Insider Trading Part 1

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Insider Trading Part 1
Part of Insider Trading
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Honda-Mine Lone Star
Honda-Mine Security Lone Star HTR


Rico was extracted, but fell into a coma during the escape.


A man who wanted out from his employer struck a deal another corp, but needed to be extracted first. Runners were hired to get him out alive.

The Meet

The meet was conducted over the matrix, they collected their info and their travel plans to and from Florida.

The Plan

The team decided to attempt a social infiltration on the place. They got janitor disguises and fake SINs to attempt a night entry. Plan B was to shoot their way up to the top and get the target by force.

The Run

Before the team attempted entry, Spider attempted to add their fake names to the shift roster for that night. Unfortunately she failed and raised suspicion with security. Come time to start, security was on alert for intruders, and saw through the team's lies when they attempted to con their way in. After leaving to gear up, the team left to gear and drug up, and initiated plan B. After taking out the entrance security, they made their way up the building and encountered the on site QRF who slowed the team down long enough for HTR to arrive. HTR was quick to take out Winter and Spider, and nearly succeeded in taking out Scrap. The HTR grenadier also managed to put Rico in a coma, causing a penalty for the team's pay. After a long battle, the team escaped just before the second HTR team could arrive.


The team survived by the skin of their teeth, and Rico was put in intensive care. The Johnson took half pay from the team due to this fact.


6k Nuyen (adjusted) 8 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Scrappenny you know that was a one hell of a heavy fight. and glad that we got the person out of there...but in the end we made it out and i feel hurting from that one hell of a beating.


"I've never had a run go so wrong before. I mean we succeeded, but at what cost? Fortunately no one was particularly injured during the job, but still, it leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. Should have done better. Must do better in the future."