Into the Flytrap

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Into the Flytrap
Part of A Scattering of Deadly Petals
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Eighty-Eights Triad
Black Chrysanthemum
Black Samurai
2x Mages, 2x Adepts, Sam, Decker.
Casualties and losses
2x Mages, 2x Adepts, Sam.


The gang putters down to San Francisco to play delivery. They hand out drugs with a side of violence to the Eighty-Eights Triad and the Black Chrysanthemum, respectively.


The Eighty-Eights Triad and the Black Chrysanthemum are struggling for control over San Francisco territory in the drug game.

The Meet

The runners meet up with David Yang, a fixer for the Eighty-Eights Triad. Yang offers the team 16k to make a delivery to San Francisco. The team is skeptical, as paying five "independent contractors" 16k each for delivery work seems like a big investment, but Yang insists that there's no foreseen / known trouble, so the gang agrees. As they hash out details, members of the Eighty-Eights Triad load copious amounts of an unknown awakened drug into the trunk of Scrappenny's GMC Phoenix.

The Plan

Scrappenny would drive the bulk of the team and the drugs, while Yata would act as an outrider on their bike. Ace would sit in the passenger's seat and act as a navigator for smuggling routes across the borders, while the druid duo of Pell and Black Samurai would lay low in the back seat, prepared for trouble, should it arise. Also, there needed to be snacks.

The Drive

The team would skirt as much of Tir Tairngire as they could to avoid trouble. They drove past Mt. Rainer, and along the east coast. Among the lava flows, the team encountered dueling elementals. While Scrappenny deftly drove around them, Yata wasn't going to be so lucky; Black Samurai used his blade out the window to bump the earth elemental out of the way of Yata's bike. The elementals were unhappy, but decided to let the team depart without a larger fight.

Afterwards, the team detoured to get snacks and literally all the cling wrap a small town store had. The cashier stares down Ace intently as he purchased the exact sort of order you'd expect from a drug dealer. After most of the gang spends literally two hours wrapping the drugs (and Yata played hacky sack with bricks of drugs,) Scrappenny bleaches her trunk to get the smell out. The team rides on, breathing in the totally safe and not overwhelming scent of bleach.

The group departs the convenience store, only to be find their route blocked by a local gang war. Pell muses about stopping to ask for directions; Black Samurai offers to clear the road, but Ace--being less ridiculous--uses his Fly-Spy to find another route. The team diverts course around the gang battle to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

Yata, however, becomes bored at the town driving, and decides to try to outrun the vehicles. Sprinting across the sidewalk, she gets hit by a car and pinned; thankfully, she's relatively okay. Scrappenny starts juicing for attention-seeker, but Black Samurai threatens them before the pair of druids goes to assist Yata. While Pell checks on the driver, Black Samurai breaks out the passenger-side window and puts the vehicle into neutral. The two push the vehicle off of Yata and they continue--finally--into San Francisco.

The deliveries

When arriving at the delivery point, the team finds a fully murderified team of Eighty-Eights. Presuming this is less than ideal, the team calls up David Yang for new instructions. He sends them GPS coordinates for 10 drop-offs. The team delivers drugs to a few locations before finding a drop-off filled with dead Eighty-Eights Triad members. The team moves between deliveries more cautiously, utilizing Ace's Fly-Spy and Scrappenny's piloting skills. After a few more deliveries where they warn Eighty-Eights to go to ground, they discover the Black Chrysanthemum hit squad inside a house.

The team sets up a chuck and charge entry, and engages. The opposition, utilizing a mage, is invisible to members of the team who are not astrally perceiving. A single samurai, assault rifle in hand, is spotted out, and the team pounces on them with suppressive fire and targeted attacks until they go down quickly. A sword adept and Black Samurai go back and forth, as Yata swings that battle, and Scrappenny and Ace keep a steady hail of bullets downrange. Pell focuses on laser-precise shots. A mage fails to summon, and the team fails to give them a second opportunity to try. The second adept attempts to flee, but is summarily chased down. Ace stares down the last mage, asking about the decker who--to the team's chagrin, was offsite and has footage of their battle.

Ace offers to let the mage live in return for information, but the Black Chrysanthemum mage insists that their triad will kill their family for such a transgression. Black Samurai finishes off the other triad members in an attempt to intimidate, but the mage will not feed the team information and is summarily put down.

The team finalizes their deliveries without further incident, and returns to Seattle to get paid.




  • 16k nuyen (8k up front, 8k on completion)
  • 8 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • -50 Black Chrysanthemum Rep
  • +5 88s Rep

Black Sam:

  • -2k nuyen,
  • +1 chip with Warboss

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So knowing maps is key Rick. We wouldn't have gotten very far without a smuggler in the passenger's seat, and I did have to clean out a convenience store of cling wrap so the drugs didn't hit any scanners. And then runners doing silly things in CalFree, where we definitely shouldn't be doing silly things. And now the Black Chrysanthemums definitely hate our guts after slaughtering their guys to a man. I can't even believe one of them refused to talk after we gave him every option to. I regret feeding him to Black Sam, but he could have just talked.

===Yata=== This was definitely an interesting one. Apparently our J had some enemies he didn't let us know about, or at least didn't know himself. The Black Chrysanthemum probably isn't gonna be too happy about what we had to do, all things considered, but that's business, right? You can't try to kill the delivery folks and not expect them not to defend themselves. Regardless, was fairly smooth, team worked pretty well together all things considered, though it would have been nice to have someone running cover on the 'trix.


Well, that was real interesting. Had to visit San Francisco again for another delivery, this time for awakened drugs. Can't say that we should have spared them, because their reputation meant that they also would do the same if we were on the receiving end, so fair's fair, in my books. Team was excellent, although it was real awkward on the ride there.


It's always difficult when you're helping running for one of the syndicates and I never imagined I would witness that set again a scene of a massacre the blood and everything …it's something that's hard to remove in your head and it's always a forever calling card of that day

Black Samurai

I'll be honest: I don't really know who the Black Chrysanthemum are and I couldn't find two shits to rub together about them. I DO care about getting to drop off the copious amounts of drugs and--you know--leave with what I was promised without doing a whole second more dangerous job afterwards. What interests me is not getting ganked by some invisible mage and his party of wanna be assassins. They acted FIRMLY against my interests here, and so they get a swording in return. I thought we made an admirable effort to let the last guy live, but he wasn't having it.

Here's my confusion: I get why David Yang wants us smuggling drugs since none of us are wearing colors but knows we're good for getting the drugs to the location. I get why the Black Chrysanthemum would want to disrupt their trade in San Fran if they're rival pushers or whatever. What I don't get is why Warboss wanted me to take this job...what is the connection between Warboss and the Eighty-Eights Triad?

Huh. Food for thought. Also--like--Scrappenny is going to have to cut out the carpeting for their entire trunk. Holy crap. That'd drive me crazy.