasting any time and due to being a vampire during the time when the sun is out darted into the building, while Strobe walked in leaving the two high creatures of society known as Noble and Prince battle to see who will hold open the door. They would immediately figure out that the good doctor was not very comfortable with talking to criminal elements and he decided to deal with this because he needed a problem to solve an all legal channels are out of the question so he must return to more unsavory elements, he would task them dealing with some poachers that have captured one of his residences and could have the equipment he needs for a plan to save a bunch of creatures in need. of course, the majority of the team decided to head out towards a location where he thought they would be and hopefully they were well one of them stayed behind Kera. Mainly all academic reasons and because they are a vampire and did not want to burn to death in the sun. So with that they move out and while Kera stayed and had nerd talk with the good doctor.

The Plan

Once they arrived at the old gas station, that looked like it had previously been occupied by a few individual. Strobe who sent in their fly spied and immediately would be greeted by unpleasant sight when they went into the garage they would witness a sight of where the majority of the creatures were butchered and due to the unethical practices that were performed there, it left a negative background count that the mages could feel and even the rigger felt it all, the anguish and suffering that befell there. with a few good searches, they would find information that the poachers left behind likely due to having to leave the place for some other reason, during that time they would begin to concoct their plan of trying to get back at these poachers and witnessing the horrors they have committed from tracking down records on police reports of what they have done and the amounts of lives they have killed. they did not just settle with animals they also went after people. Which at this point all of the team made up their minds that these poachers needed to be put down for the amount of death and killing they gotten away and no one would bat a eye at a dog going missing and knowing that these creatures that were targeted were smart enough to be sentient. After collecting all of what they can, and with what date they gather and still not knowing where the poachers are, they gather up the bones that were at the gas station to do a unholy ritual to create create a spirit of beast who has taken on an aspect of vengeance, from the bones and the emotions left behind at the time of death. the spirit called itself Legion upon it's summoning and fueled with the burning hatred for those who lead to it's many death ,as it was made from the bones of many creatures. "My Name... Is Legion, For We Are... Many". Once it was fully stepping out into the waking world and Kera climbing onto the back , it rushed forward with unholy speed and leaping onto Strobe's car to wake them from their nap, and for Noble and Prince, to know it's go time. for the hunt has started with this hound of vengeance leading the way.

The Run

Nothing would stop this creature once it's mindless set forward that it must avenge the wrongdoing that has happened to it in its many lives. but Luckily enough there was still some control that the team could plan out to how to deal with the poachers and they still needed to take one of them alive along with rescue the captive if they were still among the living. up on the roof sat a sniper who was a quite difficult target who managed to dodge a lethal headshot with the of time and taking a full auto fire to bring down by a drone. Noble rushed forward with their sword in hand and down one of the enemies only to be opened up by the automatic fire, lucky they dodge 2 of the three times, while Prince drop them with his sniper rifle, now that was sniper was dealt with. Kera rode on the back of Legion, being a sight of terror as they run down the wicked, in under 9 seconds. all but 2 of the poachers were slain and lucky enough to find the shapeshifter was grab by them was still alive, with broken ribs yet among the living and so with helping her down and taking the truck full of gear and loading in all of the enemies that were under the control of legion by it's critter control power.The haunted rider would go on her way up on the back of Legion while the rest of the party would drive the van loaded with animals and equipment back to the sanctuary to where they would meet a very happy Dr.Greenwill, and another individual who was called Leo who seemed to be kept around for his unique talent they with sadly not be able to witness a sight one of the runners this at his stay behind.


After the runner are paid and left, Leo would take one of the poecher to the building where the sprit Legion was summoned. where they would go to work trying to get as much information out of it. now this animal poaching ring is a bit scared some of the members went dark and they don't know what happened to them Anne now there's some form of justice out there for those poor innocent critters and metahumans who happened to be surge who died to these sick men… after all it's time for justice for those who cry without a voice


10k Nuyen (5 RVP) 5 Karma (5 RVP)

2 CDP Optional Contact

Dr.Greenwill Ex-eco-friendly 3/2 (For Kera, 3/3)

Eveline The angry kitty 1/2

Leo. The Evil Fox 1/2 (For Kera, 1/3)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


And I thought I'd be the most skill and handsome person I'd meet in Seattle, I of course still am but competition is stiff. Humanis and poachers, scum the the Eagle would see rid of decided to steal the wrong shifter. And while I took little joy in the leadup, going through a horrid killhouse of countless murdered animals and ... more, gathering grisley remains to summon and hunt down creatures using magicks far beyond me. I am glad for one last time I took my sporting rifle to deal with poachers. I did not hit their sniper, but Strobe did an excellent job. I took care of another before they downed Noble, who must be a fourth cousin twice removed. And did not need to support that beast of a woman Kera. I've never seen a KE or Lonestar officers so pale as the one who saw a witch astride a hellhound followed quickly by a car. I could see every vein I was supposed to target. Run two was a resounding success