In The Oaky Finoaky Swamp

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In The Oaky Finoaky Swamp
LocationOaky Finoaky Swamp
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven CAS Government


While out drinking, Harebuck is contacted by his family to investigate some new trouble with old familiar faces. Will he be drawn into the web of deceit and lies hidden underneath the family-friendly veneer of the CAS Moonshiner's Union?

Hell naw.


Background: Harebuck came out of the CAS from a family that operates a moonshine smuggling route under union rules. His father, Howard Sawyer, contacted him while Harebuck was working in Seattle to help with some family business, Shadowrun pay for Shadowrun work. Figuring they'd need more help than just another smooth talker, he contracted two fellow runners in order to get the work done properly; Swerve and Rocketman

The Meet

The crew took a flight to the CAS, followed by a Maglev train to the outer edges of the Okefenokee Swamp, home to the Moonshiners Union and other, even less savory types ill-favored by the economic and governmental structures of the CAS. It's often said that outside the Okefenokee, CAS simply stands for Corporation and State, because the two rarely separate their interests anymore. An airboat ride took them to Harebuck's family home, Chateau Sawyer. Too deep in the swamps for serious surveillance, they relaxed their guard a bit and took in the time to meet the Sawyers. Howard and Stephanie, Harebuck's parents, gave them some time to relax and adjust to the jet lag before getting down to business. Someone had been leaking details of the Moonshiner operations to the Inland Tax and Alcohol Excise police, more commonly referred to as "The Revenue." Several important shipments had been hit, even ones with details changed at the last minute. Since the details had to have come from inside the family, a plan was needed. There was a traitor, and any plan had to come from outside sources. Harebuck and crew would have to spy on his own family.

The Plan

The Run

The plan was deceptively simple, proposed by Swerve and Rocketman, with a few polishes put on by Harebuck. Rocket pointed out that the key element was controlling who had access to what information. But interrogating the family to find out who'd known what about which routes would take an extensive bit of time, and the Union had schedules to keep. Swerve proposed a bit of old-fashioned spycraft. Share details for the upcoming run with different teams, but alter the times involved in the run for each member of the family so that if a betrayal happened, it would be evident which point was the leak. Harebuck, as the party Face, put in the spit and polish to sell the plan to his parents, followed by doing the bulk of the deception work in getting the details to the teams performing the operation later that week. This was, rather absurdly, leaving them with some free time, so Harebuck was sent on a date. Specifically set up by his mother with a fellow Cryptid surge, a lovely Skunk Ape lady named (? fuck I am terrible with names and this isn't my notes computer). They did have a hell of a time, though neither were particularly interested in long-distance. Still, Swerve and Rocketman had a hell of a laugh about it. The plan went into effect two days later, and late at night, they had their interception. The Revenue showed up like clockwork, at the late, near-witching hour. They knew who it was. Harebuck's cousin Samantha. There was no shipment, of course. The revenue withdrew with their desires frustrated, and Harebuck sadly informed his family what was going on.


Rather than retaliate, Harebuck advised the family to let Sam and her father have a peaceful time together for his final days, isolated from the family business. AFter this, they were free to exile her, but he'd come back and have "words" if she came to actual harm just for tryin' to help her father. The family seemed to accept the logic, and the crew departed a few thousand Nuyen richer, but a few ideals about the sanctity of family poorer for the experience.


  • 16k UCAS Dollars (8k nuyen) - 4 RVP
  • Howard Sawyer (Connection 3) at Loyalty 3 - 5 RVP
  • 7 karma - 7 RVP
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Cryptid Sighting: I blew a pretty penny of that paycheck on some Pendleton and got blackout. I think Viper found me in a tree.