Killers of the Community

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Killers of the Community
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Local Renton
Beuford "Saint' Mcgill
Five Infiltrating Assassins
Eight Blood Mountain Boys/Girls
Casualties and losses
All the Assassins (4 Killed, One Arrested)


Four Haven runners save a racist from being direct-actioned by local violent street gangs in exchange for money from the mafia.


Joseph Measel, mob-affiliated local Renton politician, has made a few promises vis-a-vis neighbourhood security he perhaps should not have. Now, all the Neighbourhood Watch-hating gangs in Renton are gunning for him. Fortunately for him, and somewhat unfortunately for the metahumans in his constituency, the Finnigans can afford to keep a guy like this safe, and they have the connections to have some idea that someone is coming for the rally this week.

The Meet

The team pulls up to a well-regarded Italian restaurant Downtown for their meet, after a Mr. Frazetti. They are somewhat hesitant to accept a job working to protect a 'conservative' politician as a team of mostly elves, but ultimately accept the job, receiving a simple profile of Mr. Measel and the date, time and location of the rally at which the mob expects he will be attacked in three days.

The Run Up

Somewhat uncertain as to the exact nature of this target andthe "criminal influences" that are looking to remove him, the team consult many of their contacts, Alessa P, Carlos Blanco and Giovanni Montalban to ascertain the nature of the reasons for which Joseph is being targeted. Joe may / may not be linked to Humanis, an issue many of the metahuman-friendly gangs in Renton (in particular within Measel's relatively lawless section) take deadly issue with, and he naturally supports the expansion of law enforcement within his section, which they are naturally opposed to. Despite this, the team is unable to nail down exactly who is after Joseph.

Before the job, the team investigates the area where the rally will be taking place, noting a few elevated areas that Reiko might be able to use, as well as the overall size and shape of the square in which the rally will happen. Then, content with the knowledge and readiness they have, they wait for the day of the rally.

The Run

Saint and Okami, less infiltrationally inclined, simply try to blend into the crowd at the rally. Fortuna and Reiko break into a fire escape to gain roof access to a nearby, poorly-secured building. Finally, Fortuna simply smooth-talks her way into the speaker's tent. As the rally drags on, and Measel finally gets on stage with Saint and Fortuna hiding behind it, Okami notices a suspicious human just as Reiko begins to hear approaching motorcycles, evidently modified for noise as go-gangers sometimes do.

Okami manages to mentally interrupt the assassin before he can fire on Joseph, but others emerge from the crowd as the team springs into action. Joe takes a bullet, but Saint repairs his wound (mostly) with magic. Fortuna, Reiko and the mentally-manipulated assassin, assisted by Okami's magical attacks, manage to kill the other four, though Saint is seriously hurt. Fortuna, hearing the go-gangers coming closer, drags the barely-conscious Joe under the stage, hiding him from the incoming Blood Mountain Boys / Girls, who, unwilling to simply fire indiscriminately at the rally and further 'martyr' Measel, simply ride on by shouting obscenities.


Joe Measel lives to keep running for office, but the Renton gangs are not happy about this...


14,000 ¥, 4 Karma, 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I got shot...did not like it. Other than that a good run and more importantly I saved the life of someone that hates me and that fills me with glee. FUCK HUMANIS


All in all, a fairly simple run. The first attackers went down pretty easily, and Fortuna was pretty smart to pull the guy we were protecting out of sight before the second wave showed up.


This was awful! If the money was not good, I would go home! Not only did the man end up being a Humanis supporter, than wanted me outside, in the sun! During the day! Awful, awful time! Saint is an odd man. The others were... Very quiet...