Lil' Boomer

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Lil' Boomer
Art by MONZU
Enforcer / Street Mage
Tamanous Made Man
MetatypeGnome (Ghoul)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - D
Resources - D

LB was retired on 05.08.2021

His contact page is here: LB.

Character Information


Lil' Boomer is an aging Gnomish Ghoul who runs through Tamanous. He has lived through too many attempted exterminations to give most metahumans the benefit of the doubt, but will generally work with his ShadowHaven team to achieve their goal. At all times, the violent option is his preferred method, and he believes shying away from bloodshed is more often a sign of cowardice than character.


  • Burn his criminal SIN.
  • Rebuild his brand, be it through Notoriety, Public Awareness, or Street Cred.
  • Become an unnatural force to be reckoned with.
  • Rebuild his reputation with both Tamanous and the 162s.
  • Kill as many ghoul haters as possible.


Marcus Wells grew up in the streets of Chicago; his father helped build the monorail, and--while they were not without hardship, early life was generally kind to him. The Crash of 29 killed much of Chicago's businesses, and--now ten--Marcus became more aware of his surroundings. He was no longer growing like the other kids and--since his awakening--became isolated from his peers. As neighbors involved in the simsense industry lost their jobs, the Wells family's ties to the community similarly dissolved.

In 2039, at the age of twenty, Marcus was dealing drugs for a small time crime family because his small stature allowed him to avoid detection. When the IBM building was demolished by the hate group Alamos 20,000, Marcus's father found himself out of work. Dealing drugs turned into gunrunning and--in time--enforcer work. He was dubbed "Little Boomer" because of his stature and proclivity for grenades and magical explosions. In time, his Lieutenant shortened his handle to "Lil' Boomer" or just "LB".

At the age of 28, LB followed a target into the Noose unaware that his mark was a ghoul informant for Tamanous. Injured in the ensuing scuffle, he managed to put a grenade in the target's mouth and shove him off a balcony. There was a natural order to these things, and LB turned from his exposure. He was burned by his lieutenant, and Lil' Boomer escaped death by slinking back into the Noose where most refused to follow. He knew of one organization that now needed an enforcer, and they happened to be hiring ghouls, so LB made a pitch to the same group he had sabotaged weeks before.

For seventeen years, Lil' Boomer dealt in meat, ware, and death. First, he dealt as an associate for Tamanous before becoming a soldier. In 2064, LB was pinched for selling stolen ware and he spent fifteen of a 25-year sentence behind bars often left only to the company of his mentor spirit.

LB has been on the outside for just about a year; his magic has felt weaker--less explosive than it used to be, but when all else fails, find someone who will sell you a grenade launcher. His contacts dried up in Chicago, those newer Tamanous members helped Lil' Boomer relocate to Seattle, where he has found himself accidentally in the employ of ShadowHaven.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Lil' Boomer's old character art.


  • Infected Ghoul
  • Made Man (Tamanous)
  • Mentor Spirit (War)


  • Criminal SINner
  • Poor Self Control (Vindictive)
  • Distinctive Style
  • Favored (fanatical) - Non-feral Ghouls

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Buyer's RemorseSarcarian28 April 2082
Cleanup CrewSarcarian15 April 2082
Reverse Street DocsAurora28 March 2082
Black Site BlueChrisst1117 March 2082
Cat Outta HellKaylaidoscopes26 February 2082
ACHEy Breaky BonesAuroraDeus Machina20 February 2082
A Blast from the PastOrionsRequiem18 February 2082
Versus Battle: Clowns Vs. Go-GangersAurora17 February 2082
Bloom in DarknessOrionsRequiem17 February 2082
House of RageShadowhandTaking Back Tacoma7 February 2082
The Second Great (Fish) ExtractionAurora2 February 2082
The Blood WarAsmodeusFestering Infestation2 February 2082
Trix & TreatsShadowhand31 January 2082
Beans Are Good For YouIsaac26 January 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Ace Powers 6 1 Fixer Horizon Talent Agent Musical Talent, Corporate Deals, Keep it Classy, Fake SINs, Insider Knowledge, Horizon Agent, Hired Muscle Even
Patches 2 2 Fixer Independent Journalist Ghoul Organlegger, Legality Optional, Fresh Meat, The Enemy of My Enemy, All Press is Good Press Even
Doctor O+ 4 1 Custom(G,A,N,K) Street Doc/Organlegger Medical, Illegal, Organlegger, Ghoul Organlegger, Armorer, Ware, Rarities Even
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy 2 2 Custom(A,G,N,K) Ganger / Tough Guy Not the Brightest Bulb, Firesaw, Fraggin' Handsome, People Pleaser, WAIT I'm a runner too! Even
Nameless 5 1 Custom(K,A,G,N) Ghoul Priest Christian Cult Classic, Underground Underdog, Judicious Judicator, Gloomy Glow Ghoul, Ex-EVO Exemplar, Mana Mentor Even
Trevor Avila 5 4 Service Magical Organ Repossession Specialist Ghoul Organlegger, Chaos Magician, Mentor Spirit: War, Organ Repossession, Combat Specialist, Tamanous Made Man, Anatomy, Poor Self Control: Vindictive Even
Zigzag 1 1 Service Driver/Organlegger Ghoul Organlegger, Actually a Good Driver, Dead Drop, Infected Networker Even
Zion 3 1 Gear Talismonger Talismonger, Foci, Formulae, Enchanting Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Tamanous Enforcer Group Contact Not Found. 15 Please Create Group using Template:Faction If you do not have any group contacts Remove this template entirely.

Renraku | -2 Rep

Went to Greece on their dime. Got a sunburn, but couldn't get into the underwater base. Haters gonna hate, I guess.


Unofficially, LB views the 162s as allies, despite not yet having faction rep with them because he's been out of the game for 15. He knows they've got the goods and have shared interests that makes them reliable contacts.


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

LB wears a distinctive pig mask, which flares with smoke when he's got an active adept most all the time.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Did you mean baby boomer?
3 Acting credit for episode of Horizon's Versus Battle entitled Clowns Vs. Go-Gangers.
6 Academic results on the economical and ecological devastation caused by baby boomers.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Ghoul with a grenade launcher.
3 Awakened Gnomish Ghoul. Not often subtle, but gets the job done.
5 Tamanous agent who is well liked by many who should not like him.


Criminal SIN (UCAS) David Swift (R4 / UCAS)


Marcus (LB) is just a shade under three foot tall and weighs twenty six pounds. His skin is coarse and grey, his hair has all fallen out, and his eyes are a sea of cataracts. He looks like a Victorian doll of pure evil.


On the job, LB wears a ballistic mask modeled to look like a wild boar that blows smoke out its nostrils in when he utilizes magic. He wears a flat cap at all times. He wears a trode patch on his right temple stylized to look like a bullet hole in his head.

He often wears a bulletproof vest under a collared shirt and sweater vest. Over that, he wears a child-sized pea coat with a hand-sewn drag handle inside the collar.

Worn on his back like a backpack, Lil' Boomer will carry his grenade launcher affectionately dubbed Baby Boomer.

Matrix Persona

LB does not customize his persona in any way, and so uses the default icons. However, when on a job he will often use the wrapper program to make his commlink look like other icons he finds nearby.

Media Mentions

ShadowGrid Profile Comments

Okay. What's this guy's deal? I meet him on a run, and he doesn't even say hi at first; just asks me out of absolutely NOWHERE if I "frag toasters." Turns out, "toaster fragger" is apparently some weird, obscure slang term for technomancer, but that's a really invasive question and asked in the weirdest way possible. Don't expect professionalism from this guy, but at least he didn't lecture me on how to do my job--so that puts him at a net positive in my book. -- Vip3r [2082-02-11 17:51]