Lip service

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Lip service
Part of Hail to the Pumpking
Hollywood, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Pump King Jack
Knight Errant
Fed Up
Gav Jacinto
Public K-E Bounties


Jack hired a group of talented shadowrunners to deal with some of Knight Errant's public bounties. The group tracked down 3 of them at a nightclub in Hollywood. The knocked out 1 and defeated the rest in a firefight before depositing the bounties to the Pump King himself.


Jacks list of enemies and people who interfere in his business grows smaller each day and today was no exception. The shadow spirit decided that if he delt with a few of Knight Errant's public bounties, they would turn a blind eye to his activities.

The Meet

Pretty standard collection of runners driving and bicycling to the meet at various intervals of lateness. Pump King Jack explained his situation with Knight Errant and the bounties. Half payment dead, full payment alive. He told the runners of a nightclub where three of the bounties were hanging out. He gave Sanjuro a cool helmet, sent them the location on a burning burner SIN and the runners were off.

The Plan

A surprising Black Trenchcoat plan was devised. The place had a couple of troll bouncer and a cerberus, so FedUp would use his charm and finesse to lure one of the bounties outside where the runners would swarm the solitary target. Repeat.

The Run

The plan started out well enough. FedUp used his charm and finesse to lure one of the bounties outside where Sanjuro sniped him with a hammerhead arrow. Then a couple of shotgun wielding trogs pulled up and everything went to hell. Gav smashed through a window and starting hacking with their chainsaws, Shy slurped down k-10 and started shooting and Sanjuro circled around back. It was a firefight with the trogs and their shotties until the second bounty, a troll mage showed up with her 2 mook friend and used a spell of Elf Slaying on FedUp, wounding him badly. The second bounty went down to a frag and the guards fell soon after while FedUp limped to his car and Sanjuro found the third bounty running away. She and Shy corned them, Shy and FedUp bringing down the fleeing bounty's summoned spirit and his guard while Sanjuro half-sliced his arm off. With all bounties down and the guards solidly dead, the runners escaped into the night.


The gang delivered the bounties to Jack, all alive. Jack get them some medical treatment then turn them into Knight Errant and all would be hunky-dory. He offered the runners some of his shadowy, stolen power as a reward but they declined, taking their reward in cold, hard cash.


For Fed Up, Shy & Gav: 20,000 Nuyen

For Sanjuro: 12,500 Nuyen & Mad Samurai Kabuto (SWAT Helmet w/ YNT Softweave & Gray Mana Integration R6)


1 Starscreamers Reputation

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Sanjuro - Most runs I never get to swing around my katana. It's always 'We need to knock them out Sanjuro" or "Use your bow Sanjuro". This run was slightly different! I still did have to not slice up some of the targets too bad but I got some nice shots. I shot a troll and a bounty and then I ran up to this guy and sliced his arm! It was awesome. There were some explosions from inside the bar. I just hope the dog was okay!

Gav Jacinto - Now this is the shit I'm here for. No fucking around waiting for whoever, no playing dressup and trying to be coy about the whole thing, it was just slicing through most of a bar like the good ol' days. Loud n' messy. Shame that it was over before I could really get into the thick of it, though. Like, seriously, one of these guys set off a flashbang in his own stupid face and just had a heart attack on the spot. At risk of being intensely disrespectful to the dead here, it kind of felt like we were doing them a favour by hacking 'em up.

Fed Up - Almost made it three runs in a row without spending any money on ammo. Almost. Soon as we took the first target, place was wall-to-wall with muscle. Didn't know one of the targets was one of those "wiggly-finger" types, and that's gonna cost me a few aches and pains. Probably shoulda just kept drinking my beer.

Shy - Why i had to be drop with the most crazy bastard that are arround Sophocles ? This was a shitshow. But at least we did manage to get the job done. Fairly well executed did have an occasion to use my trusted Garand. But the thing is that Jack get less pressure from KE now...And that's not good.