Ice Cube

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Ice Cube
Ice Cube.png
Street Sam / B&E
"I am a pretty *chill* guy"
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.Feb 22 1998
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - C

Character Information


Ice Cube was a first generation ork, born from Goblinazation. After losing it all shortly after the trasformation, Ice cube sold his body to a corp where he was experimented on and frozen for 60 years.

Being a first generation ork, he has more monstrous qualities than most, which include having stronger muscle and faster reflects which make him the muscle of the group.


To survive in this new and confusing world.


Ice cube was one of the first generation ork. Before becoming one of the victim of the Goblinazation, Ice was a human named Matthew Dewett, age 27 working as a Gun instructor . After losing his lover due to an unlucky car crash 4 days after their proposal, he spiral into a state of depression. After losing his job and getting kick out of his home, Ice became desperate and sold his body to a generic company named Gen Lab who wanted to experiment on the new goblinoid that sprung up all of a sudden.

He didn't remember much of the experiment, either due to drug or having his mind preoccupied with other things. One day he was asked to step into a small cylindrical tube. Matt was a bit claustrophobic and decided to object, but before he could, he felt a small tick on his neck.

He woke up vomiting and gasping, only for a hand to gently touch him. As he look up he saw this girl that look like him, an ork. Shiela was her name, She explain that she was a runner and a technomancer. She told him that she found this old abandon building and wanted to investigate. She found dozens of orks in the same death box as him, body long frozen and brittle. Clearly this place was meant to be forgotten. She found him in a secret tunnel beneath the building, out of sight. The device Ice was connected to were not connected to the rest and is running independently. She was surprised that Ice survived that long and looking at the room no one has been in here for decades.

Ice having no connection to this new world decide to stick around with Shiela and become a shadowrunner like her.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Agile defender / Perfect time / Sharpshooter / Strive for perfection : All the experience of being a self defense instructor in the previous life has given him many unique skill

Gremlin : Maybe its him being a first generation orc or maybe of him being an old person or maybe it was all the experiment and the 50 years in crono or maybe its all three. Whatever it is Ice cube and technology doesn't mix at all. He easily get nauseous when jumping in the matrix and machine just sometime doesn't want to work for him.

Simsense Vertigo : Maybe its him being a first generation orc or maybe of him being an old person or maybe it was all the experiment and the 50 years in crono or maybe its all three. Whatever it is Ice cube and technology doesn't mix at all. He easily get nauseous when jumping in the matrix and machine just sometime doesn't want to work for him. After spending years in the new world, Ice has finally stop feeling the need to puke whenever he enters VR.

Claustrophobia (Common, mild) : He was never a fan of tight spaces, and being froze in a tiny box in a tiny room deep underground for 50 years didn't help either.

Ugly and Doesn't care : They say the first generation of orks were ugly, deform beast with a face only a mother could love. And they are all 100% right, at least for his case. Sure he could make his life easier by getting it fix but a special someone taught him that he is beautiful just the way he is and he is not going to change that.

Addiction ( mild ) ( Betel ) : During his long trip back home. Ice manage to pick up an addiction to this very addictive yet relaxing candy called betel.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Two and a Half Mile High ClubSarcarianTwo Steps Ahead5 December 2081
The WardrobeChrisst11119 July 2081
It Belongs in a MuseumKorean_BBQThe Cutter's Curator21 June 2081
Bunraku BluesOtter4 June 2081
Hardcore Convenience StoreOB29 May 2081
Hold Down the BlockPillareString Theocracy28 May 2081
Save my "Puppy"xGuguluFollow your Instincts21 May 2081
A Ghoulish Case Of Ghoul-HatredAurora15 May 2081
The Battle of SolaceDarklordiablo
Project Insight14 May 2081
A Bad Decisionmitsayantan17 May 2080
You Will Never Take Me AliveDrBurstDance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story8 May 2080
A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's You Will Never Take Us Alive 4DrBurstDance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story4 May 2080
I Am Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer by Atom & His PackageDrBurst28 March 2080
Ramshackle Glory - Die Alone, Live Together (Born to Lose)DrBurstTear Gas Flows Underground5 March 2080
Tech Support ReturnsMudge15 April 2078


BinChiken : Was the person who let him out of his metal coffin. After she taught him how to properly fight in the 6th world, they haven't really spoken that much anymore. Well they have but it's purely business now.

Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Alexey Dorosov 5 1 Fixer Vory Fixer Vory Networker, More Machine Than Ork, Armed To The Tusks, Cybork, Trog Networker, Prototype Collector Even
Splint 4 1 Service Street Doc Even
BinChicken 3 2 Gear Urban Shamanic Scavenger Shaman, Scavenger, Smuggled Immigrant, Ex-Runner Even


Non affiliated


Non affiliated


Non affiliated

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures


Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 hit Literally images of ice cubes.
2 hits Its literary Ice cube thats it
3 hits Look any info you might have found of him would be long gone after 2 crashes
4 hits Please its only ICE CUBES
5+ hits ...

Shadow Community Table



Name : Grog Strongjaw

Age : 17

Job : Private investigator

Licenses :

- Firearm ( Automatic firearm )

- Private Investigator

- Restricted Bioware


Giving a quick glance of Ice cube, you would mistaken him from a troll rather than an ork. Towering over 2.5 meter tall and weighing over 200 kilos, with a large beast filled with muscle the only way to describe this man is a beast. His has leathery and rough skin, solid as a rock, it has a sicly brownish green colour and is full of mark and scars. He has a large bulbous nose taking over most of his face, while his eyes are beady and small, He used to have much more crooked and sharp teeth but he got them realign. Looking at the face, the only distinction of him being an ork is the fact he is lacking any horns.

While his body might be grizzly, his apear surprising clean.When traversing the streets of chicargo Ice cube can be seen wearing his long Black armored leather coat with a white undershirt and black jeans . At places he fell comfortable and safe in, Ice cube wear more loose and comfortable clothes since even as an orc, he still fells weird about wearing armor most of the time.

Ice drink.jpg.png
Ice Cube 2.jpg

Matrix Persona

His matrix avatar is surprisingly the default one. He had tried to change it multiple time but whenever he log outs of the matrix it seems to go back to the default skin. He has long stop trying to fix the solution and just admitted defeat.

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