K-10 Use in My Fight Club!?

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K-10 Use in My Fight Club!?
Part of Dead Gods Stir
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Children of Minos
Sweetie Sinful
Serenia Piker
Pink Haired Ganger
Jenna and Mitch Brodwhich


The runners are hired by a group of mages to destroy a bunch of drugs before being offered an alternative deal not accepting it, crashing a van through a wall, stealing a book, and burning down an entire drug lab.


The runners are called to meet at an antique shop downtown. With several runners using matrix searches to find that the antique shop is mainly for high paying clientele and that it is somewhat unusual for runners to be meeting there.

=The Meet

The runners meetup in the parking lot of the antique store with the runners speaking with each other. After with a small issue of Trample using an elevator to get to the second floor and destroying a vase the runners meet the owner of the store. After asking for Mr. Johnson the owner brings the runners to a backroom with a small table and a man in a black suit enters. The J explains that there is a gang called The Children of Minos have been manufacturing drugs and their actions were causing the issues within the astral around their territory. The runners and J exchange more information about the job the J asks that the runners retrieve the chemist for him and that they destroy the drugs within the facility, along with removing the Children of Minos from Seattle. The J offers them 18,000 nuyen and each of the runners say that it would be great. Trample though says that she would prefer that instead of getting paid for the work that she gets to meet the boss of the J. The J makes a call and after some back and forth the J says that he can make that arrangement. The J leaves the room telling them that they have full access to the room.

The Plan

Cricket first calls Twitch and asks if he can get her some explosives. Twitch insults her a few times before telling her that the explosives are in her room. The runners decide that it would probably be a little safer and less dangerous to use explosives, since none of them knew how to use explosives. Cricket messages back to Twitch that she did not need the explosives, Twitch informs her that the explosives are still in her room.

The team decide that it would be best to drive there and check it out.

The Run

As the team arrives they drop off Tempo to check out the bar. With the rest of the gang driving around, with a small frog landing on the hood.

When Tempo steps into the bar, he sees that there is a boxing ring that was ripped off out of the ground and placed in the center of the bar room. With people screaming and fighting within the bar. Tempo getting a whiskey at the bar and watching what is happening

After dropping off Tempo, Cricket notices a frog sitting on the hood of the car. Cricket calls out Teldragon who happens to be floating above the bar. Teldragon floats down and asks what Cricket would like. Cricket invites Teldragon into the van and Trample, Cricket, and Sweetie Sinful drive off with Tempo left alone in the bar.

Tempo while sitting in the bar gets announcement that he is the lucky bar patron that is allowed to go up to the DJ booth, with Seattle #17 Pirate Radio Morning Show DJ Mike Gizzy in the Morning. Tempo as walking up notices a ghoul man enter from the back, striking a very similar apperance to the human chemist they are looking to kidnap. With Tempo being brought through an office where he sees two well dressed individuals sitting in the office. Tempo then sees the champion Serenia Piker throw two men out of the boxing ring before offering him the chance at a fight. So Tempo drops from the DJ stand and pulls out his axe smiling as he moves to engage.

Team Van speaks with Teldragon who says that he would be willing to work with the runners if they were to pick up a particular item for him within the bar along with not harming the Children of Minos. Trample asks what the item is and he says that the item is a spirit formula that is within the building. Team Van says that they are interested but will have to discuss it, as Teldragon slithers out the window and says, "You need only call."

Tempo and Serenia begin to fight each other, with Serenia punching Tempo and Tempo hitting her with his axe. Cricket uses a machine sprite to boost Tempo's cybereyes as he fights her. With Serenia sending one last punch, Tempo swings his axe and hits Serenia taking her out. The entire bar screaming about the fight.

Team Van decides that they need to get back to the bar after the fight. Trample sending in a swarm of eyespies to look around the lab, finding that there is a large lab producing K-10. Trample also begins to look around for what could be possibly a spirit formula only finding within the office, Serenia and Tempo passed out, the two well dressed humans standing over them, and a pink haired man rests inspecting them. The two humans telling the pink haired man to use stim patches on them. With him doing so. Tempo waking up and at the same time Trample driving her van through the access door to the lab. Tempo, Mitch Brodwhich, and the pink haired ganger enter the scene.

Cricket locked the door to the lab and had summoned sprites to begin destroying the equiptment. With Tempo DNIing them that he would like them to capture him instead of just running off. Trample runs up on Mitch Brodwhich after tanking his lightning bolt, and pulls the book out of his hands before grabbing Tempo and running away. Sweetie walks up to the ghoul chemist and tazes him in the balls. Sweetie would then drag the chemist into the van and taze him in the balls again. The runners escaping as Cricket and Godzilla use matrix damage to set fire to the lab, before picking her up from the sidewalk.


As the runners drive off Teldragon floats in through the window, and asks that they give him the book. The runners ask what he is going to do with the book and Teldragon says that it is none of their business. The team says that they will only give it to him unless he explains his motives so Teldragon just decides to leave.

The runners go to the Black Cabaret Lounge where they were told to meet with the J. Sweetie and Cricket get drunk at the bar, as Tempo passes out from the stun damage from the stim patch. During this Trample meets with Silas Vespasiano, who asks for her to explain to her the whole run. Trample explains to him the run, leaving out taking the ritual focus. Silas seems happy with the run results and gives Trample his contact info, telling her that he will be intouch and enjoyed her show at the theatre. The runners leave with some good drinks, a fistful of nuyen, and possibly K-10 posion froms the fumes they breathed in.


Cricket/Sweetie 18,000 Nuyen (9 RVP) 3 Karma (3 RVP)

Tempo 18,000 Nuyen (9 RVP) 3 RVP (3 RVP) +5 Children of Minos Rep

Trample Silas Vespasiano C5/L1 (5 RVP) 6 CDP (3 RVP) Force 4 Ritual Focus Tradition Wicca (4 RVP) You would still need to have the karma to become bonded to it Notes on a great form spirit and some notes on the summoning of a great form spirit.

Everyone 2 CDP

Optional Rewards Tempo Serenia Piker Troll Go-Ganger Boss C 2/ L 1 (2 RVP)

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