Katrin Morgentau

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Katrin Morgentau
S-K Prime Senior Executive
Head of GDI
Corporate Oversight Office Member
Looks younger than she is
Contact OwnerKaterSalem
Public Contact?No
LocationAGS, Rhein Ruhr Megaplex
Preferred Payment Method(Favor)
Personal LifeNone of your business
FactionSaeder-Krupp, GDI
AspectsS-K Loyalist
You are only business
I have work to do
On the Watch
Worldwide political network
Smuggling is her job
Controls are really annoying
You want a meeting with the CEO?
S-K is a large company
Quick access to a Delta clinic
S-K Arsenal
Forbidden or restricted are only loose words
Weapons dealer
Armor Dealer
Drone Dealer
Electronics Dealer
Magic Equipment DealerÄrger
The influence of a Corporate Oversight Office Member


Katrin once started her career as a decker at S-K and moved to S-K Prime after years of good work. There, through her personal dedication and a portion of luck (some would say misfortune), she gained the attention of Lofwyr. He encouraged her further development, but made it clear that only good work would be rewarded. Rumors persist that Lofwyr is responsible for the young appearance of the now 46 year old Kartin. Shortly before the outbreak of the Dragon Civil War, Lofwyr commissioned Kartin to provide him with a globally operating organization through which he could supply targeted organizations with weapons and runners without S-K's influence becoming known. This is how the GDI came into being under the leadership of Katrin. When the Dragon Civil War reached its climax, Katrin's responsibilities were expanded and she became a member of the Corporate Oversight Office. She is loyal to the bone to Lofwyr and S-K. However, she also knows how to exploit assets and jump over her shadow when non-S-K employees show no respect or loyalty to the corporation. However, she has S-K's advantage in mind in every situation. Her approach is analytical and methodical. It is mostly based on the analysis of a lot of data and intelligence information. Steps are usually taken only when the outcome is largely predictable in advance. In crisis situations, though, she is quite willing to take risks and her maxim is always to maintain the ability to act.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
S-K Loyalist Will never work against S-K and will refuse to work with any runners who have a bounty with S-K. If you contact her during a run and use the information provided to work against S-K roll a loyalty check. if it fails she immediately burns you. If it succeeds you owe her a chip to reearn favor with her.
You are only business Katrin's loyalty can only raised above 2 as a run reward from runs with a threat level of extreme or above and increased by only one per run.
I have work to do Katrin is a very busy woman. Getting her on the phone can be an exhausting effort. If loyalty is less than 5, roll a 1d6 to determine when the phone call will be returned - on a 1 or 2, 12 hours, 3 or 4, 3 hours, 5 or 6, fifteen minutes. Katrin always picks up immediately for those of loyalty 5 or more.
On the Watch Katrin rarely leaves anything to chance and is very careful with all her contacts. Whoever chooses her as a contact automatically receives the negative aspect "Records on File (S-K)" and cannot remove it as long as he holds this contact.
Worldwide political network Katrin has a worldwide network of politicians who are on her bribe list. +2 dice for network checks for politicians.
Smuggling is her job With her network, she is able to have equipment show up all over the world. Want to have your military firepower delivered to a specific hotel? No problem. +2 dice for network checks to smuggle equipment.
Controls are really annoying Katrin is able to get runners from A to B, bypassing most controls. For longer routes that include many controls, however, some lead time is required (GM decision). +2 dice for network check if she can pull the necessary strings.
You want a meeting with the CEO? Katrin has a direct connection to Lofwyr and can both exchange information with him and arrange a meeting (whether she does is GM's decision). You should be careful though, if you attract the attention of a dragon the most likely outcome is usually not the one you planned. The risk of being eaten is always present in such a meeting.
S-K is a large company A large internal network within the S-K Group and all its subsidiaries enables Katrin to react to activities within the Group at any time and to support S-K in the best possible way. +2 dice for network checks to find S-K contacts or contacts of subsidiaries.
Quick access to a Delta clinic Katrin can put you on the list for an S-K Delta clinic. First place if needed. No one knows what else S-K invests in you chummer. +2 dice for gear acquisition checks to get augmentations.
S-K Arsenal Wow they have really great equipment. I wish I could have that too. Katrin has access to all products from S-K and their subsidiaries. +2 dice for gear acquisition checks to S-K and subsidaries branded gear.
Forbidden or restricted are only loose words Katrin cares little about the legislations in different countries and especially knows how to exploit forbidden and restricted gear to maximize profits. +2 dice for gear acquisition checks for Forbidden or Restricted gear.
Weapons dealer Ihr wollt neue Knarren jeglicher Größe oder doch gleich einen Raketenwerfer? Katrin kann euch das über GDI besorgen. +2 dice for gear acquisition checks für Waffen.
Armor Dealer Caught a bullet on your last run? Katrin can get you some great armor through GDI. +2 dice for gear acquisition checks for armor.
Drone Dealer You want a mechanical army? Katrin can send you great drones through GDI. +2 dice for gear acquisition checks for drones.
Electronics Dealer Want a new cyberdeck or RCC? Katrin can get you great electronics toys through GDI. +2 dice for gear acquisition checks for Electonics.
Magic Equipment DealerÄrger Need a foci or orichalcum? Katrin can send you great magic paraphernalia through GDI. +2 dice for gear acquisition checks for Magic Paraphernalia.
The influence of a Corporate Oversight Office Member It's always good when a AAA corporation provides some distraction. Katrin can use her influence to create a distraction with S-K means in appropriate situations. She will not do this if it can endanger S-K personnel or create a bad reputation for S-K. She will always ask for a favor for such services. +2 dice for the network check if she can pull the necessary strings to provide distraction by S-K.


Knowledge Checks 8 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 14 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 18 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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